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July 9, 2018 at 5:05 pm 7 comments

freedom of speech by Chris Ritchey

I don’t know why  I am writing this , not much  point really  apart from getting it off my  chest. In my  theatre days I was part of  a production  at the Palace Theatre ( Lorain) of John Paul Sartre’s  “NO EXIT”  Three people trapped in their own kind of hell……

““All those eyes intent on me. Devouring me. What? Only two of you? I thought there were more; many more. So this is hell. I’d never have believed it. You remember all we were told about the torture-chambers, the fire and brimstone, the “burning marl.” Old wives’ tales! There’s no need for red-hot pokers. HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE!

The “Other” people, they  come into  a neighborhood that is quiet  especially  in old Lorain ,  a Lorain that is not  growing old so  gracefully.

First: The Others   come in and dump  what used to  be decent family  homes onto  the market because of poor business practices and the sub prime mortgage scandal.


Then  : Others come in like money  hungry  vultures and buy  up the properties  for pennies on the dollar,

Agencies  provide housing lists  where RSO’s and those on parole can “assimilate into  the neighborhoods- Bureau  of Community  Sanctions

Bureau of Community Sanctions Overview

The Bureau of Community Sanctions distributes and monitors grant and contractual funds provided to local jurisdictions and private vendors to establish community sanctions and residential services for adult offenders that are re-integrating into the community or who, otherwise, would be incarcerated in local jails or state prisons. Programs funded by the Bureau include Halfway Houses, Community-Based Correctional Facilities, Community Residential Centers, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Community Corrections Act grant programs including Intensive Supervision Probation, Standard Probation, Prosecutorial Diversion, Non-Supervisory Treatment Programs, Electronic Monitoring, and Community Work Service. Additionally, the Bureau has provided Probation Improvement Grants, Probation Incentive Grants, and SMART Ohio Grants in order to alleviate voids in services.  The funds and contracts managed by the Bureau are addressed in Ohio Revised Code Sections 2301.51, and Ohio Administrative Codes 5120:1-3-01 and 5120:1-5-06.

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and the Adult Parole Authority ,

The APA’s mission is to “aid in the reentry of offenders by partnering with community stakeholders and law enforcement agencies to preserve public safety by holding offenders accountable through diverse supervision strategies and technology.” The philosophy of supervision statement for the Field Services section of the APA is to “effectively supervise and provide opportunity for offenders to reenter into law-abiding citizenship and to reward, encourage, and promote positive behavior, while holding offenders accountable for negative behavior.” The APA determines release of inmates from prison to parole or transitional control, sets supervision conditions for inmates released on post release control, coordinates placement of offenders in the community and supervises them upon their release from prison. In addition, the APA assists counties in the development of basic felony supervision services upon request for the Courts of Common Pleas. The APA administers Ohio’s interstate compact agreement for probation and parole coordinating movement of supervised offenders among states.


and now rehab centers for drug dealers and convicted felons, along with  people who  NEED Rehab.   ( follow the money , and the grants)

RSO’s around my  house 165 mapable and 15 unmapable…. churches, schools also  in the same vicinity  along with  a struggling downtown.

A  neighborhood starts to  spiral downward, a business district suffers because of deteriorating neighborhoods surrounding  that district and they  are getting worse.

Others move into  these homes, others who are bent on living THEIR life style , no  respect, just  feed the sound system, deal  the drugs, intimidate what is left of  a neighborhood, bring in “others’ until  what is left are those that cannot move , are unable to  cope and so  hide within their homes, frightened of the “armed others”. 


The “left people, meaning those that are left – not of the political term- they  try to  call government, the police, anyone , they  for the most part do  not live this lifestyle, it is  foreign to  them , they  don’t understand  this disrespect  or how this is happening,  they  do  not know what can and can’t be done, they  reach  out for help……… and not a lot can be done.

There is NO  HELP  from the likes of a Bureau of Community Sanctions, helping THEM to  live in their neighborhood. No  service agency  for those that are left , trying to  live a peaceful hardworking  existence and live out their lives in their homes whether owned or rented.

Most of these issues, the music , the loud lifestyles, the implied intimidation  , watching people dealing  in parking lots ,  the lack  of quality  of life CANNOT  be addressed quickly  or with  much  accountability.  So  we live in a limbo  of fear of retaliation  perceived or intended.

The crime map  of this morning , as I  type, you   can see this old neighborhood  is seemingly  outnumbered by  the “Others”  How does  community  breathe in the 44052 .


Oh  some  of the drug deals etc are looked into  and documented for the courts by  our Lorain Police Dept, sometimes months of work goes into  these deals and dealers. BUT  what good is it when felons are given  a ” time out for  drug rehab” and a $750 fine and released back  into  the neighborhood. What message – Judges of Lorain and County  does this send to  the people who  are “left” ?

The police can only  do  so  much, “call when there is an issue..  “make sure your  mention they have a scanner if you  believe that to  be the case” The police have to  witness the “crime or activity”. In Lorain on any  given day  or night there are only  6 -7 officers on the streets for a population of 64,000 and covering 24 square miles and is comprised of 113 Police Officers and 34 civilian employees.

The “Others” know the system they  know how to  get around the laws, they  know how to  waste time ,  they  know eventually  the “the lefts “ will either give up, die , move or just get plain worn out or be put down as a “complainer”…  Been there done that

In this house,  at the moment I have a hospice patient, last days of living in Lorain…. dying slowly without a murmur  and if you  ask me Lorain and the 44052 are following in the footsteps…….

I hope I am wrong but if this street and what is happening in this neighborhood is anything to  go  by  we the lefts  are terminal as there isn’t much  hope with  the solutions we have…… I  am not sure there will be a “continuation…..” not when the “others are spreading the disease as quickly  as they  are….



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  • 1. Joe  |  July 9, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    The police can do nothing until something happens while the potential victim, law abiding sucker can do nothing before it happens. Well, quite the enigma. This type of criminal blight is a social cancer and is in stage IV. It’s only a matter of time until the remaining area is affected by this insidious condition.

    Sartre was right …….

  • 2. thatwoman  |  July 9, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    I agree Joe,,,,, very sad state of affairs

  • 3. Lori Craycraft  |  July 9, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    Each area of Lorain has its good and bad points. (just like every large city) If it is that bad call your ward council person or the mayor, or the chief of police. I live in South Lorain and I love it. There are problems in every large city.

  • 4. thatwoman  |  July 9, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Oh this is NOT a large city far from it….. but Lori we have had block watches in this old neighborhood for 30 years, had Lorain’s first community policing officers.council people know, admin knows county knows, LPD knows the point is there isn’t much that can be done with quality of life issues and there are people in these streets that are frightened and being intimidated…… Glad you are happy in South Lorain but not everybody is….

  • 5. Joe  |  July 9, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Lori’s attempt at equivocation is just not going to work. We’re not talking about comparative good and bad points. That only serves to confuse the issue. The only points that matter and that have negative social consequences are the bad points.

    Let’s all go to South Lorain and sing kumbaya together. Time for a reality check …..

  • 6. Moving On Joe  |  July 14, 2018 at 3:53 am

    It’s scroungy over on the east side of Lorain too.You got your Section 8 people who live in a house for a year then proof….. they move in the middle of the night.Then the same thing happens to the same house again, some more Section 8 people move in….it’s a never ending cycle.I’m not saying all Section 8 people are bad,but the majority of them (99%)don’t mow their lawn.They leave their blue garbage containers on the tree lawn all week.Because they don’t mow their lawn their kids all play in the streets.Plus they play their music at the sound level to where the whole street can hear it.Noise pollution!They also have broken blinds in their windows and don’t even try to replace them.Lorain used to be a good place to live….up until about 45 years ago!The slumlords don’t care cause they don’t live here.All they want is that gauranteed monthly Section 8 check.If Lorain really wanted to clean up the city they would ban the same person from owning more than 2 houses within the city.And for that 2nd house if the person rents it out they wouldn’t be able to rent it out for Section 8…..It’s time the city starts to respect the actual hard working tax payer.

  • 7. thatwoman  |  July 14, 2018 at 11:24 am

    Moving On Joe… I don’t think the law would allow restrictions on who and how many properties someone can purchase BUT the city could certainly tax these LLC’s etc as a business. corporation and I am feeling you r frustration and anger — same here

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