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Changes , some happen quickly and some take years. I have given a lot of thought lately to this old neighborhood- old by US standards but just a baby in the life of other communities. 207 years isn’t very long in the grand scheme of “community history”- But that doesn’t make Lorain’s history any less worthwhile or fascinating than ancient or medieval history.

history (n.) “relation of incidents” (true or false), from Old French estoire, estorie “chronicle, history, story”

Modern French histoire),

from Latin historia “narrative of past events, account, tale, story,”

from Greek historia “a learning or knowing by inquiry; an account of one’s inquiries, history, record, narrative,”

from historein “inquire,” from histor “wise man, judge,” from PIE *wid-tor-, from root *weid- “to know,” literally “to see”

Readers of this blog, know for years I have been trying to get something done about an “old house” on 4th and Hamilton. Ave and 4th

The house, empty and decaying for many decades, was still owned by the same family whose forefather built the structure approximately 130 years ago.

HIS story and those of the family are gone now. It was bitter-sweet as I watched the house from my den window being taken down – an empty shell that had met my gaze these 40 years . I watched, through the seasons, as time and weather took the toll on her. Finally once again, the land where she stood for 130 years is now as it was the day before her foundations were dug into the virgin earth as part of a growing village.

I wondered, as the bulldozers and dumpsters were positioned to receive this old home, why the owner had apparently not respected the home leaving it open to the elements and decay for decades . This dwelling was part of his story and history too apparently wasn’t important enough to preserve or care about. But then- I have also wondered why Lorain and her “story” is only embraced by a few and even then not until the late 70′s and 80′s did Lorain have any formal group gathered to preserve anything from her birthing.

Black River Historical Society Now Lorain Historical Society

I suppose coming from England, where it was part of my growing up, to know and be taught our history and local history – celebrate our “story”, the homes and dwelling places of our heroes and the not so heroic it is part of who I have become . I am part of the heritage of my kind and I have great pride in the story. .
tea into harbor
Lorain has become for me on par with “American Tea”. Sorry, but maybe it was because you dumped the tea in the harbor and so it was considered “traitorous” drink :( Whatever the explanation the majority of Americans fail to make a decent cup of tea…. dunking tea bags and tepid water does not a decent cuppa make.

Lorain’s homes of “story” have become that beverage in my mind…..tepid water and weak – a mere semblance of what should be – preferring the new beverage of “moving forward ” coffee.

As more of Lorain’s “tangible” past disappears or is lost to memory and archives – I am saddened.

Peggy Bic 2007

Recent events within this – Lorain’s oldest neighborhood – and the treasures of one becoming tomorrow’s trash to others both in my personal experience and also the loss of the last living history connection to one of Lorain’s founding fathers has deeply saddened me…..

To be continued …………..

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A Novel- idea- the words with in – a secret unwritten SHHHHHH

cow cove book
They say that everyone has at least one book within us to set to paper and print. My son Chris, even managed in his short life to produce one.

During the course of Chris’s education (Cleveland Institute of Art) he wrote a book- yes! a book!

The brief as I understood it – limited the number of words to be used ( under 30 ? ) – using different fonts to emphasize each word – texture of the paper / colours etc also to give visual emphasis to the reader. Subject (of one’s choice) telling the story with a beginning , middle and end- evoking at least two emotions from the reader.

and as
Frank Warren of Post Secret stated:

Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world.”

keely  sagert
I know my friend and neighbor Kelly Boyer Sagert has published more than one book.
Oh! to have her talent and ability to start upon the journey she undertakes every time she starts another book. I can start but then ………….

In past years my thoughts , words, observations and conclusions have been published in magazines and periodicals but I can’t seem to get my plethora of thoughts together in a beginning – middle – and end- no matter the writing technique used- to actually write a nonfictional or even a fictional novel.

I did start a category on this blog on my family and my son . I have “saved” the categories and downloaded them as I wrote them in order that Gavin and now Braedyn will “know” their family, especially Chris, and the history of the events as they happened to us.

( Cover by Chris Ritchey)

My mother wrote her book ( selectively published) MY Book about her youth, the war years (WW2 Britain) and her life . I know the sons, daughters and grandchildren of my mum’s extended family were pleased and I hope in years to come her own great-grandchildren will enjoy her memories

One of my previous publishers has offered to take my writings about my journey and publish BUT I have to clean up the grammar, the run on sentences and edit my writing in order that a copy editor can take a further look- SIGH- easier said than done. It is asking a lot because I would have to edit my thoughts and sort them into some sort of order- the story is jumbled as is my life and my brain is fragmented . Where do I begin ?

I suppose I could start by telling my “secret“. Is there a book in that? Yes! I would say most definitely – but I hesitate –

there is the burning question does the world really want to know my secret…

Am I not being a hypocrite when I say I am all about truth when I am holding back a truth ( even if it a truth as I see it – my truth). And for whose sake am I holding back – mine or the readers?
alchemist PHOTO SOURCE

For instance, remember that old conspiracy theory about having a magic pill or process that would turn water into gasoline?

Ask yourselves IF you really had the knowledge of turning water into fuel simply and without a great deal of cost- Would you share that secret IF – it would mean the world’s economy would crumble- institutions would dissolve stock markets crash – the haves would definitely lose out , countries would fall( middle east in particular) would you share that knowledge? Would it mean the world’s water supply would face further annihilation what would be the trade-off?

There is a dire responsibility in secrets……

Generally, says Von Reiche, “secrets do create a lot of separation from other people, and they also prevent you from feeling truly authentic.”

“If the world were ready to be accepting of everyone, it would be a better place,” McDonald said. “In an ideal society, we would have no secrets. Do I think that’s likely in your lifetime or my lifetime? No.”

Will my “novel” idea become fact or fiction? That remains to be seen………….but I can tell you whose artwork will be on the cover :)

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The Cowboys of Lorain- (PT. 6) thoughts from the corral – drive-by and fix

Part One -

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

I was naive in my beliefs of accountability for older housing stock. I admit it – I sit in my den typing and looking out at my neighborhood- I watch the deterioration on a daily basis.
2th and Hamiton

My icon house sits and reminds me of the “process” nearly 40 years of watching the inadequacy of the PROCESS that is the City of Lorain, the Building Department and Inspectors rights as per the property Maintenance Code of Lorain-

Property Maintenance Lorain ( seems to be an oxymoron). You would think I should have realized, after the decades of watching, the Process is PHUTT!!!!! The guys in the white hats have no ammunition

marshalled 2

My conclusions after reviewing the answers ON THE INFAMOUS PROCESS is as following:

1. To have work inspected on this glut of poor housing – we are dependent upon the honesty and integrity of people who allow this:


2. We are dependant upon side walk inspections or having a kindly neighbor let us have a look from their property- Some of the Neighbors ;)


3. We are a drive- by community in more ways than one.


4. The cry of we need more inspectors( under the current system ) is as laughable as the restrictions under which they have to “inspect”.

5. To inspect property in this way may “pretty up” the outside to a standard that is lacking but “fixed”???? as per the fix after the latest drive by of the historic property on our main thoroughfare owned by


This former home of another of Lorain’s Mayors was inspected by the drive by inspectors ( presumably ) and it was fixed to the minimum of standards – YOU BE THE JUDGE!!! If you ask for the minimum that is what you get!

Click on to enlarge

You can powder and paint an old whore but the insides are still rotten – and it is those rotten insides that cause the health and safety issues for those that dwell within these homes. It is dangerous but hey! we have gutters at least !

511 gutters

Like many of you who are not in the “Business of Rental” I thought we had some accountability , a system in place to hold those that do this to properties to a higher standard. I was wrong….


The current “way forward” is laughable at best and killing this community at worst.

To Be Continued….

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Time Warner Cable- The Twaddle /Spiel – Can you hear me NOW!!!

not commin
This morning, finds the letters I wrote to Mr. Glenn Britt CEO of Time Warner Cable and to the FCC on the Chronicle Telegram Website in an article on “OUR” TIME WARNER CABLE “ISSUES” BY LINE Evan Goddenow

Reynolds on Tuesday said he was unaware of any recent widespread area problems.

“That would lead me to believe that this is kind of a couple of instances at various houses,”

Image Source

And to that I say Mr. Reynolds in the terms of this ‘Brit” Absolute Rubbish – pure and unadulterated twaddle, waffle and poppycock-”

You , Mr. Reynolds of Time Warner of the Akron??? office obviously aren’t reading or listening or having any follow through ( once again may I add) with your customers! I expect more- Mr. Reynolds- after all you are in the “communications industry!

Let me remind you this is the same spiel you gave me and others in June 2011

During the course of the two weeks ( this happened twice I finally got to speak to a supervisor who said
“this is the first I am hearing of this problem”

EXCUSE ME!!! I have been tenacious to the point of annoying I have emailed, phoned written and chatted and apparently it is not getting back to the people in the organization who are actually concerned with fixing the problem. If this is the first they are hearing of this locally it isn’t because I didn’t try!

Here are the letters:To Glenn Britt CEO Time Warner and the FCC


Time Warner Cable
Corporate Office
60 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10023 December 17th, 2012


Dear Mr. Britt,

Re: Time Warner Cable – Lorain, Ohio and surrounding area

As you may recall, I wrote to you and your corporate offices in June of 2011. I had an issue with your poor service and the lack of follow through on the freezing/pixelating issues faced by those residents in this area who had the “digital box”. I wrote a post on my “thatwoman” blog at that time . The temporary fix whilst waiting for apparently the emergency maintenance of switches in the area, as told to me by your technicians, has apparently been unsuccessful. I would conclude 18 months of waiting is more than enough time to fix an emergency.

I have, for those 18 months put up with freezing and pixelating on most of the lower number channels, but your company is well aware of the problems so I will not regurgitate the complaints. I have enclosed my latest blog post.

You are losing customers ( see attached blog post), maybe this is of no concern but I for one am dismayed and angered that I am paying you faithfully since 1995 for a service that is only partially what I am supposed to be receiving. This is not acceptable, in my opinion; one of us is not living up to our contractual agreement – payment for services rendered.

I would hope, Time Warner Cable, will look closely at the issues in Lorain, Ohio and surrounding area and as a provider of a service , which is by no means inexpensive, address your technical problems and lack of customer service. I look forward to an early reply as to how you and Time Warner Cable are going to do to remedy this situation. I remain:

Yours sincerely

Loraine Ritchey – loyal customer and “that woman blog”

CC. Mayor C. Ritenauer- City of Lorain
P Riley- City of Lorain Law Director
J. Cordes – Lorain County Administrator
Federal Communications Commission -ENC

To The Federal Communications Commission

Attn. Complaints Cable Television Complaint

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554 December 17th2012

Dear Sir/ Madam,

RE: Complaints of longstanding Time Warner Cable Company- Lorain Ohio and vicinity

Please find enclosed my letter to CEO- Glenn Britt of Time Warner Cable Corporate Offices and a hard copy of my blog post on the subject. Please note there is the original post of June 2011 linked in the post enclosed with this letter.

Residents of the City of Lorain and surrounding areas have been putting up with partial (pixelating /freezing) service on their high definition boxes. We have been informed Time Warner Cable is fully aware of the problems but are ignoring the upgrades purposely. I would like to think this is not the case however, you can see by my personal experience I am still having the same difficulties with quality of service for nearly two years. I, unlike many, have decided to try and fix this issue and to hold Time Warner Cable accountable in upholding their end of our monthly agreement and contract to receive a quality service for a substantial fee.

I note on my bill ( see enclosures) the FCC also receives a monthly Regulatory Fee as part of my bill and also there is a matter of a Franchise Fee. Therefore; I would like your assistance to determine whether or not Time Warner Cable will be upgrading their service to this area, stopping the freezing and pixelating issues or stop charging for a service that is not satisfactory.

The City of Lorain and vicinity is not alone with these issues, I have searches on my blog every day from all over the United States with the same complaint. Obviously there is a huge problem that is effecting more than I and I would assume, they too, pay for the FCC Regulatory Fee on their bills. On behalf of all those frustrated and angry customers who are still with Time Warner Cable, I ask your assistance in rectifying this lack of service. I remain:

Yours sincerely
Loraine Ritchey
CC. Mayor Ritenauer- City of Lorain -J Cordes County Administrator- P Riley Law Director Lorain

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Time Warner -Pixelating/ Freezing- Glen Britt? Leaving in droves


Glenn Britt (2)

I have been patient- I really have – probably because I spend half my time in the life I have at the moment “pixelated and in another existence” -
IT TAKES A LOT to get me in to the real world anymore BUT TIME WARNER YOU HAVE MANAGED!!!!

This is not the first time I have written to Mr. Glen Britt Sigh!!!! ( I WROTE TO HIM 18 MONTHS AGO on this same matter) and to think he has at least a Brit in his name ( I would have expected more)

Mr. Britt has guided the growth and increased penetration of Time Warner Cable’s residential high-speed data product and has overseen the efforts of Road Runner Business Class, the company’s commercial broadband service. He has also championed the launch and growth of Time Warner Cable Digital Phone and development of new wireless products such as Road Runner Mobile.


18 MONTHS AGO I wrote of the problems experienced with my cable box – you know the one you PAY EXTRA FOR so I can get more channels and a better picture. This is how the post ended 18 months ago

I am pleased to say they have temporarily fixed my issue ( not altogether) whilst they are doing an emergency maintenance on “switches” for the area……. fingers crossed BUT Time Warner if you are listening

You need to better chain of command communication within your company and follow through……….
you see not everyone is as tenacious as I am they would just “leave”

SO WHAT you say -

I suggest you check the Google search for Time Warner Pixelating – you will find this little old blog is ranked No 5 in the search engine page -

Do you know why?

Because dozens of your customers all over the country hit this blog everyday to see what they can do for their freezing and pixelating problems!

My patience has worn thin with the temporary fix that STILL “pixelates and freezes’ And it seems from the email I received, so have others. In fact Time Warner I would say of the over hundred responses I got from your customers in this area – 90 percent of them are no longer your customers - read a sampling for yourself!


usually it was short but sometimes it would pixilate and freeze for almost two minutes at a time. I had the repair men out to the house THREE times. I was getting no satisfaction from anyone at T/W cable…
At first they made me feel like it was somehow my fault or that I was making it up. I tape recorded several programs with 3-4 examples of pixilation per half hour.
On the last of those occasions, the poor repair man – as frustrated as I was – admitted that the “higher ups” know about this problem but they aren’t doing anything about it. At that point I gave up. I told T/W to cancel my digital service

just got rid of them finally and I hope for good. I am now happily plugged in to a DSL and can live with the difference, the much lower price, and the better operation

My problem with Time Warner was that my DVR boxes wouldn’t work! I’d tape shows, the red light would be on that they are taping, but the POOF, nothing in the queue! You look at the history and it was always the same story, “set top could not save your recording”. Really? Nothing else was on there! If I was lucky, I would get one out of 10 shows to actually record. After NUMEROUS visits from technicians, and changing boxes SIX times, I finally fixed it! I fired Time Warner and now have Direct TV! For less than half of the cost and it hasn’t missed a recording yet! There are alternatives to Time Warner

Join the club. I just left them

womtearing hari out

I’m experiencing frequent problems with pixilation, even more than the freezing. The internet is also unreliable. It cuts out, then back on, out then back on. It wreaks having a wireless router. I’ll notice slowness on my laptop and then realize my internet had cut out again and my wireless on the computer had automatically dipped into my neighbor’s unsecured network. Then I have to reenter my password to get back into mine again. It’s annoying and I’m spending over $180/month for the phone, cable and internet. I’m actively pricing other options to dump TWC completely. I’m looking at CenturyTel combined with HULU+. It cannot continue.

I am so tired of receiving “dial-up” characteristics (freezing, delays, etc.)on my pc using this sub-standard internet service while paying cable-internet prices!

We wanted Time Warner to come into our building to supply cable TV for our tenants and us. Well, we spent 6 months trying to get that accomplished and never was successful. We kept getting run around. I even was so frustrated that I got ahold of corporate but was unsuccessful there too.They just referred me to the local office which was not helping us at all.
We finally gave up and went to direct TV. We didn’t want to, but Time Warner gave us no choice.
I think Time Warner has given up on Charleston Village area, seriously I really think they have. They are not upgrading anything and they are only fixing what they really have to.


We had repeated problems with the tv images breaking up-it was not on every channel-but many-like channel 4,19, 10 ,and so on. It seemed to be getting worse. I went to the office and they gave us a new box. They said it was pixaling (?). They said it was either outside or inside problems. The box really didn’t help. Some days it would be worse than others. Then this summer it began to be horrible-the images would just freeze and break up. But what never would freeze was their charges for Time Warner. And never was there an offer for credit for not getting what we were paying for. Finally we got a dish this week. Not only is the reception great the price dropped per month by almost 70 dollars. From over 100 dollars for lousy reception to about 40 dollars for better reception. We had just had it.

What really did it was Thanksgiving Day-we had company over for dinner and the football game on channel 4. We could not watch it-it just kept freezing. It was a huge disappointment. Also the call waiting times when there was a problem was long. Who has time to hold for 10 minutes on the phone. In this day of hi speed super technology this should just not happen. Thanks for writing about this. We just don’t like getting lousy service at a high cost. I feel we still should get a credit for partial service-only half the channels should cost half of the money or fix the problem.

Ok Time Warner this is just a sample of the frustration your lack of service is causing to those in Lorain Ohio and surrounding area .

As you can see you are losing customers and this little blog ( which is fairly well read) has today become a “marketing” piece for your competitors all through your own fault. LACK OF SERVICE BOTH CUSTOMER AND IN TECHNOLOGY.

For 18 months I have been paying for partial service and being frustrated and angered by you- I wonder what would happen if I tried paying my bill with only a “partial payment” – Well we know – YOU WOULD NOT ACCEPT THAT – SO WHY SHOULD WE !

Let us look at my bill- ( I did order Cinderella for my grandchildren – only it froze up so much I had to wait to see it with them at their house on the “DISH”.

City  of Lorain

Is the Franchise Fee of $5.50 per month paid to the City of Lorain ? Because apparently they can do nothing to make sure you are supplying their citizens with “good” service. Is this one area where their hands are tied? Or can local government intercede with the other government agencies- is there no one who assures us we get the service for which we contract?

Seemingly , Time Warner obviously doesn’t care to oversee themselves to give their PAYING CUSTOMERS 100 PERCENT SERVICE FOR THE FEES THEY PAY. AND DOESN’T CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION WORK BOTH WAYS- I HAVE A CONTRACT WITH YOU – don’t I? It seems to me I am living up to my end of the contract but you Time Warner are falling short on your end month after month.

Who can one turn to?

Well I am also paying a fee to the FCC-

so I will send them a copy of this post and a letter because I am told

Contact the FCC online, by mail, fax or phone, if the cable company is unable or unwilling to resolve your complaint. The FCC will contact the cable company on your behalf and require a response within 30 days

How about I file a complaint with


File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

This non-profit organization will help investigate your problem, and your complaint will stay on record as a warning to others considering using the cable company

and finally that fee- Franchise Fee is that anything to do with the Local Franchise Authority because I sure am going to complain to them especially if they are getting $5.50 cents a month from me!

Yes! I am going to do that – and more – I have a lot of time on my hands because I can’t watch television………….

Pixelating Glenn

All you had to do , Time Warner and Mr. Glenn Britt, is provide the service promised for which I am paying you monthly in good faith . However we have been told YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THE PROBLEMS AND YOU DON’T GIVE A DAMN! THAT TRUE?

You haven’t proved to me that you give a damn!- YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS AND CREDIBILITY THROUGH YOUR OWN LACK OF SERVICE! And remember Mr. Britt the best advertising is “word of mouth” but it can also cause the opposite effect!

You need to step up and give those loyal customers ( 1995) the service for which they are paying you or stop charging us …. I will be only too happy to post your thoughts on this blog.

I too, could leave but where is the fun in that someone has to try and hold you accountable!
timw me

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Trash to the “treasure(y)”- “Time to Pay for your Garbage”

Another Update just from this morning _ although one of these sites was reported to the Health Dept three weeks ago- and those who are having a problem with 100 percent trash pick-up need to live next door to these homes of Lorain

more dumping

more garbage

trash dump



Back in the day- 2001-02 – one of the main problems that was identified in the Welcome to OZ visioning, held at the Palace theatre by the then “Mainstreet Lorain ” – now Lorain Growth Corp., was the need for 100 percent trash pickup by the City of Lorain.

” Oh! but we have 100 percent trash pick up !

you cry-

Yes! BUT only if someone acts responsibly, either the property owner or the tenant of a property, and PAYS THE BILL.

Census stats=
Houses/ dwellings = 26,126
Owner occupied = 14,973
Renter occupied = 11,153


trash lorain (2)

The garbage pictured in front of 1763 Oakdale ( that had been there for weeks according to the 2nd Ward Councilman Flores) belongs to ( according to the Lorain County Auditor’s site Jerrod M Biebrick- Also according to the Auditor’s site- Mr. Biebrick under that name owns a further 30 properties.

and since 2001 02 when the newly formed citizens group ” Lorain Litter Council” talked to the City of Lorain with the Craig Foltin Administration and in particular Safety/ Service Director Craig Miller a “plan” was devised in order to implement 100 percent trash pick up compliance.

Months of hard work, researching , gathering a committee ( including one of Lorain’s “most influential landlords” Kent Sutton, ( he was one of the naysayers I seem to remember :)

The citizens committee spent weeks crossing t’s and dotting i’s . The City Administration was on board ( or so we were told ;) , City Council was on board , BFI was on board, the Utilities Dept ( through whom it was decided all billing should come) were ready to implement “true” 100 percent pick-up


What happened that it took a further 10 years? I can tell you, in my experience of the matter and in my considered opinion , landlords became vocal in their objections. You see, the rental business is one of the largest “businesses in Lorain” ( the average rent being around 600 dollars according to the stats). The landlords apparently called Foltin , who was going to be running for re-election, on the carpet and IT QUIETLY DIED A DEATH!

Now some of those landlords have an even bigger stake – the infamous ( in my humble opinion) George Schneider and Co have more than quadrupled their property portfolio in those ensuing years:

Under the name George Schneider alone we now have listed 169 properties— up from those 37 listed just 4 years ago. I couldn’t begin to count or who even knows under other LLC or partnerships such as Red’s mentioned here


You can read part one of the series on Mega Landlords of Lorain here
Do you think those conglomerate property owners will be pleased that the “garbage will now be billed to the property owner”? …… I think “some” will be squealing like a stuck pig!!!

Do you think the landlord that drives his truck to his rentals in Lorain picking up the garbage and then “dumping it” in the woods is going to be happy? I think not!

In fact if you read some of the comments calling this current administration anything from inept to communists under the Morning Journal article on Friday December 7th
Trash Bills to Change by Rick Payerchin

I think some are already squealing :)

For those of us that pay our garbage bill , hopefully we will no longer have the issue of renters who don’t pay theirs and whose landlords don’t pay either. Can it be we will no longer having to put up with them piling it into the outbuildings and garages till the stench in the summer drives you indoors and closed windows or having them “sneak their trash in amongst yours on collection day! Oh yes! that happens. Ironically one of our industrious neighbors took their garbage down to Kent Sutton’s apartments and used his dumpster for weeks.

paid in full

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December 3rd- The Trilogy of Tears- Christopher Ritchey


When the body sinks into death, the essence of man is revealed.
Man is a knot, a web, a mesh into which relationships are tied.
Only those relationships matter…………” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

gavin advent

December 3rd- my day of infamy- children will be opening their 3rd little box on their Advent Calendar, mothers and fathers, sisters, cousins and friends will take this Monday morning to do their errands, run to the bank, go to work, come home from work, buy presents , send parcels of cakes and cookies to loved ones or celebrate a birthday. Life will happen, it will move and flow and for some it will stop.


I will see your face again as you were taken from us. I will shed the hot tears that burn . I will remember this day as the day when hope and laughter died.

As a little boy helped his mummy trim the tree, I remembered other trees another little boy- and the ghosts of Christmases past and December 3rd.

Nikki, will once again mail the check for your scholarship for Cleveland Institute of Art this December 3rd.

12-28-2010 “Who I Am”- Chris Ritchey CIA

Your dad will walk in the woods( where you so loved to ride your four wheeler) with your nephew and a new little “shadow”.


He will watch the antics of life and fun and remember those times of your laughter and life he shared with you and your Misty.


Nana, will try to keep busy cooking cakes whilst taking furtive glances to see if I am still “upright”. I will try to find a place in this world of chaos where I can once again see your smile and hear your voice.

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can’t let you slide through my hands

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, couldn’t drag me away

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away

I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don’t have much time
Faith has been broken, tears have been cried
Let’s do some living “after” we die

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away

Wild horses we will ride them someday
Wild horses, wild horses

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The DNA – The normalcy of those that have lost- A study in “kind” –

Artwork Source- Chris Ritchey BFA

It has been one of those weeks- the more that normal life situations have been part of my day – the worse my grief. I know that will only make sense to some who walk my path.

Losing Chris , the trauma of day after day of watching him have his world crushed and the riding the wave of hope, the days and nights of watching him fade and fight and standing by helpless are burned into my brain and my heart.

I am inadequate to deal with “normal” – I long to escape the pain, the images that swirl in my brain waking and sleeping , the cruelty of cancer

and the cruelty of people

have taken such a toll. I don’t know who I am anymore so as once again I pace the house and watch the sunrise on another day of “trying to cope” – the normal……..

There was a study sent to me by one who walks my way- click on the jpg to enlarge and you can find the full PDF file here Article from Psych Medicine


And this morning another study along the lines of one that had also been sent to me a few weeks ago:

Why having a son puts a woman in a new frame of mind: DNA can pass into body from foetus before reaching brain
Cells pass into mother’s body before making it to brain
Male DNA may linger there for decades, scientists say
Study in journal by cancer research centre in Seattle


Hard- Graphics Design – Chris Ritchey

You see we try, those that have lost , those that have endured the daily torture of watching our children and their life slowly leaving them.

We try, we look for reasons why we aren’t

” moving on- getting on with life “

We try to find reasons why we see the sunrise and our children don’t.

We try not to make others uncomfortable in our presence.

We try to “be”- and we reach out to one another to find the kinship of those that understand, those that know the language of grief of losing your child minute by excruciating minute for weeks on end.

And as much as we try – we still walk the nights, dread the days and TRY our damnedest make it through another day. That is our “normal” AND IT IS SO BLOODY HARD

From the Center for Loss and Trauma
Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

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The Family Dollar- Design by Design – not Desperation -Lorain

In 1985 (revised in 1989) Preservation in Lorain Design Guidelines were introduced and amended in 2012 See PDF file here
Preservation in Lorain (Guidelines)

In 1987 the codefied ordinance see PDF file here
Chapter 1185 Codified was established the Design review Board> its purpose:

1185.02 PURPOSE.
Council, being mindful of the proud history of this community, the importance of beauty in the everyday lives of our citizens and the need to further efforts to provide for sound community and economic development, hereby declare as a matter of public policy that the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and overall aesthetic improvements of our community are matters of public necessity involving the health, safety, prosperity and welfare of the people. The purpose of this chapter is to:
(a) Contribute to the economic, recreational, cultural and educational development of the City by:
(1) Stabilizing and improving property values;
(2) Stimulating business and attracting industry by providing a sound economic climate;
(3) Protecting and enhancing attractions to residents, tourists and visitors;
(4) Improving the quality of life by enhancing the visual and aesthetic character,diversity and interest of the City;

(5) Fostering civic pride in the beauty and notable accomplishments of the past; and
(6) Promoting the use and preservation of prehistoric and historic locations, architecturally significant structures and other notable objects, archaeological and historic sites for the education, enrichment and general welfare of the people of the City of Lorain, County of Lorain, and the State of Ohio.
(b) Provide for the establishment of procedures whereby certain areas, structures, objects and works of art of prehistoric, historic, architectural or cultural importance to the community shall be safeguarded and allowed that measure of protection afforded by a thorough study of alternatives to incompatible alternatives or demolition before such acts
are performed.
(c) Maintain and enhance the distinctive character of preservation districts by safeguarding the architectural integrity of the various period structures within them, and to prevent intrusions and alterations within the districts that would be incompatible with the established character.
(Ord. 34-87. Passed 3-2-87.

Yesterday I was fortunate to see the process in action .
Morning Journal report: Rick Payerchin

Family dollar had come before the Design Review Board with a building design, which in and of itself had it “stood alone” was a very nice rectangular block structure as rectangular flat-roofed block structures go.

Note: this was the previous design , it had been “tweaked with some false windows etc. for yesterday’s meeting

However we, in Lorain, need to stop piece mealing our construction and rehabilitation. In my opinion, we need to adhere to the purpose set out a quarter of a century ago by the city and personally, I believe, the need of comprehensive design needs to be city-wide. .

Charleston Village Society ( of which I am co -chair) Black River Historical Society, Lorain Growth Corporation , the City, the Downtown Consortium – the Port Authority, The Palace, merchants and residents in and around this Lorain’s oldest and historic neighborhood are trying and have been trying to “have an identity” -a place of destination where the ambiance is other than rectangular brick blocks; whose designs are designated by “business structural plans and needs” first and foremost and dressing up the outside to fit the inside .

As I stood before the microphone yesterday, as I have many times over the years, trying to impart the history of Lorain, her founders and how significant it is to this area and could be with the right marketing – I hoped they could see what I see beneath the years of neglect.

Lorain’s oldest continuous green space , deeded to the city in 1812 as a park has on all sides bar one – (the one area the Family Dollar Company wished to build )- buildings of national, state and county historical importance .

Lorain’s now named Veterans Park has to the south a building on the National Historic Register Lorain No 1 Fire Station

an absolutely beautiful church that any founding father would point to with pride ,

Photo source Renee Dore

to the west, also a National Historic Register property The Antlers ,

Photo source Dan Brady

and the Masonic Temple .

to the North , what is now the Frey Funeral Home- the home of George Wickens – whose historical worthiness is well-known to Lorain and Lorain County.

And whose name is in tribute to the street Wickens Place along whose curb side Family Dollar wishes to build.

These properties have over the years been the subject of art classes ( as evidenced here,

subjects of pride, photos and post cards. Alongside of these buildings as they look onto what is probably the oldest continuous green space in the county are other landmark status homes and buildings.

After the meeting I corralled ( no other word for it) one of the gentleman from the Family Dollar group attending the meeting. We walked across the road into Veterans Park . The gentleman had asked me

“well what kind of a building do you want”

– I stated

one that in 50 years time could also be a candidate for the National Historical Register.

As I walked through the park ( a note to city and to self we need to do some maintenance once again) and the gentleman video taped the south view, the north, and the west – I saw some respect for those views and I got the impression no one had really “walked the area” to SEE . Yes, Famly Dollar folks had tried to fit into a footprint and a business design plan, to make their building acceptable but they really didn’t, I believe, look across the space to SEE how they would impact the rest of the square just how could they fit in on that particular piece of property. And that is the problem “tunnel vision” – and that problem with vision has plagued Lorain over the last few decades.

Too many times in the past, desperate as we are for employment ( note the gentleman mentioned the design for the building is to accommodate 2.8 employees ) desperate for taxes and people- desperation should not be part of design. I am glad , in this instance, and I hope in future instances , especially in the oldest and historic part of Lorain a comprehensive “design plan’ based upon

“Improving the quality of life by enhancing the visual and aesthetic character,diversity and interest of the City”

and not desperation! as THE deciding factor.

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If you want to fix and cover up something – then you “own it”- John Sinclair and Anglemoss


It is with great pleasure that i inform you all that Today the 2nd of October 2012 that a press release was given out by Pannone Solicitors.

This press release refers to the action to be taken against Derek Sawyer former Labour leader of the Islington Borough Council, and the former Chairman of the London Regional Courts Boards as well as chairman for Catch 22 and other organisations.
Derek Sawyer is being held accountable for his knowledge and cover up of the abuse of children in India.

We as former Victims of Derek Slade whom Sawyer assisted through the years to abuse children here in the UK and abroad and also helped cover up the Islington Child Abuse cases within Islingtons council run childrens homes are pleased that this vile man is finally being held accountable for his knowledge of the crimes that Derek Slade did.

Finborough School- the marketing movie:

But the continuation of the denials, perpetually ignoring the pupils and what your school and its staff (either past or present) did to us shows you don’t adhere to the words of the school’s principles and shows a complete and utter lack of integrity. You can put a new name one it (like lipstick on a pig), sure call it Finborough School as you have for so very long. But until its past is owned, you’ll never truly move forward.

Workhouse Children- Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote”

“how I could have been so easily cast away at such an age”

The most famous social critic of his time pointed out the plight of the child in that age – the child who was without benefit of societal protection. How many of us have been touched by the urchin faces of Dickens’ illustrations over the centuries?

The infamous villains whose names alone conjured up evil and greed
Sikes, Quilp, Creakle, Scrooge and Squeers- but were Dickens alive today how he would have told the tale of SLADE and portrayed the children not of the 1800′s but of the 1980″ and beyond – children whose lives were forever changed

Their innocence torn from them , their expectations crippled because of perversion , cruelty, greed and enabling of acts so outrageous upon a child it sickens one and yet it took 30 years for the children to finally be heard.

Derek Slade was finally brought to court for his vile nature two years ago this month his case made national headlines in the UK :

Pervert boarding school headmaster jailed for 21 years for abusing pupils

Slade’s victims had ‘lost days of childhood innocence’, been left with feelings of inadequacy, blame and worthlessness and become men whose ‘lives were seriously damaged’.
A jury found Slade, of Staffordshire, guilty of sexually assaulting and beating 12 boys aged between eight and 13 between 1978 and 1983 following a four-week trial at Ipswich Crown Court.

Jurors heard that Slade, who has no teaching qualifications, ran St George’s private school,
but what of the others who were part of St. George’s School – justice???

Some of the teachers have left the country, others committed suicide. Two are serving prison sentences ……..

One name seems to be in the forefront in all the documentation at the time :

John Sinclair-

His name appears on the letterhead along with the “Slade”

he appears in the newspaper article ( from which the photos were cropped of the children in 1978) ”

and the financial backing of Mr. John Sinclair

( noted as the ADMISSIONS OFFICER)

Mr. Sinclair seems to have had a “hands on approach”

and has run foul of the law for having a hands on-

A SUFFOLK public school principal found guilty of beating a dog walker with his hiking stick is unlikely to lose his job, it emerged today.

John Sinclair, owner and principal of the independent Finborough School, was ordered yesterday to pay a fine, compensation and prosecution costs totalling £900.

Sinclair, 55, of The Coach House, Great Finborough near Stowmarket,

The Coach House- home of John Sinclair until 2003

had denied, but was found guilty of assault by beating on September 24 last year after hitting a fellow dog walker after their dogs clashed.
Mr. Sinclair and his family are still heavily involved in the NOW Finborough School- Note the name change from St. George’s Finborough to THE Finborough School-

St George’s School 1980

BUT the building where so much childhood terror and perversion took place is still welcoming pupils. One has to wonder does not Mr. Sinclair ever hear the cries of the children as abuse was heaped upon their little bodies echoing through the rooms that held such torment for those young boys. A building that was once a workhouse in its past now also holds the history of depravity.

Finborough Now

His own children are part of the NOW “Finsborough family”
Sweeping green lawns , photos in local papers and the net proclaiming its worthiness to educate the young – the whole building is “dressed “ the school marketed professionally- but there is a disease of perversion that perfumes the atmosphere of those not so hallowed halls that needs to be eradicated – its history will continue to haunt – no matter how they dress it up -

The new heraldry cannot “shield” the past – the schools and the people are linked no matter what Wikipedia etc state- as evidenced here

You can read the account of one of the school’s children here

Another pupil of the “Children of Slade”, himself one of England’s warriors stated:

If you want to fix and cover up something – then you OWN IT”

You can read about the ongoing fight for justice and recognition of their past here:
Who Could Be Worse Than The Roman Catholic Church? A Company called Anglemoss Ltd!!-Finborough School-a Company called Anglemoss Ltd.
There is also a face book page set up

Free Speech artwork – Christopher Ritchey

TW NOTE: So why does a woman in Ohio care? Apart from the obvious disgust that this happened and the pain caused to children- my mother and her family are from Ipswich- I have happy memories of Suffolk, picnics laughter cousins , aunts and uncles – wonderful memories unlike the children of Slade .

My immediate family is still part of the Suffolk community, they do business, document daily lives for readers, document our own history, their children and grandchildren are part of the fabric that is England. The names of the places , the buildings all too familiar… this disgrace is part of that fabic.

The parents of children now attending this school should be asking the hard questions and demanding the children of St George’s be recognised – A St George’s School by any other name( The Finborough School) is still St. Georges The children who lost themselves at the hands of abuse, who toiled, wept , who received no recognition of their pain in those very rooms of the now Finborough School where their children walk – are still waiting

As readers of this blog know “it is all about “accountability” All too often scum rises to the top of the pond in this world – it is time for the voices of those children reaching out across the miles, and years to now be heard! You see I believe if you “IGNORE the abuse of children – you OWN it too!”

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