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Lorain Dudes- Maintenance-The Watch- The Walk -The Site

February– who knew there would be a window of weather where those who volunteer for the areas known as “Settlers’ Watch”,

Photo Lisa Miller

Photo Lisa Miller

Admiral King Tribute Site
AK 2 without tower
PHOTO Lisa Miller
Photo - Lisa Miller

Photo – Lisa Miller

Eric Barnes Heroes Walk

could get out in the sunshine and do some maintenance.

This is a very large area- Three completely different “honorings” of Lorain’s heroes – military, pioneers and her history. It takes a great deal of work to maintain and if I am honest more than I thought it would take.

It is something the powers that be should remember when the come up with grandiose ideas of – this and that locally- all well and good to have the grand openings etc BUT maintenance is the key to all things – from streetscapes, potted palms, to housing and buildings.

If you haven’t walked the walk ( in more ways than one) you will see over the past few years there have been, so many rose beds, perennial flowers, shrubs, trees, and secret gardens added
May and June literally burst forth with fragrance and color. However, it takes a huge amount of love and effort to keep this area in the “oldest neighborhood” ticking over. shed collage
The additions , the repurposed the plants and trees donated

ALL take maintenance, talk and more talk and meeting just doesn’t cut it. The little lighthouse shed lost some shingles over the winds in January. The flags put out to honor were looking forlorn . Seeing a break in the weather the littlest volunteers ( who take this job very seriously) and old ( er) granddads took on a task .

chanflagresThe morning’s work went well , although I did mention to Gavin he didn’t have to say the pledge of allegiance for every flag he took out and replaced. (PHOTOS Lisa Miller)

Braedyn took his “military policing” of trash pick just as seriously
And after all was done a sit down to reflect the job ahead this spring and summer-

whose truck is that anyway????

Meanwhile Gavin decided to check the work of the “big boys” – seems it passed muster.

gavroofPHOTO- Lisa Miller
At the end of a couple of hours the policing of the areas, the flags changed out and a seagull back on its perch.


There is a great deal to do everyday when the weather gets warm- Will you consider spending a day “honoring” – weeding , raking ? CVSI is always looking to add to our volunteers to walk the walk not just talk the talk………

Call 440-246-6046 or Email

To be continued……….

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Passing the Captain’s Hat- 2015- Update

The poor old Captain at Settlers’ Watch has and had issues-

Suffering Captain- Batman!!

Suffering Captain- Batman!!

the “fix” is expensive-
The beginning of the fix

The beginning of the fix

but we have managed to stabilize him for the time being. His bouts with seagull and bird poop ate through the finish ( as it tends to do)- In order to stop the rot, so to speak, we had to get him protective headgear ( until we can get the permanent solution).

The Captain’s hat for us has become a fundraiser supported by the “people” of the hat , Lorainites will recognize the familiar faces ;).

Supporters of the Hat

Supporters of the Hat

It has been a huge undertaking to take this area from this
before site

to this in just 6 years

the site today

the site today

But we, Charleston Village Society ( 501c3)
are getting a little desperate, once again when it comes to cash flow and since it is coming to the end of the year and we know you must be looking for tax exempt donations we are the place to hang your hat! No amount too large or for that matter too small!

The people of the hat ask you for your generosity- this area is truly unique in the State of Ohio. Eric Barnes Heroes Walk in honor of the young men, from Lorain, who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan- each with their very own tribute garden , we believe is one of a kind.

We are the Hat!!!

We are the Hat!!!
Settlers’ Watch, Eric Barnes Heroes Walk, and Admiral King Tribute Site is a huge project and has expanded through the months and years .This site has changed the area and the neighborhood. It has become a place of memory and beauty rather than the dumping ground it once was. The City of Lorain has helped so much , as it is their property, in cutting the grass and cleaning the site of debris, employees who volunteer their time . However, there is only so much they can do , next year the budget constraints will be even harder on this community , the city can only do so much.

Our previous passing the hat campaign was not so successful in bringing in a huge amount of cash- BUT – what was a success was the in- kind donations of plants and shrubs and trees – and man/ woman hours donated.

In fact , one volunteer, Joe our Constant Gardener has contributed thousands of hours. You will find Joe designing, weeding, planting, watering the tender new plants practically every single morning!

Without Joe, I can honestly say the area would not be one tenth the place it is today. In the past few months, thanks to donations and Joe’s ability to grow wonderful, fragrant plants from seeds “he” has planted over 700 perennial, plants, shrubs and trees, watered and cared for them.

We now have the beginnings of a rose garden with over 70 “hardy roses ” the majority of them are award-winning and added 35 new Butterfly bushes of varying types and colours, dozens of Hostas, peonies, wonderful grasses,and profusion of lavender on “lavender hill”.
PicMonkey Collageres
This does not count the hundreds of tulip and daffodil bulbs and the 2-3 hundred annuals added each spring. It truly is a beautiful walk , especially in the morning sunlight as it shimmers reflected in the lake waters. A golden place where one can truly walk with butterflies

Chronicle Telegram

Chronicle Telegram

This year also added was the United States Marine Corps flag and area . This area was planted with the Marines color’s of red and gold and red , white and blue plantings and shrubs.

Each of the tribute gardens for the young men who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan have had their respective areas planted specifically for them. Every day, something new has been added this past growing season including the art work by Falcon Eddie Cummins. situated by the tool shed .

The featured work represents the maritime history of Lorain, a hat tip to recycling, as everything at Settlers’ Watch is made up or consists of recycle or repurposed materials, the same as Eric Barnes Heroes Walk and Admiral King Tribute Site. The “tools” that make up the art work denote the tongue in cheek reference to the donated tool shed from the Lorain Port Authority.

We have had so many wonderful visitors this year ( although it is still Lorain’s best kept secret ( garden) This year, the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Poker Run made the area “Stop One”.
PicMonkey Collages
We have a lot left to do – the maintenance of the carvings and removing them from the tree lawn has been on going – This winter they will be refurbished and replaced on plinths in and around the site. This takes a lot of work and the chemicals etc. all cost money.

If you can see your way to helping to fill the Captains Hat – 100% percent of your donation goes to the project.
Make checks payable to Charleston Village Society- ( Captain’s Hat in the memo line)
1127 West 4th Street, Lorain, Ohio 44052

and just as important are those volunteer hours – if you can donate a few hours for working in the garden or adopting a flower bed on a scheduled basis -we would love to have your help!

Wont’ you please consider a donation and for those that pledged this would be a good time to honor that pledge 😉 Thank you to all those that have worked so hard and donated this year!

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Settlers’ Watch Carvings Update -May


As regular readers are aware, the volunteers of Charleston Village, with the help of the City of Lorain have started to take down the carvings off the tree lawn at Settlers’ Watch.


These carvings have to be refurbished and refinished before they can be replaced in and around Settlers’ Watch and Eric Barnes Heroes Walk.

The first carving- The Anchor- was taken down on a very cold day in February-
taken to a warehouse

warehouse collage

and we waited for spring and enough warmth to use the chemicals needed and also for the volunteers ( spearheaded by Frank Sipkovsky) to be able to work.





There is more to this than one might think, stabilizing rods, filler and sanding galore needs to be done.

frankanchor collage

If anyone would like to donate some time and talent helping to get these 4 carvings refurbished and finished- we could use the help. email if you can help or call 440-246-6046

We have to move The Heron – donated by Oster Homes, The Portside Lorain sign ( grant)- The Anchor in progress ( also a grant) and the Lorain Lighthouse – donated by Port of Lorain Foundation- Lakeland Healthcare Corp.

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Lorain Dudes- Spring ( into action)

ridngresFinally Spring is here – we have been locked indoors for too long- Mummy and Nog got desperate to burn off our energy!

Finally time for beachin at Catawba

beach twores

We got to play because we cleaned up earlier in the year
Cleaning Grandad Jim’s Lighthouse




Braedyn took mummy on the roller coaster ( or was it the other way around?

But it is time to clean up , spruce up on Saturday for Lorain Pride Day at Settlers’ Watch, Admiral King Tribute Site and Eric Barnes Heroes Walk – Bring your tools – we will help!

Settlers’ Watch meet at 8:30 Saturday May 17th – 2nd and Oberlin Avenue Lorain- Lots to do!!

and Braedyn wants to remind you we are still passing the hat!!!!

photo Lisa Miller

photo Lisa Miller

These projects all take money and manpower. If you can help with either a cash donation, in kind donation or blood sweat and humor please contact us
Donations made out to Charleston Village Society
C0/ 1127, West 4th Street
Lorain Ohio 44052 – 440-246-6046 ( further information


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Part One-
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven-

We now come to our annual report of 2010
We continued with our efforts for improving this neighborhood and with it the image of Lorain. We received the Lorain County Beautiful Award for Settler’s Watch.

Photo Lisa Miller

Photo Lisa Miller

2011 Annual Report

AND where once there was a little insignificant (to the onlooker )white frame house is now , thanks to volunteers and contributors, a tribute to one of the most significant commanders of the 20th century.

It took 70 years for Lorain’s Admiral Ernest J King’s birthplace to be so recognized. With the co-operation with the City of Lorain and sister organizations, Charleston Village Society managed to do in 10 months what had not happened in decades of talking .
The area has received Lorain County Historical Status as has the Charleston Pioneer Cemetery.

Annual Report 2012-

This year found the start of Eric Barnes Heroes Walk as the project to honor the young men from Lorain who had given their young lives so that freedom continues.

This project honoring the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan , we believe, to be unique in Ohio.

Photo Roger Brownson

Photo Roger Brownson

The walk connects the very history of Lorain’s earliest maritime history to those of the contribution by her native son Admiral King with gardens along the way giving tribute to her sons of valor.
Annual Report 2013
The Power of People

Just a pictorial reminder of what this area looked like just 4 years ago
SW before
befo eagle


Captains hatcoll


There will be no spaghetti dinners, steak fry or brunches, for our “fundraiser”. We will not add to your waistline but will gladly lighten your wallet. 100 percent of every donation goes to the projects as designated, we are a 501c3 .

This year we also have to not only continue with phase two of Eric Barnes Heroes Walk, The Charleston Pioneer Cemetery and the carvings at Settlers” Watch but Veterans Park is a disgrace and needs attention.

These projects all take money and manpower. If you can help with either a cash donation, in kind donation or blood sweat and humor please contact us
Donations made out to Charleston Village Society
C0/ 1127, West 4th Street
Lorain Ohio 44052 – 440-246-6046 ( further information)

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The Captain and the Hat ! CVSI Lorain

WoM Logo  by  Scott Baklar

WoM Logo by Scott Baklar

Part One

Photo  Mark Teleha

Photo Mark Teleha

Part Two

photo Mark Teleha

photo Mark Teleha

A now the tale of The Captain
He took his place at Settlers’ Watch along with the carvings of the Lorain Lighthouse, The Anchor, The Lorain Portside Sign , The Heron and Eric Barnes’ Eagle
long shotres

It was rough, very rough we had a lot to deal with in those first months but the carving and the work continued: The full pictorial can be found here from start to the dedication.

( photos Mark Teleha)

The volunteers and those that donated so much time, effort, plants and hardscape got the area ready for the dedication August 1st 2009.
The summers and winters passed and The Captain suffered:
Captain age col
Capatian suffereing
October 2013 found us up a ladder again

The Captain was being eaten alive from the inside out and losing the battle of the seagull guano.

Catain rot

Unfortunately, just last week I noticed the stanchion on the ground -the wood had rotted, in fact his whole ship’s wheel, was hanging on by a thread he was sounding decidedly hollow. We checked the other carvings they seem to be fine except the root bases of the ones on the tree lawns which is to be expected.

After searching on the internet we found Paul of Conservepoxy spent a great deal of time with me on how the process works and what we need to do. Also Andy from Sherwin Williams came to the site and is also looking for ways to help us for which I am eternally grateful


The “crew” filled him with chemicals and had to plug the holes with corks until spring arrives. The chemicals have definitely changed his complexion –

Captains hatcoll

we added a hat to try to keep the sea birds and their bathroom habits away- but the hat decided it liked travelling a little better than being a guano inhibitor- felt it might have a worthier purpose…..


The Then and Now

a Captain waits….. and the hat travels where?????
Photo Lisa Miller
to be continued

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The Chair and the Captain – CVSI- Lorain

Yes as Chairs go …. the Chair went …. one last look and he was gone…….

photo Mark Teleha

photo Mark Teleha

BUT before he went he met up with The Captain -The Chair was a little worse for wear at this time – he had traversed the world of politics , been involved in erroneous media reporting and no one comes out unscathed even “The Chair”.

photo Mark Teleha

photo Mark Teleha

The Captain was just starting his journey primed and ready to take his place- only the place was not ready.

So ,instead of a few weeks, it was nearly a year. The Captain sat bleaching on the hot concrete in full sun and “exposed” to all of the elements , until finally his home on the shores of Lake Erie – Settlers’ Watch was ready

Photo Paula Tobias

Photo Paula Tobias

The volunteers and the City of Lorain spent countless hours undoing the damage done to the site by the need for storage space for the new sewers and water lines.
Emerson collection


One last look at the Lighthouse and a Lake Erie Sunset – memories of what once was and The Chair is hopefully at peace………

Photo  Mark Teleha

Photo Mark Teleha

But The Captain’s troubles were just beginning .


To Be Continued……….

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Captain Chronicles- Settlers’ Watch

Photo Lisa Miller

Photo Lisa Miller

Every year we have faithfully maintained the carvings by cleaning, filling with special wood filling any problems and sealed them religiously . We always knew the 4 carvings on the tree lawn would have to be cut from their base after a few years.

Photo Mark Teleha

Photo Mark Teleha

You see they were cut from living trees, but the roots would eventually die and the carvings will have to be moved to a concrete base as well as off the tree lawn as the City of Lorain ordinance prohibits anything over a few inches to be placed on tree lawns.

Photo Mark Teleha

Photo Mark Teleha

We hope to be able to tackle that particular project in the spring of 2014.

The Ship Captain , had to be carved off site due to the fact the sewer project took a different turn back in 2007-8 and they bulldozed down the trees earmarked for the Captain and the Eagle.

We began the first carving to coincide with the Bicentennial celebration of Lorain August 2007 and were stopped dead in our tracks just weeks later. We didn’t get the site back until the spring of 2009

Photo Mark Teleha

Photo Mark Teleha


There in lies another “tale” however I am told I shocked the foreman when I arrived on scene as to my “usage of the English language” upon finding the trees in the process of going and gone.where the tree once was

what used to be a tree

I was definitely none too complimentary and any sailor would have been proud of my salty articulation! I managed to draw quite a crowd 🙂
meeting 1

The powers that be at the time , including the “sewer project people” got together and in the end CT Consultants paid for the wood for the carving of The Captain .The Captain was afloat again.

The Captain was ready for placement however, the site was still a construction zone so the Captain had to be stored off site. ( See delivery etc here )

Photo Mark Teleha

Photo Mark Teleha

Unfortunately , for some reason after delivery to the host site at Black River Landing he did not get his coat of preservatives. The concrete and fierce sun coming off the concrete caused an issue as he dried too quickly. We could not move him back to 2nd street as we were now dealing with the “finished” construction zone:
left collage

Eventually as volunteers and contributors came together the Captain was back where he belonged,

Photo Mark Teleha

Photo Mark Teleha

but he was very dry and whilst the other carvings took a gallon of sealer for all 4 he took 2 gallons by himself, he was soaking it up like a sponge. His other problem is he attracts seagulls – these seagulls have a tendency to sit on his hat and poop – that poop eats away at the sealer opening his wood up to the elements and bugs . He has changed over the 4 years he has been on site
Captain age col

Just as the site itself has changed in those 4 years

blooming SW

Once again this Pride Day 2013 , as the weather was favorable, to sealing and cleaning- we did. We noticed the Captain’s Wheel and hat were having some issues, so we pegged the loose stanchion and gave him extra sealer ( 2 coats this time) Unfortunately, just last week I noticed the stanchion on the ground -the wood had rotted, in fact his whole ship’s wheel, was hanging on by a thread he was sounding decidedly hollow. We checked the other carvings they seem to be fine except the root bases of the ones on the tree lawns which is to be expected.

After searching on the internet we found Paul of Conservepoxy spent a great deal of time with me on how the process works and what we need to do. Also Andy from Sherwin Williams came to the site and is also looking for ways to help us for which I am eternally grateful
Two little boys colla
Today, thanks to the quick delivery from Paul and Conservepoxy, we spent the morning at Settlers’ Watch giving the Captain injections , stabilizing him – with fingers crossed.

It was a busy day at the Watch, Frank Sipkovsky cleared, pruned, weeded, purchased coffee to toast the power towers coming down and helped me check for any problems on the other carvings . The other “boys” Ernie Ritchey, Don Fugitt operated on the Captain, while the Lorain Dudes and Braedyn planted spring bulbs in the “Children”s Garden” – (future home of the tree lawn lighthouse). Nikki ( their mum) helped them to plant the bulbs right side up and I just watched and worried distracted from my thoughts now and then by the towers being cut away…….


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