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Morning Stillness- the Pond Life – continues

The sun was just coming up this morning when I decided to take my coffee out to the garden pond. The back garden ( yard for the Americans) has been somewhat torn up of late. It all started with the back door stairs needing to be replaced and as usual with this house one thing led to another since things usually turn into a building site around here with “projects” why not re-do the ponds ?
Shadow was definitely not sure of the plans.
shadow sure
In fact Shadow was not the only resident of the garden leery as to what was happening . There seemed a lot of interest as to what these humans were up to:bird

The top pond had “settled” badly and needed leveling and a continuation of the rock wall and an upper flower bed installed.


How I miss the Willow tree. The silver lining is I might be able to have the water lilies and blooms, they never grew in the deep shade of the Willow.
The building was and is slow- not as young as we were and ill-health and life getting in the way makes the project slower than I would like. BUT it is happening. The dry stone rockery is 75 percent done .
the building last week were here in the project.
Shadow discussing the situation with another resident bird- and well those two toads – what can I say? It is spring after all!!!
the project

Yesterday was another trip to Pandys, for pond supplies and flowers- some have been planted and this morning the area was at least nice enough for that morning cup of coffee and to feed the fish before the other residents of the house were awake.

I was not alone however, two Morning Doves were enjoying a stimulating activity – I surmise there will be offspring soon, two Blue Jays were following suit and a Cardinal was definitely intent on some morning love as he chased his mate across the garden skies. Squirrels chattered and nattered at me for intruding on their morning drinking time.
Ghost koi
In the meantime my Ghost Koi oblivious to the changes in the garden , continued to graze at the edges of the bottom pond indifferent to the hullabaloo of the gold-fish as they rushed around in a frenzy after the fish pellets. He reminded me of a dirigible of the water as he slides through the water at peace whilst all around him is chaos. Oh! to be a Ghost- Koi!!! in the pond

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Eric Barnes’ Heroes Walk- Lorain County Beautiful

Logo - Chris Ritchey

Logo – Chris Ritchey

ED NOTE: Charleston Village Society
received the notification a few days ago , Eric Barnes’ Heroes Walk, received a nomination for the 2014 Award. Since we were required to send in information about the project and since our “defense” of the property caused such “blathering” recently,
I thought it would be a good time to share our response to the Awards Committee. We may not win but the people who have given so much are most certainly winners already!


ERIC BARNES’ HEROES WALK – Lorain County Beautiful 2014

A small pathway was originally planned as a way to connect the area known as Settlers’ Watch, 2nd Street and Oberlin Ave. to the area where Charleston Village Society Inc. had recently completed The Admiral King Tribute Site, 1st Street and Hamilton Ave. . The area of brush and trees in between the two sites had become a dumping ground for all manner of trash, garbage and undesirable activities within this Lorain’s oldest neighborhood. It took 25 loads of 5 ton dump trucks to clear what is now the area known as Eric Barnes’ Heroes Walk.

At the same moment in time as this clearance was happening, Lorain City Council was looking to honor Eric Barnes, who had been killed in action in Iraq. Councilman Dan Given asked if Charleston Village Society (CVSI) could do something in his honor. Since we already had the Eric Barnes Eagle tree carving at Settler’s Watch pathwaSWAK

and the Admiral King Tribute site on the opposite side of the block of land we proposed a linking of the sites honoring two heroes, Eric Barnes and Fleet Admiral Ernest J King. eagle  and AK

What started off as a simple walkway then grew as more information on Lorain’s lost heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan was researched. The walk became a huge project and is being done in three phases. The initial phase laid out the gardens of tribute for all the young men (to date) who were killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, who were also born in Lorain.

As you walk along the pathway, you will see signage depicting the personal information for each hero- a bench where one can sit and enjoy the views of Lake Erie, their own garden space and piece of individualized art work. Each of the heroes’ families were contacted as to what they would like to see the signage , which was designed by volunteers and paid for with donations from the community , as to the verbiage and which spot along the walk they would like for their sons or brothers as well as any favorite plants .
LPD Honor Gurad

CVSI raised the money for the signs, plants, art work and expenses encountered through donations to our 501C3 s. The community also donated plants, trees and labor. Two of the benches, are from the now demolished Lorain Admiral King High School. The benches donated by class member were repurposed and were placed in the tribute spaces of the two Lorain City Schools graduates, Marine Lance Corporal David Hall and Army 1st Sgt. Bruce Horner. The other benches for Marine Lance Corporal Ryan Giese and Army Sgt. Louis Torres are also made of recycled material.

CVSI, as with the Settlers’ Watch site which is 95% repurposed and recycled material, including the trees and the mulch and the Admiral King Tribute Site which is also 100% repurposed and recycled ( apart from the flags which fly on the ship’s mast flag pole), has focused on recycling and repurposing for Eric Barnes’ Heroes Walk .

All the lighting is “solar” and the pathway itself is being covered with recycled concrete, when we can acquire it, this also fits the requirement for the Americans with Disabilities recommendations. Phase Two was completed this past spring.

As we continue with Phase Three of the project, the community will find the United States Marine Corps. Monument being placed and a flag pole. The site has been prepared for that aspect of the walk thanks to the City of Lorain who actually own the property. The tree carvings from the tree lawn on 2nd Street will also be re-positioned along the walkway as they are being refurbished and the wood stabilized.

Every day there are volunteers weeding, planting and watering the site. The site is ongoing and growing with something different every day, every week

We have received in kind donations of lighted bollards, (yet to be placed) more trees and plants as the site grows. 100% of every monetary donation goes toward the site. However it is the labor and in kind donations from the community, as a whole, which make this honor for our heroes even possible.


Eric Barnes’ Heroes Walk which started as a simple “pathway” has now become a place of tranquility , reflection and beauty , a place honoring Lorain’s young men who gave their all in this most recent of wars. The gardens along the winding path, once a place for dumping trash, are now places of pride within the neighborhood. Every summer evening will find people walking, children playing on the green spaces neighbors enjoying the cooling breezes. There is once again a sense of community, as noted on the 4th of July , as families gathered respectfully to watch the 4th of July fireworks and the freedom they represent- earned at the ultimate price to pay by the young men honored along the walk of heroes . This special place is reminder to all who now enjoy the sights , sounds , the fragrance of blossoms of our freedom every day and a pride has returned in this Lorain’s oldest and much abused over the decades , neighborhood.

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HypNOTic Regression – the Session- Pt 2

The diagnostic box- self- portrait  Chris Ritchey

The diagnostic box- self- portrait Chris Ritchey

Part One

The therapist did her utmost to relax me- the room was large – open and airy – sunlight filtered in . A warning to my daughter not to get too relaxed herself as we went through the process

There had been a discussion, rather lengthy, as to what role “imagination” plays in the past life regression “happenings’ . This was very similar to what is written in the blog Eric J Christopher

Imagination is the gateway to the soul.” This is true for past life regression. Your imagination launches this inner journey. The past life information then starts coming to you slowly and feels like you’re making it up. However, research shows that it may be an actual past life, a metaphor, or a mixture of both. To the degree that you focus on whatever impressions your intuitive guidance shows you without analytical mind commentary, is to the degree that you’ll move deeper into the experience

I was directed to a large comfortable chair with large ottoman. I was extremely at ease , comfortable and very willing. I did what I was instructed to do with my breathing and felt totally relaxed – my arms felt a little heavy and there was a little tingling.

I could hear everything, I could feel the sunshine on my face from the windows. BUT there was an issue, for me at least. Not having had any experience with this sort of thing, I listened to the therapists voice, which was pleasant but as she took me down the “path” through the gateway – that was fine but she then took me to a meadow filled with flowers. Of course, what popped into my brain was the Wizard of OZ, Dorothy and the fields of poppies .
poppies housegro
Poppy Field ( near Gayton UK- 2014) Photo Molly Housego
We then went up a mountain path , and although probably quite spiritual and relaxing to the therapist I was thinking – I don’t want to do this climbing the mountain- it is hard work climbing a mountain , I would get all hot and sweaty and not something I particularly would want to do.

She then tried various other situations, going down stone steps, getting on an old train , describing the train. My “imagination” was filling in the blanks re the train- she obviously hadn’t been on British rail and was describing something from the Wild, Wild West show-

That brought in visions of the old tv show, so my relaxation became less relaxed as my conscious brain was wondering what ever happened to the actor Robert Conrad

“This” went on for quite a while trying to get me to relax, actually ” this” had the opposite effect – it was taking me “out of the relaxed state” .
Finally, after an attempt of describing what was happening on a “big television screen” – for me segued into the old movie the Quatermass and The Pit and the jumping Martians scene being viewed from the brain of one of the characters.

As I said this way of getting me to go deeper was having just the opposite effect. I stopped the session and said – this really isn’t working for me-

but as I opened my eyes, her face was genuinely crest fallen and I felt badly for her .

Maybe it was my fault ? Was I subconsciously fighting her?

No! the more I thought about it then and indeed now I truly believe I was already in a state where I could be regressed, at least as far back as my childhood, her descriptive speeches in trying to get me to a place where I believe I was already only this was not being recognized and the “leading” me had the effect of bringing me OUT of that state.

After another little bit of walking some more and into a cave- I felt sorry for the therapist. I felt I was being a tad bit obstreperous, so when we went into a cave and in darkness- I was told there was a plinth and asked what was on the plinth -I remember thinking OK let me go with this scenario – I said:

There was a silver chalice on the plinth-

What was in the chalice?-

red wine

What was I a man or a woman– I said

a woman by my hands and forearms

( but then again I could’ve been a young thin male- when you think about it) but I said

woman – I was in a robe ( dark, with long flowing sleeves, a heavy material)

Asked to describe my surroundings, I said

the background behind the chalice was in flames.

I was then asked to pick up the chalice and take it down a corridor, describing the corridor , the door I was entering , what was the room like I was entering ( I have been in too many old castles, me thinks, because I believe I pictured rooms I had seen in this life.

I know I didn’t really want to continue this ” story line” so I consciously had it had it vanish into light.

Next stop was supposedly the 17th century but I ended up in the 19th century – describing a London Cabby circa 1890 –

I know my I was thinking consciously of my grandmother and the tale of her father and mother being taken out for the evening via the Hansome Cabs-

– and so the tale of waiting outside the Covenant Garden Opera house, in the cold and wet , even to what I was wearing , the steam rising in the dank night air from the horses nostrils and my happy chubby wife at home . I filled in all sorts of details as to this chap- from being a war veteran with a bad leg , the coarseness of his coat but you see I rather think it was my conscious imagination because the detail I got wrong was –I was sitting up front and we know ( at least I do now) having done a little research the cabbie sat at the back 🙂

So surely , if I had been that cabby I would have known that fact the cabby – sat at the back. I truly felt I was making this up as I went along- ironically because I felt bad for the therapist. She woke me up but I was already awake- I let her go through the rest of the sequence for her sake .

I have to say, I felt rather guilty, because she was sure we had reached a bit of a breakthrough. I listened as she explained certain conclusions. Thanked her and left-

Assignment - Chris Ritchey-CIA

Assignment – Chris Ritchey-CIA

My conclusion : I was part way into the trance, maybe a different technique other than the one this therapist used may have helped me go deeper and find some answers. I felt if the focus had been on me and my life when I was initially so relaxed instead of journeys up mountain, on trains and into caves things may have ended differently.

I am a storyteller at heart and when I have an audience I will “tell the story” even if I am the one paying the “admission price” . BUT then again :

The past life information then starts coming to you slowly and feels like you’re making it up. However, research shows that it may be an actual past life, a metaphor, or a mixture of both. Eric J. Christopher

I believe the incidents I describe were out of my fertile imagination or too much television in my youth and not remembrances.

However, that being said I wouldn’t poohoo the practice – this particular session didn’t work for me and honestly I don’t have the money to “explore” further as I said it doesn’t come cheap. But should the opportunity arise as well as cash I would delve into it a little more deeply. Until that happens I will chalk it up to an interesting experience and read up on self-hypnosis !

Note: I have purposely not given the therapists name – I still do not have enough information to draw any conclusions as to her abilities- What I do know is that she was the only one willing to be witnessed and that says a lot.

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Kinks – On being a hyphenated – American part three


Back to the series of an immigrant trying to immerse herself in America and the “American” way of life in Lorain, Ohio
after I was so rudely interrupted by “topical news” of Judges, taxpayers
and Point of Sale, Lorain.

Lorain – How did I end up here? The bus broke down as mentioned in part two.

My young husband never one ( at that time) to let the grass grow under his feet whilst waiting for a replacement bus looked up electronic establishments, called one , got an immediate interview and thus we became Lorainites.

My  Dad and I happier times

My Dad and I happier times

And I tried, so help me I tried, to immerse myself as my father had suggested into the American Way of life and style. However, that was more difficult than he ever imagined it would be . You see I came into a hyphenated community .
Apparently in Lorain you were Italian- American, Afro -American, Native-American- Irish -American , Polish American, Dutch- American, Scottish – American, Hungarian- American, German- American , French -American, Croation- American, well you get the picture! Lorain, celebrates her hyphenated diversity with a large “ethnic festival” attended by thousands. Lorain will be celebrating this week the Polish Community poland

Rarely does Lorain celebrate being American, Oh! Veterans Day, Memorial Day , they come together as Americans after disaster strikes- our fighting men and woman are classified as American – no hyphenation then and this week during the USA world Cup we are the “Americans” . But the diversity of the team is discussed by the USA ” newscasters, “he is part Cherokee” .

You can see my dilemma, as when I took my
American citizenship test (that is correct you are tested, at least you were)I was specifically told by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization

“there is no such thing as a “hyphenated American” you are now a citizen of the United Sates of America !

, how could I become solely American as required by my father and the US government when the Americans in the community were hyphenated? What exactly does it mean to be

Which group should I go with , the Italians, the French, the Irish, the Germans, errrr no that would have been too much to ask of an ex pat Englishman/woman. Funnily enough I didn’t find any hyphenated “English- Americans” or British -Americans.
raising of te grand union flag

I suppose a little war in 1776 didn’t make being “British” too popular- maybe we “English” felt more comfortable being low-key and becoming non- hyphenated Americans . All I know is I couldn’t find any hyphenated “English – American” closest was the Canadian Legion but they were mainly, Irish Welsh and Scottish at the time. I was at sea.

I have never been one for organized religion but in strange country and city where every one was hyphenated I looked for a familiar church- I was Church of England – or an Anglican – in fact I was brought up as Low Church on my mother’s side .

Low church is a term of distinction in the Church of England or other Anglican churches initially designed to be pejorative (derogatory). During the series of doctrinal and ecclesiastic challenges to the established church in the 17th century, commentators and others—who favoured the theology, worship, and hierarchical structure of Anglicanism (such as the episcopate) as the true form of Christianity— began referring to that outlook (and the related practices) as ‘high church’. In contrast, by the early 18th century those theologians and politicians who sought more reform in the English church and a greater liberalisation of church structure were called “low church”. “Low church”, in an Anglican context, denotes the church’s simplicity or Protestant emphasis, and “high church” denotes an emphasis on ritual or Anglo-Catholicism.

For the life of me I couldn’t find even a “C of E” anywhere. The someone suggested that I need to look into the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer –Episcopal what ever was that?

I had heard of Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian etc. in my native land but Episcopal, no can’t say I ever heard of it. But there was probably a reason for that

photo Dan Brady

photo Dan Brady

Episcopal Church- USA
The church was organized after the American Revolution, when it separated from the Church of England whose clergy are required to swear allegiance to the British monarch as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and became the first Anglican Province outside the British Isles

So here was I – without a non hyphenated culture in which to immerse myself, and even a church that was “missing”. What was a young immigrant to do ?

to be continued

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Pride Day- Lorain? Settlers’ Watch CVSI

Update: Thanks to Charleston Village volunteer Juan Perez – the sign( made by one of the -now deceased- residents) that had to be removed from the 5th street triangle due to the road and utilities work- is back. Juan will be painting the newly installed sign and planting soon. Thank you ( a story will be following ) on the sign. We take pride in our villagers


Pride Day apparently was this year’s Elyria Pride Day as per the Morning Journal headline

Volunteers bring their best to Elyria Pride Day

Interesting that – considering ( if the MJ remembered their own history) the Morning Journal was the main instigator of Pride Day Lorain in 1994 started after South Lorain held their own clean up day . The MJ thought it was a great idea and ran with it , organized it and sponsored it.
IT then morphed to take in the county .

However no matter how you cut it it is a good thing to carry on in fact Pride In Lorain started in the long ago with George Wickens
I would like to think his background had something to do with the fact he “noticed things and did something about them”- Pride Day back in the Day- attributable to George Wickens

“If the suggestions of the board of trade are carried out, Lorain will have regular days set apart each fall and spring as holiday clean-up days. Health Officer Hug, at the meeting last night spoke of the necessity of such a move. “To those who have occasion to pass the alleys and back yards about the city it becomes at once apparent that the conditions are decidedly unsanitary, unsightly and very offensive to aesthetic natures.

AH the precursor of Lorain Pride Day!!!!

Pride Day Lorain brought with it another “English connection ( besides me) the damnable weather . As I met with the volunteers at Settlers’ Watch it “bloody rained and rained and rained”. Now if we stopped for the rain in the British Isles NOTHING would ever get done- even though this weekend they are experiencing tropical weather sans rains.

The hardy group of volunteers – who are now bearing the dubious title of honorary Englishman for braving natures watery onslaught:

The volunteers from Lorain Rotary, The Eric Barnes family and friends, City workers ( Utilities) ( volunteers off the city clock)) Charleston Village board members, volunteers and the City of Lorain who picked up the bags of trash and provided mulch, the county who supplied equipment.

Thanks to those people and the two mallard ducks that delighted in the puddles we “got it done” – well as far as we could- some planting needs to happen just too wet – The Admiral King Tribute Site will need the marigolds along the borders, The flags will be put out along Eric Barnes Heroes Walk and the Admiral King ship’s mast will fly the colors by Memorial Day . The pictures said it all.
Settlers Watch Lorain Pride Day 2014

The rain did not deter Lorain Rotarians


It was like water off a duck’s back!

ducks back

as those water warriors plowed on- cutting , weeding mulching, cleaning

honoring Lorain and this her oldest neighborhood and the young men who died for her and home.

Finally the sun did come out and here is the result of the efforts of those that “braved a little Scottish Mist” and Lorain once again has lilacs and roses


ED NOTE:Thanks so much to those that showed- and those that donated plants and cash. There is still plenty to do when the weather co-operates. This wet “Englishwoman) is proud to know you!!!! Oh and I apologize for the quality of the photos – I only managed to cut half the heads off and the rest were a blurry ( putting that down to the rain 😉

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Part One-
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven-

We now come to our annual report of 2010
We continued with our efforts for improving this neighborhood and with it the image of Lorain. We received the Lorain County Beautiful Award for Settler’s Watch.

Photo Lisa Miller

Photo Lisa Miller

2011 Annual Report

AND where once there was a little insignificant (to the onlooker )white frame house is now , thanks to volunteers and contributors, a tribute to one of the most significant commanders of the 20th century.

It took 70 years for Lorain’s Admiral Ernest J King’s birthplace to be so recognized. With the co-operation with the City of Lorain and sister organizations, Charleston Village Society managed to do in 10 months what had not happened in decades of talking .
The area has received Lorain County Historical Status as has the Charleston Pioneer Cemetery.

Annual Report 2012-

This year found the start of Eric Barnes Heroes Walk as the project to honor the young men from Lorain who had given their young lives so that freedom continues.

This project honoring the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan , we believe, to be unique in Ohio.

Photo Roger Brownson

Photo Roger Brownson

The walk connects the very history of Lorain’s earliest maritime history to those of the contribution by her native son Admiral King with gardens along the way giving tribute to her sons of valor.
Annual Report 2013
The Power of People

Just a pictorial reminder of what this area looked like just 4 years ago
SW before
befo eagle


Captains hatcoll


There will be no spaghetti dinners, steak fry or brunches, for our “fundraiser”. We will not add to your waistline but will gladly lighten your wallet. 100 percent of every donation goes to the projects as designated, we are a 501c3 .

This year we also have to not only continue with phase two of Eric Barnes Heroes Walk, The Charleston Pioneer Cemetery and the carvings at Settlers” Watch but Veterans Park is a disgrace and needs attention.

These projects all take money and manpower. If you can help with either a cash donation, in kind donation or blood sweat and humor please contact us
Donations made out to Charleston Village Society
C0/ 1127, West 4th Street
Lorain Ohio 44052 – 440-246-6046 ( further information)

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Charleston Village Annual Report- People Power

cv BOT 1834

ED Note: As I wrote this report I realized it was truly down to the “people” who volunteer, take ownership in this community and the in kind donations which help us to continue to do what we do. There has been very little “cash” donated this year but still thanks to all the people who help this neighborhood with their expertise, talent and hardwork- it was a very successful year.

Village sketch 1891

Charleston Village Society Inc. Annual report for 2013
Submitted January 15th 2014

The in-kind donations continue to help us thrive and survive with all the projects we have taken on in this Lorain’s oldest neighborhood. For every dollar in cash we receive three times the donations with in-kind support of materials labor and equipment. We could not attempt these projects or their upkeep without the partnerships and in kind donations.

We filed our IRS form for our non-profit for the year 2013 on January 14th 2014 and once again I am pleased to report we were accepted January 14th 2014

You can find a record of our projects and events here: as well as on our website, which continues to be hosted thanks to Emerge here:
As in previous years 100% of all money collected goes toward the project for which it is designated.

The majority of our projects are on city owned property or involve the City of Lorain and it is thanks to the partnership and involvement of the City of Lorain- the Administration, Lorain City Council members, heads of various departments such as the Utilities Dept., Property Maintenance, Lorain Police Dept. and Lorain Fire Dept. and Economic and Community Development Dept. we are able to have continued success.Cemetery  county  collage

Charleston Pioneer Cemetery:
Many thanks has to go to the continued efforts of our Chairperson Diane Medina for continuing to take care of the historical and physical wellbeing of the city owned oldest Lorain cemetery on 6th Street. Without Diane’s volunteers and her passion, this oldest cemetery would be non-existent. She has been the driving force once more re planting, clean-up and preserving the history and the headstones

Settlers’ Watch:
We continued with Pride Day and many volunteers raked, mulched, planted, weeded and prepared the site for the summer. Lorain County Recycling and the Lorain County Commissioners delivered the matching bench for the area by the Children’s Garden. Since First Energy took down the rest of the power plant and the electrical towers the area has some beautiful views. I am pleased to say everyone has been very respectful of the carvings and the area. There are a great many visitors every day in the summer and fall enjoying the ambiance. With the addition of the recycled bench from Lorain County Recycling I am pleased to say everything at the SW site is NOW 100% from recycled items from mulch to hardscape!

However, we have had an issue with the Ship’s Captain. He attracts more than tourists. Unfortunately, he has become a stopping place for the seagulls and what they leave behind caused the sealant to be eaten away. He also was attacked by wood wasps and within a couple of months was being eaten from the inside out.

After much research we found a product that hopefully kills the fungus and the bacteria stabilizes and solidifies the decayed wood. Holes had to be drilled and the product poured into the Captain. The holes were then filled with corks. We are hoping that by the spring we will have a better idea if this has worked. The product has caused a reaction with the stain etc. used earlier and the Captain is now a dark mahogany. The product was very expensive but cheap at half the price if it works. We have been in contact with Bud Emerson, the artist and hopefully the Captain will be saved. Thanks has to go to Sherwin Williams who are donating the marine varnish for the spring sealing of the carvings.
The carvings, as we always knew would be the case, located on the tree lawn were carved from living trees but after 5 years the roots will rot. We have been lucky that we are now entering the 7th year. That being said this spring we will have to take the tree lawn carvings and put them on concrete and move them into designated places in Settlers Watch and through the Eric Barnes Heroes Walkway. As each carving is taken down it will be taken indoors, sanded, have any issues fixed and then sealed before being taken to its new designated position.

This will take some funding therefore we will have to start a donation campaign to cover expenses.

AK 2 without tower

The Admiral King Tribute Site

Pride Day found the Admiral walk to the flag pole decorated with marigolds and two more rose bushes were planted by Ariel Vazquez and his crew from the Lorain Utilities Dept. Lorain County recycling supplied us with a metal waste paper basket. New flags were purchased and batteries for the solar lights as well as min solar lights. The solar lights are not working as well as we would have hoped however, we do not have any electricity at the site, so they are our only option.

This is also a shame as we have had a donation from Councilman Dan Given of 6 decorative iron bollards with lighting capability which is going to add so much to the area. Our wish list- watering capability at the Admiral King Tribute Site and electricity.
The City of Lorain will be using the photo taken by Lisa Miller for the City of Lorain App

Eric Barnes Heroes Walk:
The 2nd phase of the walkway is underway. Ariel Vazquez and his crew prepared another area for the Marine Corps monument which will hopefully find its new home along the walkway this spring/summer. We have been very fortunate with the donations of plants and trees and shrubs which have also found homes along the pathway. Although some summer storms caused some damage to trees we were lucky in the fact no hardscape was destroyed.

We were able to use donated funds to add a 5 ft. military concrete statue representing the armed services to the walkway in time for Memorial Day. The Veterans Council also has donated flags for the pathway and as the flags get damaged we are able to replace them. This project is ongoing and a great deal of our funding for the project has gone on perennials and trees to landscape the walkway.

logo Chris Ritchey

logo Chris Ritchey

The Crime Watch Program
Participants, Block Captains continue to quietly look out for the neighborhood especially Veteran’s Park. We have had a number of issues with some noteworthy happenings both drugs and arson however I am pleased to say the Fire Dept. and the Lorain Police Dept. have handled the situations with professionalism and concern for this neighborhood.

Veterans Park
We are hoping to bring back the park once again. It has deteriorated sadly of late. We have met with the City of Lorain and Veterans Council in the hopes of finding a solution to the decay of Lorain’s oldest Park ( if not the county’s ) This historical green space needs , in our opinion, to be promoted not only as to its historical worth, the worth of a place of remembrance but also as place of reflection and an anchor to the business district.

Outreach and Promotions Committee:
Thanks to the members of this committee they promoted the organization at various events such as Lorain County Reads and Lorain County Preservation Exhibition and attended various meetings on behalf of CVSI.
2nd mock up cover
I am pleased to say we now have a “guided tour available within the “village” and a booklet focusing on the “history of this area.

Frank and Carolyn Sipkovsky, Renee Dore, Diane Medina and Dave Cotton have been working very diligently in promoting not only the history but the organization. Thanks also has to go to the committee for researching and decorating the “Lilac City of Lorain” Christmas tree at the International Festival of Trees this past Christmas Season

Lorain 365

Lorain 365

CHARLESTON VILLAGE SOC. End of year financial report 2013


Main Account:

Starting Balance carry-over 2012 = $9.00
Donations 2013 =$129.59
Expenses 2013 = $37..49
Ending Balance= $101.10

Cemetery Fund

Starting balance carry-over from 2012=$104.27
Donations 2013 = 0
Expenses 2013= $88.30
ENDING BALANCE 2012 = $15.97

Raffle Account for sealers

Starting balance carry -over from 2012= $219.55
Donations 2013 = 0
Expenses 2013 = $176.20 (stabilizers and sealers for Captain)
Ending Balance 2013 = $43.35

Settlers’ Watch

Starting balance 2013 = $112.74
Donations 2013= $200.00
Expenses 2013= $292.98
Ending Balance 2013= $19.76

Admiral King Tribute Site
Starting Balance 2013= 43.56
Donations 2013= $25.00
Expenses 2013- 0
Ending Balance= $68.48

Eric Barnes Heroes-Walk-
Starting Balance 2013= $2,153.19
Donations= $25.00
Expenses 2013= $1,730.20
Ending Balance 2013= 447.99

As you can see donations of cash were very sparing in 2013 BUT we fulfilled all obligations and moved in a positive direction thanks to the many “IN KIND “ Donations and also the volunteers who worked so hard giving freely of their labor and expertise. It is obvious we are going to have to have a fundraising effort of some sort to continue with the maintenance and perpetuation of those projects

Respectfully submitted January 15 2014 by Co- Chair CVSI Loraine Ritchey

January 15, 2014 at 4:37 pm 7 comments

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