Not forgotten- a reminder- and a Victory -Lorain

November 12, 2018 at 4:22 pm 2 comments

Photo Dan Brady

The lines of communication were broken and entangled, opinions of just what is “historic” and what is not – were bogged down in who  “remembered ” and who  forgot, who  said what and who  did what.

A battle commenced in the hearts of those that not only  have loved the “Dark Angel”, Miss Victory, Lorain’s Angel, whatever name she was known by.   People rallied , historians, writers, council people who  had voted NO to  the sale of her place of honor, the possible movement to  “monument row ” at nearby  Lakeview park. Social media lit up  with  a resounding NO!!! Articles appeared in newspapers , on-line .

Photo Karen Ferraro

The consensus of the general  population  was the “Dark Angel” should remain in the place of honor in  perpetuity . Lorain, in the past,  has had a history  of moving and get rid of its tangible history  as if it is some “outdated décor” put away  to  be stored in pieces parts or demolished. But the latest ideas found a community  saying not this time.

I  am proud of those who  stood up, researched,  reached out to  government, and wrote of their displeasure  Matt Nahorn, Dan Brady , Diane Medina , Mary  Springkowski , Jeff Sigsworth , and hundreds of people on face book pages.

I am glad to  say  that after not only  was her “sentimental  worth ”  acknowledged  but also  her “historical” worth.

Thanks has to  go  to  Mayor Ritenauer  and Port Director Tom Brown because they  came together ( as government should)  to not only  save that little park but to  honor those that  had kept her and this country  free , through  all the wars that followed  the war to  end all wars. It is a victory  for  common sense , historical worth  and yes for sentiment.

Yesterday  the Port of Lorain and The city  of Lorain issued  a joint statement  saving the “lady”


Instead of angst and turmoil   and he said ,she said, the coverage this morning is one of thanks , thanks to  those with who  served , are remembered and those whose passion fought for  a Lady  of Victory”—city-port-craft/article_9b2df8d2-e5e6-11e8-beb8-9759a69bb824.html

Thank  YOU  LORAIN!!!



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  • 1. Dennis  |  November 12, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Remember what happen to the Vietnam memorial. I think the mayor at that time questioned ” Who was going to maintain it ?”

    That memorial ended up in Amherst even though the majority of those veteran’s were from the City of Lorain it ended-up being a county thing. We didn’t learn our lesson then so now it was about getting it right now!

  • 2. thatwoman  |  November 12, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    well I certainly remember Veterans Park fiasco – will never forget it- such wheeling and dealing …… as for the Vietnam Memorial it is a lovely and very encompassing piece and has its home in a lovely setting …. and long may it do so….. It is good we have saved our Dark Angel…………

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