Municipal Manipulation Lorain (e) – Again!!!!

August 9, 2016 at 10:42 am 15 comments

There have been times that this home and family have borne the brunt of people using city offices and law enforcement as weapons of choice by people who object to me, my writings, this blog.

In one very serious instance it was NOT because of what I wrote and the target was not initially me. An elderly woman – a neighbor- was suffering from mental issues- and left to it by her family- her weapon of choice was the Lorain Police Dept . Eleven months of hell for us and her. I wrote about that time on the old WoM Blog. I will reprise that post.

WoM Logo  by  Scott Baklar

WoM Logo by Scott Baklar

A few days ago, once again, I was accused and accosted by a foul mouthed and obscene rant- threatening behavior – a male face , puffed up and shouting in rage, whilst his wife and his mother looked on.

Also, looking on and having their say – their neighborhood “friends”. As I listened to what was being shouted at me by a young man, whose command of the English language was grounded in obscenity and filth, I looked into the face of the woman , the daughter of that elderly mother. The mother, who had been trapped in her own mind and whose peculiar visions had caused so many months of concern to this family and the neighbors. We had the added expense of lawyers letters, out- reach to the family members by LPD etc. had failed to get the elderly lady help.

When someone living with Dementia Believes something to be true it is true in Alzheimer's World

In the end the lady was found wandering the streets in her night clothes and the LPD and Social Services stepped in. The family members had done very little to help the mother or the neighbors. ( I have all the documentation, from that time, the diaries we had to keep- it went on and on for 11 months.)

I found it ironic, since they( the daughter and her husband) moved into the mother’s house they had wanted MY help. The daughter had their attorney contact me a few months ago wanting ME to testify on their behalf as to the conduct of the sister with regard to the mother .

Maybe they had their nose out of joint ( she and her husband) because I told their attorney that our own attorney had told us not to have anything to do with any of that family ever and that the family, in my opinion, left their mother in a pitiable state scared of the visions she thought were real.

I would not have been a sympathetic witness to their “estate” dispute. Could that be the reason she joined in the attack with cryptic comments?
City  of Lorain

In the last year the weapon of choice by “irate accusers” has been the Lorain Building Dept. The Lorain Building Dept. who have been written about as well, critically, for many years, on this blog –

“Administrations, councils come and go but the Building Dept is a common thread and the glut of decrepit housing/buildings in this city lays firmly at the door of lack of enforcement for many years”

Do they too have an axe to grind – one has to wonder? The Building Dept. under Richard Klinar claim they will not get into neighborhood disputes, have been manipulated to do so ,in my opinion, at least TWICE in a year!!!! I am apparently “RE- inspected” for issues that were non- violations in the first two inspections! This complaint driven dept. should, imho, switch to zone inspections and not just drive by outrageous violations because no one complained??? to get to the petty ones.( Oh! and in Lorain a rolled roof on a pitched roof is legal- how about that slum lords- no longer will you have to put up a real roof!!! You can exchange the old blue for the new black)


rolled roof
And it has continued, not only effecting my property but others, as the rushing to file petty retribution complaints in the “alley” has recently happened .

Let me state here for the record I have never filed a “formal complaint” with Building, Planning and Housing- I have written on my blog about issues faced but I haven’t filed any formal complaints.

I have been accused of so doing. Do these holier than thou self righteous – do no wrong think I would be the only one objecting to their placement of construction/ commercial vehicles and travel trailers.

No sorry ! there are others who do not wish to live in a construction parking lot and look at rv’s on the grass. But apparently according to “he of the foul mouth rant” –

“Nobody fu#king cares this is a fu#king hood. YOU are the only one that fu#king cares….. you fu#king bitch”…. this is fu#king Lorain

yelled at the top of his voice . This wasn’t the first time, he yelled obscenities from his parent’s front porch three weeks earlier for the whole street to hear- and hear it they did!

Well at the risk of more concrete through the window , or worse, I will not be silenced. The act of spewing obscene venom at me for at least 10 minutes, aggression and veiled threats apart from the label of

“fu#king c$nt” … I am going to blog about you … you shamed me on your fu#king blog”.. I am gonna park my fu#king vehicles in front of your fu#king house

( such a mature way to deal with his anger – makes a mother proud apparently) )…

and you fu#king bitch put your husband in hospital”

as I walked away . His parting shot was he was going to run for city council- seems I am the catalyst to get people involved in local government 😉

I will continue writing. I will not be cowered by the lack of intelligent and civilized behavior. Little did they know as the tirade continued it was being witnessed by a neutral individual; of course there are now cameras as well .

My latest visit from the Lorain Building Dept. was once again about my husband’s boat –

Of course, I wished he had gotten rid of it years ago- but it has now become like the downspout named “Don” a matter of principle.

Three times we have been inspected in two years – 2014 on a zone inspection ( which we passed)- then the “Dye’ diatribe and the insistence we were inspected (2015) ( using her position on the Design Review Board) and even she was insulting about the boat – and the Lorain Building Dept. responded very quickly – no less than 4 working days- to find the boat in compliance then – the weeds at that time belonged to the City of Lorain 😉 and the next door lot

…..are you hiding your junk boat?… My roots go back further in this town more than you riding the boat over to ellis island. is that the boat in your back yard…..

and included in a filthy email sent by another of the “posse of putrid language”

“your back yard have and old fu#king boat” who he did suggest further in his tirade “what you need is I real man to fu#k your fat ass pleople of lorain when you get a clomplain from the city is this woman going around sucking the city’s departments di#k”

NOTE: do you see a language pattern here – such brilliance and command of debating skills 🙂

and the latest complaint by the construction fu#k – king of the neighborhood! who admitted making the complaint in the heat of his argument .

We have been in compliance with the “boat” for years……

boat and roseses
Underneath the tarp is a Chrysler Sport Satellite 15′ and original 70 hp motor
photo source

Chrysler boats were far ahead of their time. The full foam flotation that was standard on all Chrysler boats, later became federally mandatory on all

You can read about the Chrysler Marine Division here
A quick internet search to see if this boat was crap or a classic ( as my husband swears it is) turned up prices that were in at least one case more than we paid for it and the average price was about $400 less than we paid for it all those years ago.

It is now deemed a “classic”

So the boat and me are staying put for now – but just incase anyone else decides to use the Lorain Building Inspectors as their weapon of choice here is the evidence of compliance

NOTE: Dear Inspectors you need to brush up on botany – Mint, Swiss Chard , Horseradish and Morning Glories are not WEEDS!!!!!
violation not

But the weeds referred to ( all duly planted by said husband for my mother’s recipes) and those morning glories to cover the chain link fence (which I hate) – allows viewing by those who wish to find fault!!!! – and that is going to change, if I have my way………. But maybe I should save the city time and money and have my property inspected by them once a year to make sure we are in compliance- save them the paperwork and time !

to be continued……. J’ Accuse –

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  • 1. maryspringowski  |  August 9, 2016 at 11:06 am

    This is a load of crappie on behalf of the city! I am absolutely appalled at their conduct. I have made it a point to drive through the alley on a regular basis to view the issues. What about the tree branches and vines blocking the alley as you drive in? I have photos of the overgrowth on neighboring properties as well. As for the foul mouthed neighbor who wants to know who cares about that neighborhood…..I DO!!!! So I eill be monitoring it closely. As for the issues with the building department, I am so sorry you have been harassed by them to such an extent. I may have to guest blog on here shortly about all of this….;) And if your foul mouthed, interfering, scoff law neighbors want to attack someone, I’m glad to oblige them. Just beware that I am ready with a few choice words of my own.

  • 2. thatwoman  |  August 9, 2016 at 11:19 am

    The SS Director and Director of BHP came out last Thursday afternoon- they did note the over grown branches etc. I believe that will be taken care of. The high grass you noted behind the derelict drug house was taken care of by the whomever is responsible for the properties purchased by the now incarcerated owner .

    Apparently the property owners are responsible for keeping down the growth along but we have some empty homes etc. so no one there to do that. I also asked them to go with me around the neighborhood – to see issues that have been issues for 7 years of more in Portside.

    I did get a chance to point out that the 95 gallon and 65 gallon trash bins would not be easy in this part of Lorain, we have no tree lawns and garages at the back and narrow lots – they may have to find a workable solution since we are in the senior bracket. I see the trash containers went to a third reading has anyone actually brought in those containers – filled and moved them around city council 😉

  • 3. Rich  |  August 9, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Very well written. No comment is further needed. You know how I feel.

  • 4. thatwoman  |  August 9, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    thanks Rich you are well out of it- I feel like I am surrounded…….

  • 5. Steven Martinek  |  August 9, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Lorraine and Mary: You are two of my favorite women. It is heartening to see you teamed up in a worthy battle. You are both in my prayers.

  • 6. Jeff Casselman  |  August 9, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Ma’am and Mary. You both need to understand that if someone calls the P.D. and or the Building Dept. and have a complaint we have to respond. What we can do is very limited. We often see and recognize that we are being used to harass someone. However, we are not permitted to ignore that type of call we have to respond and or take action if need be. Also Thatwoman you must try to keep in mind many police officer who respond try to impart information unto you. We are not allowed to do certain things and if we do it is not acted upon as quickly as if you were to take action. As far as the elderly lady I am quite sure that the officers who responded about her told you to call Adult Protective Services. Having retired from the P.D. I can tell you that APS will respond much quicker if you call. For officers it takes leaving a report if we find a need to and sending it to APS. Here is where the problem lies. APS try to contact us and talk to us about the matter and our report instead of making contact off of the basis of the report. Which is stupid. It has been my experience that APS did not take action on reports that I typed. I went on vacation for a month and when I came back there was a message to called them. They went an entire month without acting on what I typed a report on. This is nonsense but it in fact happened. Thatwoman you need to understand the Police are not he fix all for everything. Their job is to enforce criminal law. They cannot and do not have the authority to get involved in civil matters. If it is something we can act on or if they feel talking to the other party may help the matter they will do the best they can. Bottom line is the responsibility to act in many cases falls back on you. In the case of the elderly neighbor did you contact APS like I am sure the officer suggested or did you listen and ignore it because you got angry and felt the officers wasn’t doing anything? Keep in mind I have often encouraged neighbors to call and I typed a report as they did so to get APS off there back sides. But, keep in mind APS falls under the counties bureaucracy and we have no control over that. Please don’t take this message the wrong way. I hope I enlightened you and helped in some small way. Good luck to you.

  • 7. thatwoman  |  August 9, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    to Mr. Casselman I will be putting up what had happened and this wasn’t recent a few years ago now….. but a connecting factor tro the latest retribution.. – I understand the LPD re not my babysitters, it was as frustrating for the police at the time as us.

    In fact , since my husband was your communications / radio repair man and worked for the city – the police had to respond because the lady kept saying they were covering up for him- at one time he was actually meeting with the detectives on issues for the dept. when they received a call he was in her back yard with a gun.

    Hence he had to keep a diary of his whereabouts and witnesses. APS were very lax as you will see the woman’s complaints initially were very believable ( when I reprise the post) .. it wasn’t until an officer called to the scene gun ready, telling the people behind the door to come out and to open the door to find a closet and saying Ma’am I don’t’ see anything and she said can’t you see them he and his wife are under the lampshade!!!! well then someone did pay attention……. officers had contact the family many times on their own because of the issue…… but thanks for the information

  • 8. Mark  |  August 9, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    What an absolute crock. And the city wonders why there’s no tax money? People are leaving in droves because of all the BS. Everything is political in this dam* dem town.

  • 9. thatwoman  |  August 9, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    well Mark you know only too well the retribution and angst when writing or photographing the issues in this town…… I am getting so done with trying.. and because I am getting too old to deal with the trolls….. you will find me out wandering the streets not knowing where I am soon….. ( no photographs puleeze) 🙂

  • 10. Dave  |  August 9, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    So sorry that you are having to deal with this.

  • 11. thatwoman  |  August 10, 2016 at 12:14 am

    you and me both …

  • 12. thatwoman  |  August 12, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    To Wireless Phil- I should’ve pointed out that was a picture of the boat – not the actual one we have although it is exactly the same – I didn’t feel like taking the canvas off the boat as it is too damned hot but I should’ve given the source thanks

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  • […] I can’t believe it passed Point of Sale in November seeing that the windows are broken and boarded – especially since we have such strong ordinances as with boats and morning glories😉 but who knows- I certainly haven’t a clue anymore as to “code of enforcement???? […]

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