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June 3rd- A “World” away- Chris Ritchey

chrismeresglow1 Another June has arrived and today – the day – is like my life -brief spots of sunshine interspersed with rain, or in my case brief periods of (if not exactly happiness ) smiles breaking through the clouds of tears.

England, is heading to Brazil to play for the World Cup of – football/ soccer. We shared so much when you caught the football ( soccer) fever. I have so memories that make me smile-


The game at Columbia Station – you had just returned from England – your senior year trip where you had been playing with the “big boys of football” . There you were playing in your senior year for Lorain Catholic High School – frustrated at the level of play- when across the pitch ( field) as you ran down the touch line positioning yourself to cross the ball came your dulcet tones

Pass the fucking ball-

OH No! – thought I – the red card will be thrown for that one-

Luckily play continued- how could the ref not have heard that as we in the stands heard it quite plainly- you always did have a voice that “carried”?

LCHS went on to win- however the ref did say as he walked past me leaving the stadium –

Tell Chris to watch the language as next time I will be sure of what I heard

. – He was English, maybe that helped with understanding the passion.

You didn’t like to watch games – preferring to play- but the World Cup was different . We would watch for the draw-and watch and tape the games you had to miss. I had watched when England beat Germany in 1966 – it was a very special feeling of camaraderie – one that I felt with you during those times of the World when all was good, even if England never took the trophy home again.
wcchris 001

Soccer became your presentation for your BFA at Cleveland Institute of Art and in the centre of the presentation your version of the Jules Rimet Trophy crafted in opaque glass – lit from the bottom in a golden hue. wcchrisres

The trophy sits still ( without its golden glow) in my room – reminding me of another world – lost. I probably will glance at the standings, I no longer care who wins the World Cup- who the players are that get red carded- the game changers – because you have been red carded out of the game of life and with that – any hope for a great result.


I love you Chris – Ole! Ole! Ole!

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The BE all and END all of BASKETBALL


I am not a fan of “basketball” although I have written about it and its “king”

I was first introduced to the game by its sound, as a neighbor’s son got his hoop on the garage. All evening long even after dark ( on came the security lights) day after day, night after night you could hear the thump , thump, thump bang shake rattle of the back board hour after hour..

Luckily for me, we moved . My introduction to the sport of basketball was a negative, it ranked up there with barking dogs and Chinese water torture.

In recent days in this neighborhood we have seen an elementary school playground become the place , not of children’s laughter as they slide down slides, climb and play ball, but of consternation and criminal activity; definitely not the intended use of the facility .

Not playing around; Disturbing activity at Admiral King Elementary playground draws concerns

It had become the “gathering place” of “ASB’s” anti- social behaviourists”– these are the young ADULTS who move in , take over and generally don’t give a damn for society except their own. There was much ta do in the neighborhood anger and complaints about the behaviours emanating from the playground long after school was over.


“I’ve seen grown men urinate on playground equipment, people having sex on the slides, smoking pot and who knows whatever else,” Watchorn said. “There are basketball games that go on till all hours of the night, drug deals; terrible language; it goes on constantly.”

Even the intended use of the ” hoops” by the neighborhood children was negated. Instead the ASB’s took over.

Ironically, as I have watched the dialogue unfold menacing and disgusting behavior ( abhorrent to those of us in another society) , open foreplay, fornication , foul language that was as repetitive as the thump, thump, thump, bang, rattle off the backboard- urination on the equipment , culminating in a neighborhood arsonist ( who also went to the playground for the “hoops”) setting fires not once but apparently 3 times but it was the request to remove the hoops that caused consternation among some of the powers that be!

“Where are their priorities ?”

I was amazed therefore, to see how even those who proclaim their place in leadership and society focused not on the “quality of life issues” but becoming irate and passionate about saving “basket ball hoops” on a ELEMENTARY SCHOOL playgound . Some of the people, for whom I have the greatest respect, were defending basketball hoops rather than the quality of life of individuals who are affected by this anti- social behavior.


Lorain school officials remove basketball hoops from Admiral King(Morning Journal)

Anti  Political Correctness Ad by  Chris Ritchey

Anti Political Correctness Ad by Chris Ritchey

The priorities seem very confused to me so let me be clear:

1. The repetitive noise of the “game ” hour after hour after hour into the early morning has been shown to cause heightened stress levels which in turn can cause health problems . Your decisions ( BOE and Lorain City schools) could be seen to create a possible public/ private nuisance and not only in the Admiral King Elementary neighborhood. .

“To constitute a nuisance, either public or private, the acts complained of must either
cause injury to or obstruct the reasonable use or enjoyment of another’s property”

A common, or public, nuisance is the doing of or the failure to do something that
injuriously affects the safety, health or morals of the public, or works some substantial
annoyance, inconvenience or
injury to the public. Commonwealth v. South Covington &
Cincinnati Street Railway Co., (1918), 181 Ky. 459, 463. To be considered public, the nuisance
must affect an interest common to the general public and it is not necessary that the entire
community be affected, so long as the nuisance will interfere with those who come in contact
with it in the exercise of a public right. W. Keaton, D. Dobbs, R. Keaton & D. Owen, Prosser &
Keaton on the Law of Torts, 645 (5th Ed. 1984).

/”private nuisance”

A private nuisance is an interference with a person’s enjoyment and use of his land. The law recognizes that landowners, or those in rightful possession of land, have the right to the unimpaired condition of the property and to reasonable comfort and convenience in its occupation


2. In this particular situation around Admiral King Elementary,for those BOE members who are trying to save hoops rather than quality of life for their neighbors:

These hoops are being denied to the very children for whom they were meant ! You are introducing an element to a playground that adversely effects your young students.
I don’t think that was the intended use of such equipment

3. If Lorain City Schools wish to give the general population access to the “basket ball ” courts etc. then there must be accountability by the Lorain City Schools. You are confusing a playground with a public park, in my opinion. I don’t believe it is up to Lorain City Schools to provide entertainment to adults at the expense of the children , students and neighbors. Apparently these full court hoops are becoming a magnet for moronic behaviours.

There has to be “rules’ – LCS – you do not let your students run amok in your buildings and playgrounds , spitting, urinating , acts of a sexual nature during the school day. Why then, should you allow such usage after hours? It doesn’t make sense! Does your definition of quality of life and responsible behavior end at the end of the school day?
commit nuisance


No , if the desire is to keep this equipment available to the “general public” then it carries with it the responsibility of “refereeing ” of the usage .

It means signage, limited hours and “policing”- NOT BY THE NEIGHBORHOOD, NOT BY THE RESIDENTS, NOT BY THE LORAIN POLICE DEPT BUT BY THE OWNERS OF THE PROPERTY- LORAIN CITY SCHOOLS ( and apparently since the State of Ohio paid 81 percent for the building of the new facilities ) BY THE STATE!

To those that cry foul to the taking down of the hoops I would suggest “involvement” , intelligentsia, and consideration for those who feel the ripple effect of your decision-making!

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October 3rd- holding one’s breath/ wishing – Christopher Ritchey

It seems I have been holding my breath forever. I miss you so much- I watch Gavin as goes through the trials and tribulations of being 3 and 1/2. Poor little mite his life is changing so fast since he was three.

First his mummy leaves and comes home with “a ” Braedyn- Oh! not so bad at first doesn’t do much but sleep- but then this bundle of love wants more and more – going from being an only child to being two is hard just as going from being two and now being an only child is so hard.

Now preschool – and this has been particularly stressful on the little chap – and then the start of soccer.

Soccer – It was so much of your life – carried you to England and around these United States- you based your BFA on soccer and the advertising of the game.

As I watch the three-year olds and up dribble , kick and go through their paces – I think of you as I sit on the side lines once more. I remember the days of you sitting in the goal picking dandelions- of the day you realized you could get a ball down the field and score.

I remember your senior year at Lorain Catholic High School – Your game was scheduled for my birthday – you asked:

What do you want for your birthday?

you had a game against Avon as I recall-

I said a goal and smiled-

The last minutes of the game- instead of a throw in you took the chance and lopped the ball over the head of the goalie. I can see Coach Thomas, as clear as anything, hands to his head in frustration and angry as you didn’t pass and took the chance – you scored and you were benched – but you looked back up into the bleachers and gave me wink and mouthed

“Happy Birthday” !

As I watch the coaching of the little ones on a Saturday mornings I remember another coach and little ones

I look at Gavin’s face , he really doesn’t have a clue as to what this is all about, his mum and dad ( who also are struggling with soccer- one a dancer -the other into “football” – trying to explain to this little chap why he is doing what and the inevitable comment –

I wish Chris was here……………….. it would be so different

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Guest Blog- The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- SPORTS FUN(ding) cha ching

Other posts by the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

ED NOTE TW : Lorain Board of Education Consent to Football

Click on image to enlarge

“The boys of Lorain high school may play football. They may buck and tug and roll each other in the mud till their necks are dislocated, their joints sprained their muscles torn and wrenched and their bodies bruised up to their best friends will not know them – but there’s the rub- if their parents say so”

Here we go again, the last part of this tour through The Morning Journal article on Dec. 15, 2011.

Before I start let me share that I believe that athletics, clubs and the arts play a part in a well rounded education. The opportunity should be available to all students. With that said, let me say that fiscal responsibility means that you cannot exclude any program without at least considering how to make it self sufficient. No individual athletic program should be excluded from examination, some are not more important than others. All athletic offerings are important to someone. I know speaking out about sports will bring down the roof, but we need to look at EVERYTHING.


“Certain programs are not currently being considered for cutbacks. These include major activities like football, marching band and theater. Also safe are new Beginnings and Credit Recovery which help students with special problems to overcome their difficulties; the marketing department and TV 20.”

So, football, marching band and theater are not going to be cut. OK, fine! How about going with the dreaded pay to participate?

Other districts have done it over the short term, why can’t we? Please, don’t tell me that our city’s economy poverty level precludes us from going this route. There is enough money being thrown after lottery tickets, cigarettes and alcohol to make sure that a student can participate. The booster groups raise lots of money to support those activities (I know, I helped raise funds for band uniforms and trips and athletics, so I know it can be done.) If you feel that those activities are important to your students overall educational experience, then you will find a way to make it happen. That’s what parents do!

We also need to re-examine the supplemental payments associated with these “included” activities. If you go back to the Board agenda of Dec. 14, 2011, you will find a lot of additional money being used to supplement music program directors. The supplemental payments for football are on much earlier agendas and I am sure they are MORE than what is being paid for music and theater.

If the powers that be would take the amount of money being paid as a supplemental to the “coach” and divide it by the number of participants, I’m sure that the cost would not be that prohibitive. (Nothing is prohibitive if you want it for your child. It’s a matter of setting priorities, deciding what is important.)

*e.g.: The supplemental payment for high school wrestling coaches is $18,484.06. {As per the agenda of Dec. 14, 2011} Let’s say we have 30 students on the team, that’s 616.13 per student. NOW, how important is wrestling for these students? How many will be going on to college or Olympic wrestling? Is this a good expenditure? How badly do parents want this program to support it and make it viable?

*e.g.: Girls Basketball Coach at the middle school – $2662.96. Let’s say 15 girls on the team, that’s $177 per student. Again how important is this to the student and the parent?

*e.g.: A coach gets $2662.96 while a special education supplemental payment to a teacher is $496.94. What kind of message does that send? Appears sports are more important than education in the classroom


*e.g.: Jazz Band Director High School- $2,193.02. Let’s say there are about 35 students in the Jazz band that would be about $62.65 per student. Again, how important is this activity to the parents and students involved?
(including a music supplemental just so I don’t look like I’m picking on just sports)

I have heard that if we withdraw from the “conference” we will be financially penalized, we need to look at other options. OK, so we don’t leave, just find a better way to fund the activity. We already know that booster clubs raise a lot of funds to supplement the teams, its time for everyone to take a look at helping student athletes be just that, student athletes (emphasis mine). Saying that sports lead to college scholarships is true, but academic achievement leads to scholarships also. (Again, I speak from personal experience!) The athletics may get you noticed, but if you can’t do the academic work, you aren’t going to make it.

As per The Morning Journal:

“Lorain Schools Athletic Director Bryan Koury indicated the schools would have football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball and track. But bowling, swimming, golf, tennis, cheerleading, cross country and soccer could be removed, pending board approval.”

QUESTION? Tell me the cost factor for each listed sport, including coach’s supplemental payments, uniforms, equipment, and maintenance of the fields, tracks and gymnasiums. How much does each cost? We have seen above what the cost is for some of these just in coach supplemental payment, but it is time for the school district to put out ALL the information.

Stop trying to blackmail us with sports. That was tried in the early 90’s and it started to student loss scenario we are still dealing with today. Why are the listed programs so much more important than the others?

OMG, you are going to have football without cheerleaders!?! How could you!!!

Was not aware we had a swimming program! If so, there must be a lot of expense involved for no Y pool, school pool, or public pool locally so they can participate and practice. Where do they practice? (Is that why they wanted the new high school by the river, a place to practice among the boats? Free water?) Where do they compete? When my brother wanted to swim competitively, my parents found a program, transported him to practices, meets and whatever else was required. There was no “school” program. He wanted it and his parents provided. . (Note: he “swam” with other school employees/administrators children, all funded by the PARENTS.)

Let’s look at everything and do the best with what we have. The last place we can afford to reduce costs is in the classroom. Working to improve overall test results of academics has to be a priority. Cutting instructional staff, cutting education is not the answer to any of the problems facing OUR district and students.

Please remember we are here to give our children/students the very best education they can get so they can be prepared to step forward and face the future with the necessary skills.


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World Cup- 2010- More Than A Game

Jules Rimet Wold Cup Trophy.

So it begins the 2010 World Cup , the excitement in South Africa , the crowds, the pageantry all focused on a small round ball. This blog has been receiving a lot of hits due to people searching for South Africa . Rich Robbin wrote a series of posts on this blog chronicling his time in South Africa

The World Cup and Football (Soccer) was all important in this household. Previous World Cup events were looked upon with anticipation, they generated excitement, entertainment and “dreaming”.

I was but a mere slip of a girl myself when England won the 1966 World Cup but I can still remember the explosion of excitement as the announcer said “they think it is all over- it is now!”

Chris and I would ( as he grew) talk and dream about him playing for the 2006 World Cup, but for whom in our dream, England or the USA? 🙂
A couple of trips to England to play at the age of 16 and 17 tested the professional waters and the commitment , talent and lucky breaks needed to play at the European level.

It was decided an “education” was the way to go instead. Chris never lost the love of the game and he would never give up either on the field or in life.

Soccer , even though not at the dreamed of professional level , played an important part of Chris’ life.

High School Alumni Game
He loved the game the camaraderie and the skill. Coaches told me Chris’ although a playmaker his greatest assets was his “vision and heart.”

It was soccer that was center stage in his final for his BFA at CIA.

Graphics (BFA) Chris RITCHEY

The requirement was to show an example of each class taken, product design, glass blowing, photography, graphic design etc. Chris built a mock stadium , developed an advertising concept around his “old, beat-up,much worn, indoor soccer shoe”. Adidas– Durability Mixed with Style

The shoe was the focus of billboards, commercials ( which were videoed and run through a projector under the mock bleachers and projected on the wall of the “stadium” in a continuous loop

World Cup – Chris RITCHEY

He designed tables using glass halved soccer balls and Adidas logos that lit from underneath. There was an awful lot to see in that “mock stadium “ including his design for the “World Cup ala RITCHEY ”
He purposely took the spot to build the “stadium” near the food and wine tables

”That is where the people congregate and since there is no other seating they will head toward the bleaches to sit and my display”


Always thinking my son….. and he was right those with wine and goodies in hand headed for the bleachers 🙂

I miss him and will watch the games in the next days/ weeks not really caring who wins or loses -watching not with joy and anticipation knowing one player has been red carded from the game of life.…..

One “table” is still in his room and lights the night. The World Cup trophy ala RITCHEY takes pride of place there as well. Nikki has the other table and the third waits for its space.

Graphic – Chris RITCHEY

Soccer links

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Why should I Care?- Play Ball

by Loraine Ritchey

In my dark and dour mood (and unfortunately I am not alone)…. I looked at the page last night that needed to be refreshed and thought

” Sod it ! I am going to read a book” –

and No! the book wasn’t very good ….I spent a miserable night – sitting in the garden I got too much sun…..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH it just goes on and on and I realized I feel like and sound like the complainers of the “Keyboard Kops” ilk.

Looking at Mark’s Blog and baseball
kidsbaseball PHOTO MARK TELEHA

reminded me that this time last year Kelly had an article about Rube Foster . Kelly, who has in the past year also written Freedom’s Light: A Stop Along The Underground Railroad certainly has a postive way with words as Mark has with his camera !



History of the Negro Leagues and the Role of Andrew “Rube” Foster

In February 1920, Andrew “Rube” Foster organized the first successful Negro League – called the “Negro National League” – and Foster therefore became known as the “Father of Black Baseball.”

Foster’s triumph came after black baseball players had spent several challenging decades trying to just play ball. America’s original baseball league was the National Association of Base Ball Players (“base ball” was the original spelling of the sport). This league, formed in 1867, banned black players from participating.

By the late 1870s, however, several black players were on the rosters of minor league teams – and, in 1884, a black player was signed to a team in a professional major league. The league was the American Association – and the player was Moses “Fleetwood” Walker of Oberlin, Ohio.

After only a few years of integrated play for a handful of talented stars, though, black players were once again barred from participating in professional baseball. So, they formed all-black baseball teams and “barnstormed,” traveling from town to town, looking for another team to challenge to a game. They got paid by dividing the money that was collected by selling tickets to the game. More than one person tried to organize these teams into a league, but the financial and organizational burdens were too great.

Foster himself was a pitcher, beginning his career with the Chicago Union Giants in 1905, where he chalked up an amazing 51 wins. The following year, he had an astonishing 54-1 pitching record with the Cuban X-Giants. In 1907, he began pitching for the Philadelphia Giants, leaving that team when he accepted a job as the player-manager for the Leland Giants.

In 1910, Foster formed the Chicago American Giants, one of the best black baseball teams in history, sometimes pitching for his team; it is believed that this team won 11 championships.

Then, in 1920, Foster successfully formed a Negro League, the first person to do so. This league consisted of eight teams:

• Chicago American Giants
• Chicago Giants
• Dayton Marcos
• Detroit Stars
• Indianapolis ABC’s
• Kansas City Monarchs
• St. Louis Giants
• Cuban Stars

Rube’s league operated until his death in 1930; the league disbanded in 1931 but it served as a model for the Negro League that formed in 1933.

On April 18, 1946, Jackie Robinson signed a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers in the National League, playing a season on their minor league team and then joining the Dodgers in 1947; Robinson won the Rookie of the Year award.

Lary Doby became the first black star in the American League, first playing for the Cleveland Indians on July 5, 1947.

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“Staton Sports”- Open House

paula by Paula Tobias

I went to the Open House at Staton Sports today. I’ve been listening to their growth in Council and watching on Colorado Avenue. I introduced myself to a couple of gentleman who are trainers and was impressed with what I learned.

Besides the sports aspect they spoke of working with youth to help them in education and bettering themselves.

They currently are involved in several schools in Lorain; the faith based community is also involved, busing students to the programs. I’ve been in touch and have asked for more information and an interview with them. In the mean time, from their website :

Staton Sports Open House
3480 Colorado Avenue (formerly Janos Dodge)
Lorain, Ohio 44052
(440) 288-0004
Staton Sports is a new baseball/softball indoor training center located in Lorain, Ohio. The facility is conveniently located at the corner of Root Road and Colorado Avenue. For information, please contact: Mr. TJ Staton @ 440-670-5004.

T.J. Staton – President & CEO• Over 10 years of professional baseball experience
• Drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 10th round in 1993
• Professional team experience:
o Pittsburgh Pirates
o Montreal Expos
o Tampa Bay Devil Rays
• Helped to lead the Elyria West High School Baseball Team to the 1992 State Championship in Division II
• 1993 State of Ohio Baseball Player of the Year
• 1991-93 Plain Dealer Player of the Year


Tony Miller – Professional Hitting Instructor

As a 1998 graduate of Lorain Southview High School, Tony was an All-State and Honorable Mention High School All-American on the baseball diamond. He was also awarded All-County, All-District, and All-State honors in football and wrestling while in high school. He was a four year letter winner in football and a three year letter winner in baseball and wrestling.

Upon graduation, Tony attended the University of Toledo on a football scholarship and was also a member of the Rocket’s baseball team. He was a two year letter winner for the Rocket football team and a three year letter winner for the Rocket baseball team.

In June 2001, Tony was drafted in the 10th round, 304th overall pick by the Colorado Rockies in the Major Leagues first year player’s draft.
• 2001 (Rookie League): Pioneer League All-Star and Team MVP for the Casper Rockies (BA .310, 11 HR, 20 SB, 69 runs)
• 2002 (Single A): South Atlantic League All-Star and Team MVP for the Asheville Tourists (BA .286, 18 HR, 50 SB, 100 runs)
• 2003 (Advanced A): Visalia Oaks (injured)
• 2004 (Double A): Tulsa Drillers and was added to the Colorado Rockies Major League Roster (BA .275, 11 HR, 27 SB, 78 runs)
• 2005 (Double A): Tulsa Drillers team MVP (BA .280, 18 HR, 28 SB, 109 runs)
• 2006 (Triple A): Colorado Springs Sky Sox and then was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays and played for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats
• 2007: Final season with Chicago Cubs

Bill Matthews – Amherst Steele HS – Head Coach

Coach Matthews just finished his 25th year as the Head Coach at Amherst Steele High School. Coach Matthews was the first (1981) fast pitch softball coach at Hamilton Ross High School.

A 1981 graduate of Miami University, he came to Amherst during the 1984-85 school year. Coach Matthews is the Past President of the Ohio High School Fast pitch Softball Coaches Association, the Lorain County Softball Coaches Association and the Northeast District Coaches Association. Currently, Coach Matthews serves as the OHSFSCA Coaches Clinic director, which is the largest softball Coaches Clinic in Ohio and surrounding states, with over 800 coaches attending.

Coach Matthews’ teams have won multiple Conference Championships, Sectional Championships, 4 trips to the District Finals and a trip to Regionals. 14 players have earned Division 1 ALL -OHIO honors and 36 have gone on to play College softball.

In January 2007 Coach Matthews was inducted into the OHSFSCA Coaches Hall of Fame. Coach Matthews is also the director for the various Sliman’s ASA/NSA/OGSO Travel teams and also assists with the “Queen of Diamonds” softball showcase.

Lacey Reichert- Amherst Steele HS- Varsity Assistant Coach
Coach Reichert is a 2000 graduate of Amherst Steele High School. While at Amherst, she was named First Team All-Ohio as a shortstop in 1999 and 2000, while being a second team All-Ohioan in 1998. In 1998, 1999 and 2000 Reichert was named 1st team All-SWC, 1st team All County and 1st Team All-District.

In 2000, she was named SWC MVP and earned the prestigious Lorain County’s “Miss Softball” award. In 1999, she was voted by World Fast pitch Magazine as a High School All-American. Coach Reichert went on to play softball at Division I Youngstown State.

While at YSU, she started at shortstop as a freshmen before being moved to third base as a sophomore. As a junior and senior, Reichert was voted team co-captain. She currently ranks 3rd on the USU All-Time doubles list and is the only player in YSU history to have started every game in four years! As a senior, Reichert committed just 7 errors in 206 chances while hitting .304. Also, as a senior, she was named to the National Fast pitch Coaches Association’s Div 1 All-Region team, only the third player in YSU history to earn the honor.

Reichert graduated from YSU in May 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education.
Currently Coach Reichert is working towards her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and serves as the JV Coach/Varsity Ass’t. for the Girl’s Basketball team. A resident of Amherst, Coach Reichert is currently in her fourth year in the Amherst Schools and in her 2nd year teaching Physical Education at Amherst Jr. High.

Nandi Cruz-Professional Hitting/Fielding Instructor
As a 1987 graduate of Lorain Southview High School, Nandi was First team All-Ohio and Honorable High School All-American in baseball. Nandi was also First Team All-Ohio and Second Team All-American in basketball where he averaged 28 ppg.

He was a three varsity letter winner in football. First Team All-County all three years and All-Ohio his senior year. Nandi was voted to The North-South All Star game in all three sports his senior year. In June of 1987 Nandi was drafted in the 8th round by the Chicago White sox.
• 1987 (Rookie Ball) Hit safely in 19 of 24 games in which he batted. Moved up to Sarasota W. Sox (High A Ball) where he finished with a batting average of 289.
• 1988 (Single A) Led all Midwest league shortstops in fielding percentage (.948) and putouts (180). Selected to the Midwest League All-Star game. (Bat. 252, Hits 100, Runs 50, SB 62)
• 1989 (Double A) Helped South Bend to the Midwest League title, By batting .353 in 5 playoff games
• In 1990 Nandi was added to the 40 man roster. Nandi was injured that spring training and did not play.
In 1991 Nandi was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. His final season was 1993 with the Blue Jays.

Photos Paula Tobias

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