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Paula Tobias – A Woman of Worth- 2018

Paula Tobias,  my  dear friend, one who  fought  bravely  the obscenity  of ovarian cancer  for 5 years.

Paula,  had  written about many  varied things over the years  just type Paula Tobias in the search box. My  dear friend  knew she would only  be able to  keep  her fight going for so  long, the disease and the treatments took their toll on her  more than she let the  outside world know.

A year before she passed she asked me to  do  two  things for her, to  write and give her eulogy at her celebration of life and to  oversee  the placement and landscaping of a bench which she had chosen . “Come Sit With  Me” that would look out over her beloved Lake Erie and the east side of Lorain.

Following is part of the eulogy  for Paula, so  those that read this blog outside of this city  will hopefully  understand how we have lost a woman who  was of “worth” not just to  her friends and family  but to  her community :


“I loved Paula and she was “there” during my worst days- my strength-, helping me through my darkest hours

a self-portrait Chris Ritchey

Paula- kind, loving…… and there.

Her words “anything I can do? Were her mantra, it didn’t matter how busy or what was going on in her own life she was there.

The loves of her life Frank, Jean and Liz were always first in her thoughts and actions. Paula fought so hard to beat the obscenity that is cancer, not just for herself but for them, her mom and the rest of her wonderful family. Paula put up a fierce battle with grace and quiet strength just as she had done throughout her life.


A life that touched so many of us….. in such positive ways , she would see a need and would try her best to meet those needs. Paula saw a need in Lorain and the nurturer she was…. Ran in 2007   as mayoral candidate for Lorain……. She called me from her car ….

“Luvvey! I am on my way   to the BOE to pull petitions for Mayor – this should be a surprise to some!!!!!

Unknown in politics, she still managed a very successful campaign as an “Independent” running 2nd to the Democratic candidate and overtaking the sitting Republican candidate. Both parties having great respect for her –  her commitment and love of her community. She added class to   the campaign


Such was Paula’s influence and respect among all political parties she continued with soft-spoken strength crossing over and through political parties making a difference in this city she truly loved.

Always an advocate for Lorain… There she would be at City Council meetings   and reporting on them …. holding up placards when the Bascule Bridge took so long in getting repaired to filling potholes…She researched  a new machine and introduced that machine to Lorain by bringing ii into the city  .. Pitch Patch Paula putting on overalls and her personal hard hat and filling the test pot holes herself. . It took a while but Lorain has now a similar machine.


Paula turned her hand to being a blogger….. her thoughts and hopes for Lorain are still there on the internet waiting to be acted upon.

Paula was also on the Board of Directors for the Lorain Port Authority   bringing with her historical knowledge, passion and common sense. Paula was involved in so many of the situations good, bad and beautiful because she was “there for her beloved Lorain. She wanted the visitor to Lorain to be welcomed with inviting neighborhoods.

YES! Paula was there, her style was quiet determination, softly speaking sense – little notes baked goods and chicken soup if needed accompanying her lovely smiles/ .

I will so miss the lilt in her voice as she would call

“Luvey??? Do you need anything/”. I still hear her voice in my mind….

In all those terrible months after her diagnosis not once did she complain to me about her battle, the physical and emotional cost.

Paula, truly remarkable in her compassion for others asked not for sympathy for her own plight, putting on a brave face and smile. Paula became a volunteer to help other cancer patients through their journey as she fought her own battles, I remember saying to her-

I just don’t know how you are doing this you have much more bravery than I

she smiled and said I just want to help because I KNOW the journey they are on…..

How many times she offered me quiet respite from my life- to join her in her beautiful home for an afternoon by her fire or a summer evening on the lake .

Oh the days her dining room and sun porch tables fair groaned with the weight of delicious foods as she invited people to share the beauty of the lake and the hospitality of her family. Paula, nurturing, loving, protecting and intensely passionate with all she held dear.

I have–.. to remind me of her… and those times.. a small antique dining room side board,…… goodness knows where my husband purchased it……… BUT I realized whilst helping myself to food at one of those banquets that Paula and Frank had the rest of the dining room set…. my little side board was a perfect match for her set.

We laughed about my having the missing piece .. a coincidence or fate? the missing piece– her dining room set not complete…. and now my darling Paula is the missing piece., our lives will not be the same   and we are now incomplete .

Paula my words cannot do justice to the gracious, inspiring , loving and kind woman the epitome of a “lady” I came to love so very much – I know your pain has passed— which is our only consolation as we have to say goodbye. I love you as does everyone who was touched by your very soul and that is a wonderful legacy … Fare well my friend…………

The Bench — to  be continued.

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Paula Tobias-Department of Defense and Ovarian Cancer

This is a guest blog post by my wonderful friend – Paula Tobias- Paula has been fighting her own battle with Ovarian Cancer –

How are the Department of Defense and Ovarian Cancer connected?
Action Centeres
When I read this yesterday I was in one of many daily Pain moments; you know, on the scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the worst) I was a 9. The weather and more importantly the surgery, chemo and subsequent meds, tests, x-rays and PET/CT scans I believe have something to do with the agony dealt with on a daily basis.

Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain

The Department of Defense has funded innovative biomedical research programs for years that impact troop readiness. The Ovarian Cancer Research Program was added in 1997 and has since been funding research primarily aimed at finding an early detection test and better treatments for ovarian cancer.
Finding an early detection test for ovarian cancer is of critical importance to the military. Currently, any active duty military woman with a suspected case of ovarian cancer must receive her treatment in the United States (due to the availability of specialists here), so correctly identifying women that either do or do not have ovarian cancer is of critical importance to the military. Over the last five years alone, over 2,600 military women have had a suspected case of ovarian cancer. “
Senator John McCain will be adding an amendment to a bill in the Senate that would strip many of the research programs run by the Department of Defense, including the $20 million for the Ovarian Cancer Research Program(OCRP). The OCRP funds $20 million in innovative, high-risk, high-reward ovarian cancer research each year.
Senate staffers are calling this the biggest threat to medical research in 20 years.

I immediately called my Senators and left voice mails with my history. It took a lot to maintain composure while doing this and as soon as I was done, Frank (my loving, caring, patient husband) came in from work and surprised me. Well I surprised him with a burst of tears and language a soldier would blush hearing. At the end of that tirade I said, “Do you think the Senator would be asking this if it were his testicles at stake?”

I support all battling their cancer diagnosis, patient or family. I volunteer at my Oncologists office to empathize with those. I try to offer hope and comfort.

• Click here to send your Senator an action alert email that will tell them to oppose the McCain Amendment.
• Call your Senators and tell them to oppose the McCain Amendment

Please help and pass along this information and if we (Frank is still my miracle -13 yr. Pancreatic Cancer Survivor) can help anyone with their Cancer Battle, contact Loraine and she’ll connect us. Paula Tobias

ED NOTE: Whilst looking for the date of the vote I came across the following – it seems McCain’s amendment will not only effect Ovarian Cancer funding but Prostate Cancer funding as well

Senator McCain amendment might kill Prostate Cancer research funding

Again and again and again Senator McCain (R-AZ) has attacked the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), which for PROSTATE CANCER has been among the most productive research vehicles we have to conquer PROSTATE CANCER.

It is beyond my understanding why he has taken up this vendetta. Every year he is our biggest enemy, trying his best to stop the great progress we have made. As usual, he is at it again!

Senator McCain is a major advocate for funding of the Defense Department, but he seems not to understand that the money that flows to the CDMRP does not take one dollar away from our defense budget. The money that flows to the CDMRP is over and above any budget dollar that will go to the Defense Department. So, why the vendetta against the CDMRP, I cannot explain it.

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Lorain City Council -Cliff Notes-Paula Tobias

Note : Thatwoman Blog is pleased to announce the return of Paula’s notes on Lorain City Council Meetings. We have promised compensation in the form of “excederin ” for her participation

I try very hard to listen, think about what they’re saying, and write key points down. If I’ve missed something please let me know.

Please refer to tonight’s agenda:

Committee Meeting: Pg 50 and 51 of packet

Discussion of Block Grant Funds for Seniors and Disabled for Windows
$115,000 original amount, ($26,000 went to Community Development: which leaves $89,000)

1.Can’t go in south lorain (it’s a historic district)

2.letters would have to be submitted for permission,

3.historic preservation society would cost > $5,000

4.then it would take 5-6 months.

5.Would have to be a lottery program, month long after 3rd party would draw names, etc would take 7 months, they’ve had funds for 2 yrs.

Mr. Edwards & Mrs. Molnar were disappointed the seniors didn’t have access to these funds.

Could help only 20-30 people with the funds

Grant: Intent to help for greater good, should be for city funded energy.

Council was not informed of what this money was meant to do.

Result: Community Development devise program guide lines, alternatives.

Regular meeting

Mayor and Mr. Fallis were not in attendance
A question of Fluoride savings if we eliminate from our system, request by Mr. Schuster.
This is required by law, it should be debated with Ohio Legislature (the Law is from 1972)
I wonder if any cities aren’t using fluoride in Ohio?
What are the fines if we don’t use?

#5 Facades of downtown businesses within map included. This item went into committee during this meeting ¸Community Development explained.
$50,000 set aside. 30% would be subsidized maximum $15,000. (Block Grant entitlement 1.2 million)
A possible forgivable loan, Mr. Given thinks it’s too small amount may only benefit a small group of individuals.

#6 Funding for businesses coming into Lorain. $100,000 available to be loaned, will loan up to $20,000.

#9 Revolving Loan micro Loan, City Wide. 9 loans $130,000 being used now. Want to be SBA Loan originator.

My thought: When did the City become a Bank?

Item 10 to second reading , awaiting outcome of new attorney general’s view on liquor in internet cafes.

Council Concerns:Several but:
436 opened without permits. They will be prosecuted. New regulation for Teen Clubs will be needed.
From the Morning Journal

Gunshots reported outside Club 436 in LorainPublished: Monday, January 17, 2011

LORAIN — About eight to 10 gunshots were reported fired last night near Club 436, 436 Broadway, according to Lorain police Sgt. Mark Carpentiere.

Officers went to the club around 11:36 p.m. where there were several juveniles out front. A witness told police a man got out of the car, pointed a handgun in the air and began firing, according to a Lorain police report.

Witnesses told police the car then sped off through the Lorain National Bank parking lot with an older grey car following, the report said. Witnesses said each car had about four people inside.

They would not give police any more information because the were afraid of retaliation “as several people were watching him speak with me,” the report stated.

At first no one inside the club knew anything about the shots fired but a girl later told police several juveniles from Elyria “tried to ‘crash’ the party,” according to the report.

Officers checked the area for both cars but could not find them. No shell casings were found in the area.

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Paula cuts the ice on the Neah Bay

I had the privilege and honor of being asked to accompany the crew of the Neah Bay on their journey from Cleveland to Lorain for the Port Fest.

I was greeted by a very courteous crew member and found my way onboard. My first impression of the ship was what tight quarters and how “solid” it was. This was an “Industrial Strength” ship. I’ve been on the Jet Express and it was built as a pleasure craft, this Ice Cutter Tugboat was built for power.

To get to the different levels of the ship I had to manage ladders, not steps, these were very vertical. I’m not sure of all the technical names for different areas on the ship but I searched every little nook and cranny except for the “basement”, there was no way I’d make it down and back up again, but I could hear the engine and watched my bottle of water drop off a table due to the vibration while at the stern of the ship.

I told the Lt. Commander, if we were able to bottle the feeling of cruising on the water, wind in your face, perfect temperature, beautiful surroundings, we’d be millionaires.

I introduced myself to several crew and officers. I was very struck by their good nature, politeness and knowledge. You couldn’t pick better PR for the military. I found they came from Rochester, NY, San Francisco, San Diego, South Dakota and even Steubenville, OH.

Saturday morning I ran down to the ship to take pictures for my Editor (That Woman) for her afternoon edition. While standing next to the Neah Bay cars were driving by to take a look. One car stopped and two gentlemen and a woman stopped to talk. They were both ex Navy and Lt. Commander Woityra came ashore, shook their hand and answered questions. There was some reminiscing and promises to come back later for the tour.

When I returned home to download my pictures for the Editor, I thought back at just how touching all this is. Do we realize how much the Coast Guard really does for us? They protect our borders every day, here on our land. They save millions of dollars, if not BILLIONS by preventing flooding during the winter months with their Ice Cutters. They save lives, remind us to be safe on the water, rescue individuals (on boats, ice flows etc).

I was a little jealous, cruise on the water for a job…. I could live like that and then I remembered the other side of the Coast Guard, those that have been deployed overseas; away from family for months on end.

Please join me in thanking all that serve and protect.

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A Festival of the Port- Lorain- Ohio -Paula Tobias

UPDATE: From Dennis Lamont some great pictures from the “Old Port”

From the collection Al Doane and I have assembled comes these pictures of the first Erie Avenue swing bridge (manually operated). Note the great collection of hi-masted freighters (why the electric lines had to be raised over the river). The second picture shows the damage caused when one of the freighters pushed its tug into the span. Great collection of wooden lake freighters!

ED: NOTE Just a reminder to check out Renee Dore’s article on Lorain’s Port Then and Now- somethings have changed – the Capt is now at Settlers’ Watch but a worthwhile read about this old Port of Lorain

I would like to invite you to this year’s Lorain Port Fest

Port Fest 2010
July 16th and 17th – Black River Landing
Kids rides and games, nautical gifts, artwork and apparel, and your favorite festival foods all in celebration of Our Waterfront… Our Future!

FREE Admission • FREE Parking
Festival Hours & Location:
Friday 6-11pm • Saturday 12-11pm
Port Fest will be hosted at Black River Landing, one block East of Broadway in Downtown Lorain. Free parking is available throughout Downtown Lorain.
Port Fest 2010
Musical Entertainment Schedule – Black River Landing
Friday July 16, 2010 6pm-11pm
Saturday July 17, 2010 12pm-11pm
Sarah Wilson
This upcoming Nashville Recording Artist makes her debut on the Black River Landing Stage showcasing her latest single “Walkin on the Blue Side”

The Neah Bay, is an 140-foot Bay Class icebreaking tug; permanently based in Cleveland, that can break 22 inches of ice by running at three and a half miles per hour. It can break thicker ice using a back-and-ram technique.

The Coast Guard works closely with the Lake Carrier’s Association and Canadian Ship owner’s Association, which on average each winter ship about $2 billion dollars of cargo, including steel, coal, heating oil and grain.

It also works with the Canadian Coast Guard to keep the Great Lakes’ navigation lanes open and provide search and rescue, such as when ice fishermen become stranded.

The Coast Guard also breaks ice so that ferries can bring food and other supplies to the year-round residents of the Lake Erie Island and helps break up potential flood-creating ice jams on local rivers such as the Vermilion and Black River.

The Neah Bay and its siblings are the most efficient icebreakers of their size in the world, says the Coast Guard. Such vessels have a high horsepower-to-displacement ratio, which provides ample power to maneuver easily in ice. Two Fairbanks-Morse diesel engines provide 2,500 horsepower to a single shaft via a diesel-electric propulsion system.

A unique hull design with a low length-to-beam ratio allows the cutter to break a wide track in the ice. The ship also generates a pronounced wake designed specifically for ice-breaking, the Coast Guard says.

The ship’s standard complement consists of seventeen personnel including three officers and 14 enlisted crew members.

(Makes you cooler just looking at this doesn’t it?)

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Lorain Dude- US Coast Guard Open House with Paula



OK! I am outta here!!!!! And now I am as crabby as the logo on my shirt I will have Auntie Paula take over whilst I change.

US Coast Guard- Open House- Lorain Ohio by Paula Tobias

I’m sorry if you missed the opportunity to attend the United States Coast Guard Lorain Station Open House May 28th. I think it’s safe to say that everyone who did attend was impressed, learned something and had a general good time.

United States Coast Guard

There was a slide show about the Edmund Fitzgerald
There was plenty of information about Boat Safety; we were able to see some of their gear (there was a rifle that looked pretty intense) and everyone was invited to go on their boat for a relaxing ride down the Black River to the Lighthouse. I found it especially touching to see the little ones and how their eyes lit up.

Sheriff Departments Northern Border Initiative

Lorain County Sheriff had their boat on display. I often wondered

“why does the Sheriff’s department need a boat”!?!

They are part of the Northern Border Initiative. I think people forget that we live on the edge of America. We have over 240 miles of Open Boarder and I haven’t seen a toll gate yet where boaters pass through to assure they have the proper papers, aren’t smuggling or whatever else goes on ……

Marine Patrol

The program is funded by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Watercraft, in conjunction with the Lorain Port Authority and City of Lorain to provide safety and education for boaters on Lorain’s waterfront.

The Marine Officers work during the summer season enforcing boating laws and providing education on safe boating.

They may have the reputation of being “tough task masters” but ask the mother of a child that drowned because they didn’t have a life jacket, what they would have given if someone had reminded them it’s the law to wear one.
It’s all about keeping us safe.

You are sooooo right Auntie Paula and I wonder if they have one in blue to match my eyes? I like this boat just my size!
YUP!!! Blue it is …. although mum what is it with these hats ?

Hey ! I am all for a ride on the lake and there is Auntie Paula taking the photos-

Where is her life- jacket she is ON a Boat!!!!!!!!! HMMMMMMMM even if it is still tied up to the dock!!!- let you off with a warning this time Auntie!! If I see you without a jacket again though your are in biiiiiiiiigggggg trouble !

Sigh ! thats better, all safe and secure top and bottom side! Hang on Mum here we go!!!!

This boating safety is serious stuff and thanks to all those that make us safe everywhere- land -sea and air

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Guest Post- United States Coast Guard

by Paula Tobias

I wonder how many citizens in Lorain and nearby know that we have a military base in

(Photo Paula Tobias)

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one of the seven uniformed services of the United States, and the smallest armed service of the United States.

Its mission:

Protect the public, the environment, and the United States economic and security interests in any maritime region, including international waters and America’s coasts, ports, and inland waterways.
USCG has an important role in homeland security, law enforcement, search and rescue, marine environmental pollution response, and the maintenance of river, intercostals and offshore aids to navigation (ATON).

The United States Coast Guard has about 40,150 men and women on active duty.

Friday May 28th 2010 the United States Coast Guard Lorain Station is having an Open House to promote National Safe Boating Week.

They will be giving Station tours, safety gear demonstrations, boat rides to the lighthouse and back ( weather permitting), Lorain Co Sheriff’s Office and Lorain Marine Patrol boats will also be here from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Take the time to stop in and meet the fine men and women of the USCG, Marine Patrol and Sheriff’s Office and thank them for their commitment to your safety.

Friday May 28th
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
U.S. Coast Guard Station Lorain
110 Alabama Avenue
Lorain, OH 44052
(440) 288 -1207

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Paula is at home- with the Coast Guard

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Up a Lazy River… with Paula

boat tour Photo Paula Tobias
Take the Tour

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Paula asks- Have you seen Lorain lately?

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