Charleston Village Annual Report 2008

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This report can also be found on the Charleston Village website

Charleston Village Annual Report for 2008
boat_logo_charleston logo C. D. Ritchey

We continue to apply ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of EVERY DONATION to the project for which it was designated.

Charleston Village Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization of volunteers, striving for preservation of the area of Lorain, Ohio – formerly known as Charleston, 1834.

2008- The economy of the USA has also effected the donations to many 501C3’s and CVSI also observed a downturn in monetary donations. However our volunteers continue to give back to the neighborhood and the organization.

Due to new IRS 501C3 filing regulations CVSI , although bringing in less than $25,000 per annum, was required to file our 2007 tax information. We filed our paperwork with the state and with the IRS long before any deadline. We also had to reconfirm our status with the State of Ohio which was done before any deadline. All paperwork is up to date

CVSI also for the first time applied to two local foundations for funding for the ongoing project at the Charleston Pioneer Cemetery. Unfortunately, we did not receive any funding from the private foundations due to the project not having a large enough impact on the community as a whole and also because the Charleston Village Pioneer Cemetery is a city owned property.

We continued with the two of the three projects from 2007 – The Black River Bicentennial having been completed.

We continued to raise donations both cash and in kind for the revitalization of the
cemgres photo Mark Teleha

Charleston Village Pioneer Cemetery – 2008
we had a carry over of $763.00 from 2007
Cash donations totaled $128.49
Outgoing expenses totaled $635.51
Leaving a year end balance of $255.88 TO BE CARRIED OVER TO 2009

We have received from the City of Lorain the wrought iron fencing for 6th and 7th street through the recycle funds . This will be installed when the weather permits. Also we are waiting for removal of the old lights in order to replace with the historic lighting in the cemetery.

flagrace photo Mark Teleha

Once again due to the hard work of Diane Wargo Medina and Frank Sipkovsy the American Flag flies proudly at the cemetery and a flag raising ceremony was held on Flag Day June 14th

Thanks to the donations from one who wishes to remain anonymous and Greg Stoutenberg, Ohio Rental, The American Legion, City of Lorain, Charleston Village Society, Frank Sipkovsky and Diane Medina – The event was covered and archived here and here
Thanks once again to Mark Teleha for photos

Diane continued the preservation work with a Preservation Workshop on preserving the headstones. Diane is stabilizing and mounting the headstones in their original upright position.
Thanks to Boyer and Cool for the use of the tent for the workshop.
Captain Wilford as portrayed by Dave Cotton
photo Rich Robbin

The “in kind donations” ( including the speakers who are giving programs about CVSI) and labor involved, also donated by volunteers, continues to be an integral part of this project. We could not see any progression without that participation

captain photo Mark Teleha

Trees on 2nd Street -2008

We had a carry over of 0 dollars 2008
Donation of $3,125.00
Expenses – $3,125.00
Leaving a year end balance of 0 to be carried over to 2009

The good news on this project this year was the fact that we were able to have Bud Emerson carve the Ship’s Captain.

Originally this tree was to be carved a little way down from the grouping on 2nd, however once the work was started it was found the tree was rotten in the core and could not be carved. Bud Emerson then carved another tree “off site” at his studio and was to deliver it to the site on 2nd.

The bad news was that we could not prepare and access the site on 2nd as the ongoing sewer project meant the contractors were storing all the gravel and equipment at the site.
pilesign photo Mark Teleha

We were unable to prepare the site for the plantings and landscaping we had planned for last spring. Therefore the Eric Barnes Tribute Carving had to remain at Lorain City Hall
barnes photo Mark Teleha

and the Ship’s Captain carving found a “temporary home “ in June at Black River Landing- thanks to the Lorain Port Authority .

Due to the extreme conditions (the dust and heavy equipment) and stress that the carvings on 2nd street experienced they required more stabilization and preservative treatment than was originally thought. This is reflected in the Raffle Account for Preservatives expenses. The carvings are going to require more stabilization and another coat and cost this spring.
It is hoped that we will be able to access the 2nd street site in the spring and finish this phase of the project. We continue to work with the City of Lorain on this aspect of the project.

We will be unable to carve anymore trees and start the 2nd phase of the project without further cash donations.

heorn1 photo Mark Teleha

Raffle Account for Preservatives– 2008
We had a carry over of $1,344.29
Donation $36.00
Expenses $780.28
These expenses were tripled due to the stress the carvings suffered through the construction.
Leaving a year end balance of $600.01 to be carried over to 2009

We had a donation of $200.00 dollars through CVSI for the Broadway Cleanup in August 2008. The total amount of $200.00 was given to the City of Lorain for their efforts.
Charleston Village Sign 5th Street and Pride Day

Thanks to Juan Perez and his family Charleston Village has had the old sign restored in keeping with Lorain Pride Week. Renee Dore, Portside Chairperson, and volunteers brightened up the portside area and Diane Medina planted and spruced up the cemetery. Thanks to the Lorain Parks Dept and Street Dept. for their help in all of the above.
Co Chairperson – Tracy Isenberg continued to be involved with Lorain City Schools and especially with Irving Elementary


Our original Block Watch program that has been in place for over 17 years continues. In April the 5th Street group made the news both in print and Channel 5 and 19 for their efforts in tracking down a theft of a bike and the culprit that ultimately related to other thefts in the area and the storage of stolen goods.


The Executive Board has written letters of support for the City of Lorain and the Lorain Palace for various projects that affect our quality of life and we continue to represent with the Lorain City Schools.
light-up-lorain photo Mark Teleha

Light Up Lorain
Once again CVSI was part of the planning and implementation of this annual event
We have had numerous volunteers and in kind hours of donations as well as in kind donations it is these people who keep us going. (Accounting available on request)

Our website continues to be sponsored by Lorain Countydot com and Emerge.

Breakdown of accounting and reports are available – contact 440-246-6046
Submitted: Loraine Ritchey Co Chair Charleston Village January 5th 2009

Previous on line Annual reports as follows :

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CVSI- Annual Report 2006

CVSI- Annual Report 2005

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