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The Wayback machine- is a lesson not learned

Due to a need to find some documentation for someone , I recently had cause to go through three of my old hard drives. I tend to be rough on computers and especially key boards .

I soon realized in previous writings on the word of mouth blog and the Wom Blog , – now defunct and off-limits to the general public- the very important links – linked in the writings of the time – have now disappeared from the internet as well.

The Plain Dealer, Morning Journal, Chronicle Telegram articles (locally) are no longer a click away. They aren’t alone, links to so many “sources” have now disappeared- who says the internet is forever? I am sure that if I went to the library and trolled through the archives I would be able to find the original on microfiche etc -but who has time to do that?

For some unknown reason I did copy and paste an awful lot of material. However from 1998 until 2002 -I have downloads on floppys ( never understood why they were called that). I have an atrocious filing system ( read no system at all) which means looking for something means trolling through a plethora of files I have downloaded through, what has now become, decades.

As I have been trolling through, I came across situations I had been a part of that I deemed important enough to save. I soon realized most of those situations where I had thought to make a difference in the past 10,12, 15 years – things remained the same. I trolled through the Eastern Shawnee Sovereign land deal to get money and the spending of money to get a seat at the table with the big boys- that didn’t work out- but we sure spent a hell of a lot of money for the appetizers. Although the names changed the spending money to get money

behaviors continue – read Judges and Elyria Court House.

The legal battle has also been pricey. The law firm representing the judges billed the county for $254,407, while the commissioners’ lawyers charged $73,404, according to figures provided by county Budget Director Lisa Hobart.

The Lorain jail issue -where did the money go, the historic park for condos and the bringing back of Lorain’s “downtown” 2005- 2006- even farther back than that- and we are still saying the same things – different faces, different voices – the fight to keep our neighborhoods safe.

In 2005 a young girl was attacked on her way to school. There was a blame game going on at the time – however it was the neighborhood , the derelict and abandoned housing, the number of RSO’s flooding into the area from Compass House causing the greatest concern . The community rallied and we tried- held forums, with an ultimate goal – which in the end -failed

Notes from the Community Roundtable June 28th 2005

The following notes are an overview of the meeting and are not meant to represent official minutes.


The Executive Board of Charleston Village Society Inc. asked various representatives to attend an informal “roundtable discussion”. The main concern is the safety of our young people as they are going through our neighborhoods. An individual heightened the concern due to the recent attacks as the young girls were heading toward school.

Charleston Village’s concerns are two fold. While the Lorain City Schools have implemented programs and resources to keep our students out of harms way whilst they are in school and on or around the school property and the City Of Lorain Police Dept. have been extremely involved with the school safety issue, both Lorain City Schools and the Lorain Police Dept. are restricted in their parameters. Charleston Village felt that there is a gap and that is the neighborhoods themselves that the young people live and have to travel through in order to reach their schools. Lorain City schools has over 10,000 students attending Lorain Public Schools – that is just under one sixth of the population of Lorain needing to be free from harm.

While some neighborhoods have implemented Block Watch programs and Neighborhood watch, there is a gap as these particular attacks happened during the day when most people who are involved with such programs are at work. Charleston Village wanted to address this “gap” in the safety net. We asked Rev Donahue of the Christian Temple Disciples of Christ and representative of the Downtown Ministries to facilitate the meeting. Charleston Village then contacted various stakeholders in the community to attend.

school lockdown
Yesterday back in this neighborhood Schools were once again locked down Morning Journal
Lorain police looking for man who attempted to abduct children

At a noon news conference at the Lorain Police Department, Detective Sgt. Buddy Sivert said the first incident occurred around 6 a.m. in the area of Washington Avenue and West Ninth Street. The suspect allegedly grabbed the female teen by the arm, made a threatening comment and punched the girl twice when she tried to get away.

Sivert said the girl was uninjured. Witnesses saw the suspect flee west on West Eighth Street.

The suspect is described as a white male roughly 5-feet 10-inches to 6-feet tall, in his mid-20s to mid-30s. He was said to be wearing a black jacket with a hood, dark jeans, dark shoes, dark gloves and possibly a mask over his face, Sivert said.

The second incident occurred a little more than an hour later around 7:20 a.m. in the area of Oberlin Avenue and West Eighth. According to Sivert, the suspect exposed himself and followed the female into someone’s front yard before fleeing westbound on West Eighth.

A short time later around 7:46 a.m. in the area of West 18th Street and Oakdale, the suspect grabbed another female teen from behind before fleeing eastbound on West 18th, Sivert said.
“I believe one was a middle school student and the others are possibly elementary students,” he said. “ We don’t know for sure, but we feel they were grabbed in a sexual manner.”

Chronicle Telegram
Sivert said extra patrols were in the area and detectives were asking residents and businesses in the area that may have captured video of the incidents to call police.

None of the victims mentioned a vehicle, so the suspect was likely on foot, Sivert said.

Sivert said there’s nothing other than a similar suspect description to tie the Lorain incidents to what happened in Elyria, nor to the incident last week in which 2-year-old Lorain resident Lana Lowther went missing for four hours.

I wish we had made a difference in those intervening 11 years- we didn’t
Oh! we now have an Administration that is taking down and dealing with the abandoned and most derelict of homes but it is a slow process. We have a Housing Court

which, in my opinion. needs some teeth or at least some intestinal fortitude with dealing with mega property owners and their issues – aka “accountability “.

We didn’t make a dent in the number of RSO or Adult parolees in the neighborhood, infact they have doubled in part of the neighborhood from that time .
We have within two miles of the attacks ( 1/3 of that area being the lake )
97 offenders in 83 locations

and 64 parolees . for all sorts of lovely crimes


I wish we hadn’t failed – done more , I wish I had the key so that the children of this neighborhood, going to school had only to worry about their grades…………

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Is Trump The Toxic Avenger – or Dynasty Destroyer

I am worried about what is happening to this world and especially the place I now call home the United States of America. I am especially worried about the election of a new President – The school ground playground antics – the laughable dangerous debates – What is a debate supposed to be ?.

formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward

Unfortunately, instead of fully debating opposing views we are treated to such eloquent language as “Loser ” ” Liar” . We are treated to who has the biggest gun politics and better yet who has the more “faith in God” – wonderful I am so excited…. the choice of weapons


a gun toting demi god with a fire iron on his hip – Just what I personally don’t require in a President of the arguably most powerful nation in the world spilling the religious and lock and load rehetoric around the planet. Oh my ! talk about a “whose finger will be on the button?” What has caused this decline ?

In my mind the Republicans and the following of the lemming flock ( and I am an Independent by choice and always have been) have succumbed to the power of the thinking and cheering on of a man that in any other time would be the lead in a B movie cult movie- His following of the poll people who are being entertained by the TOXIC AVENGER-

“Tromaville has a monstrous new hero. The Toxic Avenger is born when mop boy Melvin Junko falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose.” Source

You would think after the jumped little corporal of the 1930″s red flags as to causing people to be put into categories would be looked on with fear not cheers! Have we become the citizens of Trumpville- waiting for our toxic hero to enlighten us?

But apart from the fact I feel like I am watching a train wreck happen with rationalization, intelligence and civilized behavior being the victims- I have no power to do anything . Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of choice , in my mind, as to any of them Republicans or Democrats- the driver didn’t get on the train !!!!!

We need a leader not a lout , not a dynasty and whilst I understand the change from Independent to Democrat by Sanders as being the easier way to get on the ballot – I also want someone who doesn’t take the easy way to get what they want…….. Lesser of the evils – you tell me???? The world is wondering????

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In the pink- 97 years – and counting – Mum!!!


My husband swears they switched babies at my birth and Mum got someone else’s child, as I am nothing like my mum! My mum is gentle , sweet, never sees the bad in people ( sometimes a failing), can bake for Britain, loves people with a depth beyond knowing, always makes excuses for their not so nice behavior, and has a strength to her that has sustained her for 97 years.
Born after the Great War 1914-1918 – February of 1919- she realized that she was the result of a soldier’s homecoming from the trenches ( my granddad) that fact has always taken her a little aback – a product of a homecoming passion.

digging for victory

digging for victory

Mum has seen and lived through the Great Depression, lived through the bombing and times of World War Two- Korean War -the Suez Crisis- lived on two continents and three different countries but has always loved England – she is rooted in England. She is truly an English rose. She is never happier than when she is on English soil but as age creeps up and airlines get worse her dreams of another trip are probably just dreams.

I have a vague recollection of being in my pram facing my mum as she pushed me away and let the pram slide back to her smiling- then being in a push chair at a shop and a man ( presumably the shop keeper) giving me what is known as a lady finger ( biscuit).
Other memories flash in an out but the one I remember most vividly was of a panicked little girl rushing into my parents bedroom , crying after a nightmare about dogs biting me. Mum calmed me by telling me she would never let anything bad happen but I was so scared

“what happens if you aren’t here?”

“don’t worry I will be “

and then I remember making her promise she wouldn’t die for 20 years – 20 years at the time must have felt like forever to my small child thinking. She kept her promise.

Her hands – I loved and love her hands- Oh they aren’t beautiful in the accepted sense of the word. They are comforting and strong hands ( even today) cool hands that stroked my fevered brow during , mumps, measles and chicken pox. Hands that held mine as she guided me through life. Hardworking hands that helped keep a roof over our heads when times were tough and they were extremely tough from time to time. My mum has made friends all over the world – hundreds of Christmas cards come through our letter box each December. My mum is loved by all who know her and knew her for the wonderful friend , aunt and person she is. When wrongs are done to her it is not she who complains but her daughter has no such compassion for those that would hurt her.

Ah my mum , she loves pink and she loves flowers



and I am reminded of that this morning as she cooks her breakfast dressed in a fluffy pink robe and her flowery pajamas .

It was another pink robe that reminded me of her strength. A trip to England and the return journey in 2006. Ten years ago – I thought she was a marvel at 87 and NOW 97 but she still had her English backbone! An excerpt from that trip!……

Gatwick Airport – the International gateway – HA! although a wheelchair had been booked and confirmed three times, there was nary a sign of one as I loaded my and my mum’s suitcases onto the wobbly trolley. I struggled and worked our way through the mass of humanity – all with trolley’s on overload – to the North West Airlines counter.

Here I had to prop mum up with our suitcases whilst I went through the “electronic” check in. What a joke! how they expect “we of the needing reading glasses” generation to juggle passports, e-tickets, purses and keep an eye on our all important luggage is beyond me

– I think they go out of their way to make life difficult at departure so you will be thrilled to finally get on the ”flying cattle cars” that are “pond life class” – and you are reminded constantly
all this in the midst of 2,000 of people all trying to do the same thing.

Finally you get to the North West Airline’s counter – where you act as your own baggage handler – and STILL NO WHEELCHAIR for the 87 year old mother who is fading fast. I ask

where is the wheelchair?

Oh! said the “automated attendant”
you have to go through security first
and points in the direction of a line that makes the ones at Cedar Point look pathetic.

“Oh and Madam this airport’s security will only take ONE item on board you will have to combine your purses and carry-on bag into one.

Well ROBO – that is the name I decided fit the “automated robotic attendant” – best – 2 INTO 1 WON’T GO! Especially these 2 into 1’s.

“If you want to get through to the departure lounge you will have to ! Oh – and that is where you will get wheelchair assistance.” droned the automated man

ROBO – MY MOTHER NEEDS THE ASSISTANCE NOW not once I get into the departure lounge where there are seats DUH!!!
Nothing Nada just the blank robotic stare.

“Don’t make a fuss, keep your mouth shut Loraine or this automated muppet will deny your boarding” thought I.
So doing what any good little girl should do I followed directions!
I sat on the cold granite type floor of Gatwick airport – like some 3rd world tinker spreading my wares for sale in the middle of this throng of humanity sorting through what I could throw away to make room.

I threw away a pair of slacks and a sweater and managed to stuff, pull and push my purse into my carry-on. (it felt a bit like giving birth in reverse) My mother absolutely refused to throw anything away.
“I certainly will not throw away my pink dressing-gown – absolutely not! – that is a waste, I WILL WEAR it”.
And that is exactly what she did !

We spent another 3/4 of an hour waiting to get through security. Mum, dressed now in her bright pink dressing gown with hood, clutching her sandwiches (she knows all too well how airline food has deteriorated to that of “cuisine de dumpster”) valiantly struggled through to the departure lounge – her British stiff upper lip intact! The generation that stood against the onslaught of the fascists once again stood her ground- had to- there was still no wheelchairs.

I can picture her whenever she wears a pink dressing gown- her little face defiant as she went through security, back straight the epitome of the English spirit.

I am lucky to have my mum- she has been with me through the very worst of times and still takes care of her child when the nightmares come.

Happy 97th Birthday mum – we love you …..

hearts and flowers

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Feb 3rd- the boy – the man- Chris Ritchey

NO LIMITS- Past – Present- Future – Christopher Ritchey
chriscollage snob

These days of missing pile up like so much stuff in a hoarders closet. Pull out one item and blam the rest of those days – stuffed to the back of the “closet of mind”- explode out of their confinement , knocking me off my “grief feet” , stunned , covered in the bits of days I had pushed to the dark recesses- forgotten.

There I am sitting amongst all the rubble of life, the memories, bruised by the sheer weight of it all, overwhelming and in sad recollection. This sheer weight of it all might lessen, as more things are put away again, but the “mind closet” is filled to overflowing and will always be there until end of days.

Desperately hanging on to the memories of your face, your laugh, your voice means reliving the days you were a man.

chrisart collage

I was so proud of you Chris- I still am- your strength – the way you tried to keep from me your fears, your pain in those days of Texas. You knew I was frightened to death of what was happening to you, even in your darkest days you sought to protect Nikki, your dad, Nana and me.
Last month, I received a sympathy card from across the world. They had only just learned you had died. They remembered , not the man, but the child – and at the same time “they” had been little more than a child when they visited us. Their words

“I will forever remember Christopher as a bright-eyed, blond-haired, cheeky, chirpy 8 year old boy”

In my pain of remembering you as the man , it had been a long time since I had pulled from my mind those childhood memories of you. You WERE cheeky, you were a handful, you were loving , boisterous and sometimes bad.
soften collage

Jumping off the neighbor’s garage roof – spraining both ankles – hiding the pain so as not to feel my wrath at such behavior. Your feelings and moods were always written all over your face- open to the world.

Those last months, your eyes hidden for the most part behind those aviator glasses, trying not to share ……

Those happy memories of you -the boy -gave a smile amongst all the clutter of grief-

I love you Chris- both the boy and the man and the strength of your spirit…………………

Breath of Life- Chris Ritchey

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