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How Does Your Garden Grow – Part Two

Well it has been a strange summer, incessant rain ( as I  remember it ) in June  and then sun , sun, sun and  now September  and I am sitting here on the 22nd of September in the air-conditioning  watching the trees and flowers wilt in the intense heat and sun shine.

I love September, usually because the warm days , cool nights and  some rain  give the flowers their last burst of colour. Not so   in the garden this year. The pots planted around the pond to  keep  out the dreaded  Blue Heron (  my  angel of death) look stringy  and awful. They  did their job but hid the water and fish  not only from the Heron but from me.

Before the Heron


After the Heron

The roses reacted to  the damp and wet and cold in June by getting black spot and another fungus which  meant cutting them back  and giving them medication. My  mini – orchard suffered, mostly  the cherry  trees  they  look decidedly  problematic.

There isn’t a lot I  can do  , not being young and agile enough to climb ladders and spray  and prune.  Needs must and my  energy  is used up inside the house at the moment. So  fingers crossed the trees are  strong enough to  survive. The towering Sycamore looked awful earlier on in the spring  with  its blight but after a few weeks regained her leaves and looks healthy enough, so  fingers crossed.

Although  the blossoms on the fruit trees were plentiful and gave much  pleasure to eye I  am afraid, the birds got the cherries ( I managed one  and it was delicious) I  also  managed one plum, a couple of apples and  two  pears . The peaches, although so  heavy   they  bent the branches , by  the time they were full and ripe disappeared overnight, squirrels played havoc and then the Puckwudgies. ( Groundhogs to  uninitiated  to  this blogger) crept under the fence from the blue house and had their fill, same with  the apples .  It was almost like the squirrels were working for the groundhogs!

I live in hope that next year I  can get at least some cherries and plums. The raspberries also  went the way  of the birds but they  also  kept the Heron from landing so it was a tradeoff.

Not all was frustrating , following Monty  Don’s advice I  decided to  have the grandchildren scatter wildflower seeds and sunflower seeds in the unused garden. Apparently  weeds love good soil  but wildflowers  can thrive in poor soil and can out produce the weeds. Well why  not give it a try, I certainly  could not weed this year  and even getting the grass cut on the now double lot has been a chore. Happily,  the boys , took to  their task with gusto only the seeds were sprinkled with  great abandon, not paying any  heed  to  boundaries . Hence wildflowers popped up  everywhere even in the gravel .


And Yes the wildflowers did keep  the weeds at bay, this is part of the garden planted with  the wildflowers


and the missed part … the weeds


I  guess Monty  was right and so  since the wildflowers did their job of  keeping down the weeds and bringing in the bees and pollinators  they  will have an even bigger spot in the garden…………. to  be continued


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by Chris Ritchey

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Sept 3rd – Moving On??? Chris Ritchey

“Try  to  remember the kind of September……….. “

I  have no  difficulty  in remembering this Labor Day  Holiday of yesteryear . You had been given another chance of a “cure”. Of course I  realize now that  the word “cure” was not an accurate description  as given to  us by  the Cleveland Clinic. The “trial” of SGN 35 was just that  another trial.  What followed was a frenzied trip  to  Houston, and more of that four letter word HOPE!!!!

Septembers  have come and gone and I  remember the “beginning of the end of hope” with   the pain that never lessens.  As this blog brings to  the fore writings of previous Septembers, I  revisit those emotions  of those times.

One such  September third came to  the fore today because it had been accessed by  someone reading my  words.

As I  read what I  had written in my  emotional  incontinence , I  wonder would I  have written anything similar today , you  can see the anger, the hurt and the disgust I  felt and I  asked myself would I  have felt the same or written the same  today? The answer is YES! just as time has not eased your  death  and “taking of the memories that should have been” neither has it lessened the feelings I  have toward those of self serving hypocrisy.  The anger that keeps me upright is beneficial to  being………… it is now part of me and who  I am….

I love you  my  son ………. you  are but a  last breath away…

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