Oct. lock up your black cats and cemeteries

October 21, 2016 at 3:59 pm 4 comments

Sue Lombardi witch
October the month of ghosts, witches, goblins and ghouls . The fun time for most, a religious celebrations for some Samhain

The interest in ghostly happenings is at an all time high. Witches and superstitions, black cats with arched backs are everywhere


The problem is black cats can be at risk at Halloween or at least a spike in cruelty has been known to happen

And now thanks to the Ghost Hunters extraordinaire television shows etc. we have a plethora of “ghost tours” all around the world, the darkness becomes a “beacon” for those with cameras and phones hoping to catch a glimpse of the world beyond the veil ( the unknown state of being after death)
There are tours of houses, buildings, cemeteries you name it, participants expectant of meeting someone or something and capturing a glimpse of the unknown. There are thousands of them.

Recently Charleston Village Society was contacted re yet another Ghost Tour of Lorain’s oldest cemetery. The cemetery is on city property but as readers know we have been the historical and figurative “keepers” of the cemetery. We declined to enable this event.
There are many reasons NOT to have one of these tours but mainly the headstones are in a very delicate state some are flat on the ground a misstep and another damaged headstone, the cost of replicating these headstones is around $700 to $800 dollars each. Money we don’t have. The ground is very uneven.

Who is responsible for damage done , who pays should someone fall in the dark , does the group have insurance? This cemetery is in the middle of a residential area do the neighbors want 30 or forty people under their windows all October late at night ? The concerns and lack of respect to those whose bones rest there does not sit well .
So unless someone wants a guided “historical” tour during daylight hours we are not in favor of “ghost hunters” traipsing over the graves of Lorain’s pioneers and founding families.

This little cemetery on 6th has suffered lack of respect through the centuries , Charleston Village Society is not keen on enabling any more disrespect.

There was yet another “ghostly tour” last week – and we strongly objected before that tour took place and afterwards. The upshot is the cemetery will now be signed “closed at dusk” along with the no pooping dogs.

The tour company said we would donate! No this isn’t about money – hard to believe since we are desperately needing donations to keep the cemetery stable- it is about respect. Respect that is long overdue to those who lay beneath the green trees.

So by all means grab your cameras , follow the guides to beyond the veil somewhere else – UNLESS you want a tour of Lorain’s oldest cemetery and the stories of how a group of people loved, lived, sailed the inland seas, their contributions to this city and this land , then we would be most happy to oblige ( before dusk)

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  • 1. -Alan D Hopewell  |  October 21, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    Once again, Loraine, thank you for standing up for the honor and dignity of my hometown. It seems that so many these days have no understanding; so sad!

  • 2. thatwoman  |  October 21, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    it is sad and it is all for a buck! I suppose like others they figure these people are long dead no one to care well there are people who care….

  • 3. Christina  |  October 22, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    No pooping dogs? Don’t all dogs poop? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say, “clean up your dog’s poop” or just not allow dogs?

  • 4. thatwoman  |  October 22, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Christina clarification the actual sign say No dogs that was just my term for the post- actually when that sign went up many years ago we caught flack from people who were walking dogs and letting them pee and poop …. urinating on the headstones does cause damage to them .. and quite frankly defecating on the founding families was not ideal 🙂

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