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Samhain – All Hallows Eve – a reprise

Celebrate Samhain 🙂 thanks to CelestialElff

Sue Lombardi witch

Last week found me pondering the narcissism of one’s beliefs being the paramount “belief” to be foisted upon others. Quite frankly I try to be very respectful of another person’s belief especially if they aren’t mirroring my own. I know what it is like to have one’s beliefs trampled upon , I have been devastated by the control of one group in negating my beliefs when it concerned the death of my son. ( Might does not make Right!) . I would not knowingly inflict that pain on anyone .

It is a long story( as to the email received) and the person who had the idea the majority in the community would certainly agree because hey! aren’t we all Christian and Roman Catholic in Lorain They meant well and they have a good good heart. But once again there is a narcissistic naivety in assuming ALL in this community have the same beliefs just because you are a part of the “majority!. I am sure my email to them stating I had to disagree and that I don’t believe as they do and would have to come out against their proposal came as a bit of a shock.

Photo Lisa Miller Lorain 365 Blog

Photo Lisa Miller Lorain 365 Blog

As I watched Zombies walk in Lorain “bloody and yukky” and the enjoyment of the undead as they danced along celebrating “death” gearing up for Hallowe’en and the retail pushing of ghosts , goblins and witches. As I was taking that on board and Christianity and the “holi DAYS” and their meanings I decided to go on a journey of my own. There is a sanctimonious piety that happens here as to ones beliefs being the “ONLY” true belief. Let us go back in time to other rituals of other beliefs …….

Everything has a beginning somewhere even religious beliefs and some are a great deal older than the “recognized religions” in this part of the world!.

300th to 51st millennium BCE
223,000 – 100,000 BCE
The earliest evidence of Hominids, such as Neanderthals[2][3] and even Homo heidelbergensis,[3][4] deliberately disposing of deceased individuals usually in funerary caches. The graves, located throughout Eurasia (e.g. the Pontnewydd Cave, Atapuerca Mountains, Qafzeh, Es Skhul, Krapina),[3] are believed to represent the beginnings of ceremonial rites, although there is some debate about this.[5] Neanderthals placed their deceased in simple graves with little or no concern for grave goods or markers; however, their graves occasionally appeared with limestone blocks in or on them, possibly an archaic form of grave marking.[3] These practices were possibly the result of empathetic feelings towards fellow tribespeople, for example: an infant buried in the Dederiyeh Cave after its joints had disarticulated was placed with concern for the correct anatomical arrangement of its body parts.

We have to fast forward through thousands and thousands of years and about 87 thousand years later than that first evidence and over three thousand years before Christianity there were a groups of people – pagans – some call them :)but only since the 14th century wonder what they were called before that?

Green Man earth element

Green Man earth element

Middle English, from Late Latin paganus, from Latin, civilian, country dweller, from pagus country district; akin to Latin pangere to fix — more at pact
First Known Use: 14th century heathen 1; especially : a follower of a polytheistic religion (as in ancient Rome) one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods : an irreligious or hedonistic person

Druids – who celebrated October 31st as summers end.

Samhain (pronounced sah-win or sow-in) means “summer’s end” by the Celts. In old Germanic and Celtic societies, what we call equinoxes and solstices marked the middles of the season, not the beginnings.” Therefore if there exist an autumnal equinox, winter solstice, spring equinox and a summer solstice, there are also the beginning of autumn, winter, spring and summer. All of these eight dates were important. Summer’s end which meant the beginning of winter was an important time for people who survived on plants grown in the field and animals that were kept in pastures. “This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death” It is most likely this reason that the Druids (Celtic pagans) believed that the spirits of those who died the preceding year roamed the earth the night of Samhain

am_Druid cutting the Mistletoe mid C19th engvg

The Druids celebrated this holiday “with a great fire festival to encourage the dimming Sun not to vanish” and people “danced round bonfires to keep evil spirits away, but left their doors open in hopes that the kind spirits of loved ones might join them around their hearths”.
On this night, “divination was thought to be more effective than any other time, so methods were derived to ascertain who might marry, what great person might be born, who might rise to prominence, or who might die”.

Also during the celebration, the Celts “wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins, and attempted to tell each other’s fortunes”. Crops were burned and animals were sacrificed The spirits were believed to be either “entertained by the living”, or to “find a body to possess for the incoming year”. This all gives reasons as to why “dressing up like witches, ghosts and goblins, villagers could avoid being possessed.” (Navarro )
Roman Influence
By 43 AD, “Romans had conquered the majority of Celtic territory.” For the 400 years they occupied Celtic lands, two Roman festivals: Feralia (the commemoration of the passing of the dead) and a day to honor Pomona (the Roman goddess of fruits and trees). The apple served as a symbol for Pomona and which might have been incorporated into Samhain by the practice of “bobbing for apples”

Christian Influence
When “local people converted to Christianity during the early Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church often incorporated modified versions of older religious traditions in order to win converts.

” Pope Gregory IV wanted to substitute Samhain with All Saints’ Day in 835, but All Souls’ Day (Nov. 2nd) which is closer in resemblance to Samhain and Halloween today, was “first instituted at a French monastery in 998 and quickly spread throughout Europe” (MSN Learning & Research- Halloween).

In the 16th century, “Christian village children celebrated the vigil of All Saints’ by doing the Danse Macabre. The Seven Brethren whose grizzly death is described in the seventh chapter of the deuterocanonical book of Second Macabees” is also said to have resulted in children dressing up in grizzly costumes to signify these deaths.

So “which came first the “witch” or the priest, the goblins or gods, and what pagan holiday are you celebrating- the trick or the treat………….

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The Cardinal “letter”- H for Hypocrisy- pappish style

VaticanLong time readers of this blog will remember I have a real issue with the Roman Catholic Church – so I have researched the inconsistencies with what the hierarchy preach and what they have done – for example lets talk castration and that cover-up ( under 6 Popes)-

The “MEN of God forcibly castrating young men to cure them of homosexuality and covering up the wide-spread sex abuse amongst the men of FAITH????????? and then enabling the cover-up of such disgrace even NOW!- I AM SICKENED!!!.

Now the issue of homosexuality is coming full circle considering these same pillars of the Roman Catholic church are now facing the scandal of their own homosexual behaviours- a scandal that has seen the current infallible Pope apparently having to leave office–Pope-REALLY-quit.html

A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

I have written extensively about the hypocrisy of those that have power in the “organized church” and members of their flock ( locally) .

I have no issue with people having beliefs or being of a faith as long as they don’t interfere or NEGATE my beliefs. AND this is what the priest Father Divas and his parishioners did in my opinion to my family.

It is something I will not forget or forgive whilst my son’s remains are in a place I find abhorrent .

catholic hypocrisy
Angela (Lombardi) Ritchey DO- Susan Lombardi- Tim Lombardi Bishop Lennon- Father Divas

Somehow in this community of Mary, Mother of God Parish, Lorain , Father Divas, Tim and Sue Lombardi and their family Gonzales, Zaworski, Gott and the Vikas believe their right of faith superceded my own and that of my son’s .

They deemed it acceptable to gossip about the mother of a dead son at his ” viewing” .

They deemed it their right to bury a son’s remains without letting his family know.

They deemed it acceptable for write horrid letters questioning a mothers love of her son just a few weeks after his death.

They put their rubber stamp on his last earthly remains, they broke his family’s hearts, they ( his bride) went back on their agreement as to the agreement for our closure .

It is all documented

And of course the Roman Catholic Church, under the auspices of Father Daniel Divas, Bishop Lennon, as is their want “locally” ignored my letters , my questions and our pain.

I lost what respect I had for the for the Roman Catholic Church . This community of religion and the Vatican, too long, have covered up or ignored for the sake of “princes of this church”.

The aftermath of the death of my son found me sickened, incredulous and confused by the actions of supposedly “christian like” people and their “leaders of their church”. The pain caused to a family who lost their only son – the needs of this family discounted and ignored WHY? Is that christian-like behaviour or the teaching of the code unto which these Roman Catholics adhere? Painting-of-St-Peter-s-Basilica-roman-catholic-church-29888275-781-550

We take care of our own- thinking – well I guess it probably is – although my experience with the “power and flock of the local church” Mary Mother of God parish and Calvary Cemetery is of only importance to me and mine. However, it is, in my opinion, the high-minded disgraceful behaviour and the who is who – the decisions, ignoring the wrongs and posturing that is causing the institution and business of the Roman Catholic Church its current PR and participation problems.

Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will being electing a new pope on 12 March. The new pontiff will have a host of issues to deal with, among them the decline in active worship right on his doorstep – in Europe’s Catholic countries……
In 1966, 80% of the French declared themselves Catholic. By last year, 35% of the overall population and 63% of 18-24-year-olds said they were “of no religion”.

In my opinion, Father Divas, and Bishop Lennon enabled such hurt to be done to us and enabled the compounding of a mother and fathers grief.

They enabled disgrace, they enabled dishonesty of the cruelest kind.

I wonder if any Hail Mary’s were given to Angela Lombardi Ritchey DO for her acts- the breaking of ones word ( in front of witnesses) the hurt caused by burying a son without his family in a cemetery not of his faith in a “family plot” that was not of his family and the tackiness that followed. How many Hail Mary’s does that get – I am assuming none because Father Divas of the confessional would have had to admit his part in this cruelty.


I wrote to the Vatican and to Cardinal Foley – who has since passed away- December 2011- he did respond to a grieving mother and that is the only comfort and succour received by the Roman Catholic ) CHRISTIAN Church this family received.

Why am I not surprised then at the whitewashing of the “sins” as the hierarchy and flock of the Roman Catholic Church deem them to be? The church is awash with disgraceful acts and cover-ups subjecting them to blackmail and perversion of justice.

fred lombardi
Ironically the new spokesman for the latest round of problems and scandals has the name of Lombardi
oh dear hopefully he is more honorable that the ones with which I have had to deal.

Oh! I am just a little tiny piece of the equation, insignificant among all the other “ignor stances” of the Vatican, the Popes – the cardinals, the archbishops, those who are the hierarchy of this church of shame and their underlings.

And still the community of Roman Catholics flock to their church, tears in their eyes – I know those tears – Why do these members of a world-wide congregation still follow these “icons” of the church for leadership?

These are men – with weaknesses and desires ( some so obscene by anyones standards- who go unscathed – protected into pulpits all over the world ) Is your kindly priest who forgives you your sins – one who blesses you after his own night of drunken debauchery, or crushing the innocence of a child brought to the church to be saved?

They sicken me with their hypocrisy just as I am sickened by those that pray on their knees and profess to be pillars of a community locally who follow the same hypocritical behaviour .
cardinal Obrien

Do the people believe these men have the ear to a God , they who have the power to save them to admit them have a key to enable them into some sort of eternal life ? Did these same men who wear the robes of archbishops who for years have trodden the paths of sinners have the power to forgive their congregations their wrongs. Yes! it is hypocrisy! On that an archbishop and I totally agree!

In a sermon in Glasgow, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, now the de facto leader of Scotland’s 760,000 Catholics, said it was obvious why O’Brien’s resignation and admissions of sexual misconduct left the church open to the “most stinging charge” of hypocrisy.

Ironically Cardinal Foley passed away from blood cancer two years to the month after my son- I hope his family has a peace denied to us by the members of his religion.


vatican 001

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The People Principle ( or lack thereof-) Following the Procrustean Law ?

Source :

Just what exactly defines one’s “principles” or moral code by which we live ? I have written about situations and people who I feel “lack principles”. In fact on my About Me page I state”
“it is the principle of the thing”- BUT do I even know what I talking about- “principle of the thing” !!!!

prin·ci·ple (prns-pl)
1. A basic truth, law, or assumption: the principles of democracy.
a. A rule or standard, especially of good behavior: a man of principle.
b. The collectivity of moral or ethical standards or judgments: a decision based on principle rather than expediency.
A fixed or predetermined policy or mode of action.
A basic or essential quality or element determining intrinsic nature or characteristic behavior: the principle of self-preservation.

Who or what defines “principle” ?

I asked my mother, this morning,

if I were to say to you “he is a man of principles what comes to your mind”?

she answered with her 93 years of life-

a man who follows the rules and the law

Whose rules – whose laws ? Would a man following Hitler’s rules/laws in Nazi Germany be a man of principle

I asked

No ! of course not, it would be the man who went against those rules

she replied –

he would be a “just man”


just 1. guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness: We hope to be just in our understanding of such difficult situations.
2. done or made according to principle; equitable; proper: a just reply.
3. based on right; rightful; lawful: a just claim.
4. in keeping with truth or fact; true; correct: a just analysis.
5. given or awarded rightly; deserved, as a sentence, punishment, or reward: a just penalty.

The discussion with mum ended as she stated she was

I am too old to worry about it this morning and you just “know” if a man or woman has principles

I went in search of “principles” on the internet-
and a synonym for principle brought me to Procrustean Law

(Producing or designed to produce strict conformity by ruthless or arbitrary means.) –

Oh dear!!!! – not quite the definition I was looking for to produce conformity by ruthless or arbitrary meansthat would go against my principles but then again it may be how certain principles are determined in some societies!

In the Greek myth, Procrustes was a son of Poseidon with a stronghold on Mount Korydallos at Erineus, on the sacred way between Athens and Eleusis.[1] There he had an iron bed, in which he invited every passer-by to spend the night, and where he set to work on them with his smith’s hammer, to stretch them to fit. In later tellings, if the guest proved too tall, Procrustes would amputate the excess length; nobody ever fit the bed exactly, because secretly Procrustes had two beds. Procrustes continued his reign of terror until he was captured by Theseus, travelling to Athens along the sacred way, who “fitted” Procrustes to his own bed:
He killed Damastes, surnamed Procrustes, by compelling him to make his own body fit his bed, as he had been wont to do with those of strangers. And he did this in imitation of Heracles. For that hero punished those who offered him violence in the manner in which they had plotted to serve him.

This post has been swirling around in my head for some time- as I explored various subject matter not understanding the thinking of some the subjects and people I have covered. Friday found my mother and I giving an interview – the subject matter – “Communication of Culture”. How our culture( English) ( not born in this country) has translated into the “American culture”.

Of course I segued into questioning mode instead of answering mode- go figure 🙂

Exactly what was meant by the American culture?

I asked – Native American’s not withstanding-

it seemed to me to be a generalization, seeing as most US citizens hyphenated themselves eg. Polish- American, Irish- American, Italian – American, Afro- American , Chinese American, American- Slovak etc. etc

well you get my point .

How do you define American Culture? What are the principles of “American” culture ? Are those principles determined by the strongest hyphenated group of a community by time and population? What is acceptable to one cultural group may not be acceptable to another- who sets the bar?

Each non- native to these shores culture has brought their own values, history religions upon which they, presumably, base their lifestyles, lives and principles.

I have been banging on about lack of principles on this blog for years narcissistically believing that my set of “principles” which come, not from any religious persuasion but possibly a cultural heritage, are the norm. I have my doubts about that now as I walk through the situations I find myself and others having to deal with. I am surprised as to how naive I was. I thought I was main stream- I don’t believe I am anymore. I am out there somewhere on the peripheral.

There is the stock answer –

I can look at myself in the mirror every morning

but what if that mirror only reflects what YOU wish it to reflect? Then anyone, including the despots of history, can presumably look at themselves in the mirror and smile.

Are one’s principles determined by a culture from whence we came- is it history-is it predominately religion, can it be based on the amount of education one receives, knowledge of he world ? I have come across those of a “heavy religious” persuasion in my journey that are not of my particular code of ethics and yet their lack of principled behaviour- as I see it – seems perfectly acceptable to others of their ilk, cultures that clash , people who claim to be healers who can also be destroyers of healing – those that “use” and abuse people and children and property and those that turn a blind eye . Are principles weighed against based on monetary gain, power, the clique, a quiet life???

BUT maybe we are all following the Procrustean Law after all – if the bed of our journey in this life is too long or too short do we too, tend to stretch or amputate our principles to fit?

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Combining Religion- Politics – Castrations/ Cover -ups/ Church

If you didn’t want to start an argument within the family at our gatherings in the “old Country” ( England) you steered clear of talking about religion and or politics. In fact my father’s mother refused to have those subjects discussed at the dinner table. “it is very bad for the digestion”.

Funny though, because she was the most opinionated of them all, if my memory serves me. Although it was felt generally the politics and religion are not a good mix.

It is fraught with danger, in my opinion, to combine the two . I find that politics and religion are now lumped together with the candidates running for President of the United States

I was asked the other day – after writing the previous piece
what I believed…. the question made me think. You see I always thought ( being brought up loosely with religion) I was a “Protestant – Church of England the box to be ticked on a questionnaire. Not that I ever “practiced much” the odd weddings and holiday services after I reached an age of decision.

Father Divis -Lorain Ohio

I never bothered much about what other people believed – to each his own – if someone believed in Jesus Christ or not , or in any of the religions of the world that was their business. Who was I to say who was correct? I kept religion in my way, until the arrogance of right by might touched my life-

Confrontation Bishop Lennon

I started researching these men of compassion, whose way was of the majority in this place called Lorain. I would suggest the following website –

I knew there was always hypocrisy in organized religion – there are many, many instances and situations that I could document not one segment of any “faith” is free from controversy.

However , I was truly sickened the other day at this story appearing in major newspapers and electronic media in Europe where religious beliefs and politics are once again locked arm in arm. The “MEN of God forcibly castrating young men to cure them of homosexuality and covering up the wide-spread sex abuse amongst the men of FAITH????????? and then enabling the cover-up of such disgrace even NOW!- I AM SICKENED!!!.
This happened under the “reign” of

261.Pius XII (1939-58)
262.Blessed John XXIII (1958-63)
263.Paul VI (1963-78)
264.John Paul I (1978)
265.John Paul II (1978-2005)
266.Benedict XVI (2005—)

You can’t make me believe that NONE of these revered heads of the Roman Catholic Church were unaware of the abuse of their priests and bishops and Archbishops!

Pius XII (1939-58)

Forcible castrations and the Dutch good old boys’ network

by Robert Chesal http://www.

How could the commission into abuse in the Catholic church have left the cases of castration out of its report?

But Dohmen found something even more important. He discovered that the Deetman report failed to mention a certain political figure who tried to secure a royal pardon for Gregorius and other convicted Catholic brothers from Harreveld. That was Victor Marijnen, a former Dutch prime minister and leading member of the Catholic People’s party (KVP). The KVP later merged with Protestant parties to form the Christian Democrats (CDA) – the political party of inquiry commission chairman Wim Deetman..

You see in the Netherlands in the 1950’s

Blessed John XXIII (1958-63)

We know this thanks to investigative journalist Joep Dohmen of the newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Dohmen wrote about a boarding school student who had been sexually abused by a Dutch monk. When the former student reported the abuse to the police in 1956, he was brought to a Roman Catholic psychiatric ward, declared a homosexual and then castrated. The same surgery was probably performed on at least 10 other schoolmates of his who tried to blow the whistle on abuse. The main abuser in this case was “Gregorius”, the brother superior of the Roman Catholic Harreveld boarding school in the east of the Netherlands.

In short, the Harreveld castration story reveals collusion between institutions, bishops, politicians, the police and the justice system that enabled sexual abuse in the church to continue unpunished for decades on end.

Paul VI (1963-78)

A few weeks after Henk reported brother superior Gregorius to the police, Gregorius was spirited out of Harreveld boarding school. Records in the Dutch state attorney’s office reveal that he was never prosecuted, for “lack of evidence.” His congregation quickly moved him to New Glasgow, in Nova Scotia, where he helped set up a home for the mentally handicapped and worked for many years, according to a Dutch newspaper.

John Paul I (1978)

John Paul II (1978-2005)
Gregorious, whose given name was Gregory van Buuren, died in 1993 of natural causes, at the retirement home of his congregation in the Netherlands

Benedict XVI (2005—)

Interesting the Roman Catholic Church spirited him to the New world and Nova Scotia- I lived in the maritime provinces and know the area well…….ah the Man of God……. working with the mentally handicapped being “their shepherd”. It seems, according to my research, the higher-ups of the Roman Catholic Church in these cases just removed the priests not the problem and due to their decisions of cover-up caused untold misery in the lives of so many youngsters. And “governments” who enabled are as much to blame and still the “good old boys of power” are still at it.

One has to wonder as congregations all over the world listened to their “parish priest”, piled the money into the collections plates,listened to the words of “God” and love , peace , humility and good -will toward men- just who was doing the preaching and handing out the confessional penance – was it the man of the cloth sent not for his reverent goodness to shepherd the flock but one who was hiding – pedophilia and abuse under the robes of religion?


And now I will probably have to make a choice of a President based upon the candidates who are put before me by those whose “religious beliefs/ faith have the most money/ influence from “religious supporters ” You can see the cow-towing going on every day in the news media, as the election process is covered.

I believe this situation is fraught with danger. Not only is the mixture of religion and politics bad for your digestion it can cause untold misery – just ask any survivor of the Holocaust.

Holocaust. 75% of the country’s( Holland/Netherlands) Jewish population were exterminated, a much higher percentage than countries like Belgium and France.

I came across in this far-reaching scandal( although I must have missed the coverage locally) on-line through various internationally known publications- first through the BBC but since this filth of abuse and deception has spread world-wide the situation reaches past the Roman Catholic and Christian community for instance Hindu website has picked up on the story
and their editor states:

Editor’s Note: Most of the sexual abuse of boys in Holland took place in Don Bosco houses by Salesian priests. This should be of concern to Indians as the Salesians of Don Bosco have a huge presence in India and operate numerous boys homes and schools. In his biography, Here is the Heart of a Priest, former Vincentian seminarian K. P. Shibu Kalamparambil describes in detail the goings-on in Indian Catholic seminaries. His book has sent shock waves through the Indian Christian community and should be of major concern to Hindus too as their children are schooled in Catholic institutions.

As the religious leaders as high up as the Vatican sought to send their “priests of perversion “ out of the public eye and out of the harms way of punishment – they, like the plague spread their filth worldwide……

The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and not only the church and faith-based institutions world-wide but those in power who enable( even the cover- up by the media) have a lot to answer for ….. SUFFER little children…………… and a reason for a TRUE” separation of Church and State” ( no matter the religious persuasion) because if you can’t trust the “men of God ” well Gott Mit Uns maybe the jack boot of right by might will be found marching to YOUR door one day no matter YOUR beliefs……………………from one who has felt the arrogance -albeit in a “small way” compared to those that have suffered so much- but the prinicple is the same ……….

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Ahhhhhh!!! Easter /Eastre – resurrecting memories, eggs and crabs

UPDATE: Lisa has taken her comments about the “hare- brained idea” and posted- check it out

ED. Note This years Easter Egg hunt in Lorain Lakeview Park – April 7th 2012 – 10-11 am- The Easter Bunny is coming to Lakeview! Bring your own basket, a camera and be sure to dress for the weather. Egg hunt for children ages 2-11yrs.

Easter was always a great time growing up- the Easter holiday in England lasted for days and days – I don’t remember much about church though – although I am a pretty good organizer I don’t like to be “organized” as stated in my series here:
organized religion left me “wondering and questioning”. But that isn’t to say I didn’t take full advantage of the “holidays -no matter the culture or the origin!

As it turns out, the Easter bunny has a long history as a pagan symbol that predates the Christian holiday. In fact, sources suggest that early Christians purposefully co-opted the pagan hare to popularize their own holiday. In the second century A.D., Christian missionaries tried to convert northern European tribes. To help make Christianity attractive, the missionaries turned pagan festivals into Christian holidays. The pagan Eastre festival occurred around the same time as the Christian celebration marking Christ’s resurrection so the two celebrations blended into one, rabbit and all.
Photo Source

Quite a few pagan cultures hold celebrations in the spring. It’s the time of year when plants return to life after being dormant all winter and when animals mate and procreate. These festivities celebrate the renewal of life and promote the fertility of crops, animals, and even people, which was important in these agrarian communities. The Saxons believed in a maiden goddess of fertility named Eastre or Eostre (Oestre in Latin) and honored her with a spring festival. Hares and rabbits were considered sacred to Eastre because they are notoriously fertile animals.

NOTE: AHHHHHHHHH Explains a lot!

Over time, Eastre became Easter, and the symbolism changed as well. Instead of the Easter rabbit symbolizing fertility, the rabbit may symbolize an innocent, vulnerable creature that can be sacrificed, similar to the lamb. To Christians, these innocents are tokens of Christ and the sacrifice he made.

The Easter bunny we know today was influenced by German traditions dating back to the 1500s. German children believed that the Oschter Haws (a magical rabbit) would leave them a nest of colored eggs at Eastertime if they were good. Pennsylvania Dutch settlers brought this tradition to America in the 1700s.

On a related note, eggs have long been a symbol of rebirth and thus associated with spring celebrations. In the 600s, Pope Gregory the Great forbade the eating of eggs during Lent (the 40 days proceeding Easter), and this helped make eggs a special treat at Easter. Many European cultures also have old customs of decorating eggs and giving them as gifts.

Well Pagan/ Christian Holiday or not – I used to love Easter.

There was the Easter of George the Crab. Easter Holidays meant a trip to the seaside to Auntie Pat and Uncle Frank. They lived in Margate on the coast. Some Easters we froze as winds whipped the town and we huddled in front of a coal fire enjoying hot cross buns but if Easter was late and you were really lucky weather would be warm . Although the sea was still much too cold even for paddling, rock pools left by the out going tide held all sorts of wonders.

It was on such a delightful Easter Saturday I acquired George- a rock pool crab- I refused to leave him and smuggled him in my little sand bucket aboard the bus to take him home. I was found out by a disgruntled Bus Conductor who made my embarrassed mother and Auntie Pat leave the bus and I had to put poor old George ( who I admit was looking a bit green and smelling quite a bit ( no doubt tipping off the Bus Conductor) back into the nearest rock pool.

Easter Eggs- were such fun, and NO I am not talking about those waxy chocolate ones stuffed with syrupy sugary yukky cream I have experienced here in the USA – ( I am sorry I dislike American Chocolate, it always tastes like eating candle wax) but beautiful sugary concoctions and real chocolate <sans wax) that when you break them open more chocolates appear.


Even the “don’t eat the sugar eggs”
were appreciated because they always contained sugared almonds which were allowed.

It takes some doing but I have managed “English Easter Eggs” through the years for my children and Gavin too has always had his English Eggs and so too will Braedyn ( when he gets teeth). I hope you enjoy your traditions this holiday – maybe we will have crab for lunch hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

In the meantime Happy Easter /Eastre to all……….

From Gavin

And from Braedyn

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