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Corporate Co-operates – BEST BUY!

The following guest blog was in the works earlier today. It was sent , hours before publishing to BEST BUY CORPORATE OFFICES- within the hour a response was received , so BEST BUY CORPORATE gets “KUDOS AND THANKS FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING”

I’d like to apologize on behalf of Best Buy for any difficulties you may have experienced regarding this matter, but I appreciate the time you took to voice your concerns to allow the company an opportunity to properly address them. Indeed, Best Buy values this sort of contact as it provides the corporation with important feedback to make decisions regarding its future direction.

The rest of the response is found at the end of the article. However, Chris is not alone -I am sure in this HDDVD dilemna and therefore for the sake of others that maybe in the same situation the “Before and After of a Best Buy!”

Guest Blogger That Woman’s son- CHRIS RITCHEY

customer service NOT Graphics by Chris Ritchey

During the Christmas holiday, a time of giving, my parents decided to purchase a HDDVD player. My mother, who was “directed by the salesperson” at the Elyria branch as to which DVD player would be best, HAD NO IDEA there was a battle going on between BLU RAY and HDDVD and one of them wouldn’t last. My mother took the advice of the salesman and purchased the recommended HDDVD, six weeks later HDDVD lost the battle and the DVD war.

My parents , who aren’t wealthy, wanted to give me a great gift and put the extra money towards “cutting edge” entertaining, only they got ripped and what I have is pretty much a really expensive DVD player.

I went to “BEST BUY” to return the player after the announcement on CNN; all I wanted was in store credit to purchase a Blu Ray player.
They said

“No! Nothing we can do, it is 15 days past the return policy”

15 days past the return policy, THEY (in my opinion) knowingly sold equipment that was obsolete in a month and a half and are holding to a return policy. So I left, I was angry, but OK “policy“ right?

Two weeks later I went to Circuit City looking for a flat screen TV, I happened to be in the vicinity of Circuit City, I had no intention of boycotting BEST BUY- at that time. I was talking to the sales associate at Circuit City and he stated that CIRCUIT CITY

“because of what happened they were “TAKING BACK” the HDDVD players as far back as 6 MONTHS!!

Mine was only 15 days past “BEST BUY POLICY!!” and was purchased under THEIR recommendation! I then spent $2,500 at Circuit City and will be purchasing more equipment to add to my entertainment system in the coming months.

I went back to BEST BUY and talked with a manager of some sort and restated my complaint and that I just want a store credit to go toward the purchase of a BLU RAY. I said

“you are not really going to lose anything.”

He said

“What am I supposed to do with it? Would you buy it?” NO! “Then WHY would I want it?

I thought to myself what he is really saying is

“ tough luck – your problem not mine- you are the sucker that ended up with it – because your parents listened to our sales associates recommendation”

I told him that Circuit City was extending their returns on these items because they don’t want to screw their customers , who in good faith, purchased this item from them.

As the “manager” walked away he said

“ that is why their stock is 8 dollars and ours is 54 dollars”

(whether that is case I don’t know- but then can I trust a BEST BUY associate to get it right?)

If that is the case, it leads me to the conclusion that according to this manager Best Buy makes a bigger profit by screwing the consumer while Circuit City is apparently taking a hit by giving better customer service.

BEST BUY -YOU LOSE!!!! And will lose a “family of consumers “ I will purchase the rest of my home entertainment elsewhere.


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