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May 3rd – NO LIMITS-Chapter 28- Chris Ritchey





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 NOTE: You would think , after all these years, I  would have built up some immunity  to the  rawness emotions of what happened in those last few hours and days  .

You  would be wrong it is  yesterday in my  world.  I find, as I  writing, I am sucking in breaths, gasping for air,   eyes fill with tears and my  heart races.  I can only  brave the act of  reliving in short stages.  I have to  stop, walk away  and come back for a few minutes.

I don’t know how to write these memories of those hours. Will I even be able to put my pain on a page, relieve it in entirety   or become clinical and write just the medical journey  with  the inclusion of the Lombardi’s contribution to  my  end of days as a mother of my  son?

I suppose I will find out along with  the reader.


As he was moved to  the new Medical ICU room with  new staff and strangers, I shivered the room was the corner room looking out toward the hotel where I had been staying. I could see his room from my hotel room, the light softly  glowing in the early  morning morning hours.  I had called my  daughter and son-in law. My  husband went to  meet them in the lobby  to  show Nikki  where to  come whilst Jim took Baby  Gavin to  the room to  wait.

I must have looked very strange as I waited ,away  from the “Clan of Lombardis” by  myself in the waiting room,  as a young man in scrubs came up  to  me put his arm around me and started explaining something about

“blood gases elevated C02 levels ” .. hypercapnia… How Chris gases were compromised  by  the move. “

I had absolutely  not a clue as to  what he was saying , It was though  I  was deaf and trying to  read his lips.

Who was he? What was he doing in my  world ?

At that moment my  daughter burst into the waiting room ran toward me , as she did so  she apparently  overheard the one sided conversation and as   I  said I  must have looked dreadful.

The next thing she “melted “on the floor, collapsing to her knees, just folded up at she reached out to me and I  reached forward to  her. The young man caught us both somehow and said :

“please,  it is alright no-one ever died from Co2 levels, we will get the  levels corrected. I will take care of him!

The rest is a blur, since no-one in  the family  could  stay  in Chris  room that night, and I  was panicked

“How was I  going to  get him through  that 3 in morning time slot , I  so  dreaded.

The flawed Hand of the Healer by Chris Ritchey

We went back to  the hotel room to wait.  There was a chaise lounge ,  I  laid on it looking out across the way  to  Chris room and pulsating light as , I  assume, people would come and go  doing what they  were supposed to  do,  injecting him with  insulin, Heparin  and too many  drugs  I  couldn’t pronounce.

Nikki  took the baby  and laid on the bed, Jim grabbed a pillow and blanket and slept fitfully  on the floor. Actually  I have  not a clue where my  husband slept or even if he did, I  am presume in  one of the arm chairs.

I waited until morning, I had decided

this was enough  no more were the Lombardis and their clan  going to make the decisions, I was done with  them and his bride.

I showered , got dressed and for the first time put on some make-up.  My  husband had already  beaten me to  it and had checked on Chris   and called from the the floor to  tell me

Chris stats had improved.

I went to the unit, didn’t check in with the  reception station to  get permission    , no-one  was going to  stop  me that morning!

I knew Angela would be in there  for the Doctors rounds and that morning  I was going to  be part of the discussion.  Unfortunately , Angela and the Doctors were already  meeting behind the “glass wall”. I saw a familiar face, it was Dr. R.A of the  Thanksgiving Day  ” dying discussion”.  She recognized me too, asked how I  was.

I  said:

a little better  as I  had been told Chris’ levels and stats were improving

Dr. R. A looked annoyed

WHO told you that? It is definitely  NOT  what is happening his organs are shutting down , he has had a series of “episodes” and it isn’t good , as I  told you  last week”

Why  haven’t I  been told? Why  has this been kept from his family?

We tell his wife everything ( Dr. Ritchey) she has been given the complete information, it is up  to  her to  inform the rest of you 

And at that statement what was left of me, the person I always was came to  the fore.  I felt a strength in my  voice I  hadn’t had for weeks

” Well obviously there has been some sort of breakdown in the  information given to  us or apparently  NOT  given to  us by  his  wife and her family.

You, and the hospital and this unit had better check my  son’s paperwork because it is written and signed by  him ( of which  I  have a copy  at home.) that his sister and I  are named  in his Living Will , signed at South  Pointe Hospital and we both are on that form ( notarized) as to  any  medical  decisions and information is to be given to  us directly!

Oh, she said, I will make sure the staff and unit are informed 

With  that she walked away  and I  still shaking with  fear for my  son and with anger  left the unit to  tell MY  family .

Later on , after I  had gathered myself together , I went back down to  the unit , again by  passing the harridan at the reception desk  and

there it was my nightmare of  13 months previously  ……playing out in front of me….  MY PREMONITION  come to  pass!!!!

E. Munch- 1895

No LIMITS – Chapter 4- Chris Ritchey

I awoke in the early morning hours of that first night after chemo, shaking, gasping for breath. I had a dream; it was so real.

I was in a room, in the middle of the room was an open casket in which lay my son and around this casket was Angela, her mother and father and strange people . I was drenched in sweat and tears, the realization it was a nightmare slowly came to the front of my mind.

It wasn’t  a casket it was a hospital bed , but the way  they  had him laid out it might as well have been .

I still to this day don’t know who they all were- strangers to  me !  And that was something that would have caused my son such anguish- after all  he could no longer speak , they  would never have dared to  put him in that situation had he been able to  communicate. 

Angela and her mother sat holding court and allowed  and embraced 8-9 people to  hold a dying time….  ” death clutterers to ogle and text  on their phones  around his dying body” .

It was to  me , it was disgraceful behavior and totally lacking respect and love on Angela’s part. I never wanted to  see their faces ever again!  I was sickened at the sight. I went to  the foot of his bed and slowly  pulled a sheet up over his lower limbs, covering the bags and bodily  fluids draining from him.

Chris would have  hated  what was happening, being on show. He thought  thought the  graveside antics of the “Lombardi , Vyka , Gonzales, Gott or Zaworski at a  young nephews graveside on that previous  Christmas morning  was despicable and told Angela at the time, when she came to  pick him up  for the “event”

  “That is sick, no I  am not going , I won’t be involved in that ! What are you  thinking?”

I  can only  imagine what he would have thought of what I  was seeing  as he lay  unable to throw them out, because he would have.

I hoped the induced coma meant he knew nothing of it. I wanted to grab them by  the neck and throw them out on their ear myself. But I  couldn’t  for the sake of my  son.

My  face once again must have communicated  what my  thoughts were  for Angela rose from her seat and said to  the tribe

” I  think we had better go………

to  be continued



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