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Paula Tobias-Department of Defense and Ovarian Cancer

This is a guest blog post by my wonderful friend – Paula Tobias- Paula has been fighting her own battle with Ovarian Cancer –

How are the Department of Defense and Ovarian Cancer connected?
Action Centeres
When I read this yesterday I was in one of many daily Pain moments; you know, on the scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the worst) I was a 9. The weather and more importantly the surgery, chemo and subsequent meds, tests, x-rays and PET/CT scans I believe have something to do with the agony dealt with on a daily basis.

Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain

The Department of Defense has funded innovative biomedical research programs for years that impact troop readiness. The Ovarian Cancer Research Program was added in 1997 and has since been funding research primarily aimed at finding an early detection test and better treatments for ovarian cancer.
Finding an early detection test for ovarian cancer is of critical importance to the military. Currently, any active duty military woman with a suspected case of ovarian cancer must receive her treatment in the United States (due to the availability of specialists here), so correctly identifying women that either do or do not have ovarian cancer is of critical importance to the military. Over the last five years alone, over 2,600 military women have had a suspected case of ovarian cancer. “
Senator John McCain will be adding an amendment to a bill in the Senate that would strip many of the research programs run by the Department of Defense, including the $20 million for the Ovarian Cancer Research Program(OCRP). The OCRP funds $20 million in innovative, high-risk, high-reward ovarian cancer research each year.
Senate staffers are calling this the biggest threat to medical research in 20 years.

I immediately called my Senators and left voice mails with my history. It took a lot to maintain composure while doing this and as soon as I was done, Frank (my loving, caring, patient husband) came in from work and surprised me. Well I surprised him with a burst of tears and language a soldier would blush hearing. At the end of that tirade I said, “Do you think the Senator would be asking this if it were his testicles at stake?”

I support all battling their cancer diagnosis, patient or family. I volunteer at my Oncologists office to empathize with those. I try to offer hope and comfort.

• Click here to send your Senator an action alert email that will tell them to oppose the McCain Amendment.
• Call your Senators and tell them to oppose the McCain Amendment

Please help and pass along this information and if we (Frank is still my miracle -13 yr. Pancreatic Cancer Survivor) can help anyone with their Cancer Battle, contact Loraine and she’ll connect us. Paula Tobias

ED NOTE: Whilst looking for the date of the vote I came across the following – it seems McCain’s amendment will not only effect Ovarian Cancer funding but Prostate Cancer funding as well

Senator McCain amendment might kill Prostate Cancer research funding

Again and again and again Senator McCain (R-AZ) has attacked the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), which for PROSTATE CANCER has been among the most productive research vehicles we have to conquer PROSTATE CANCER.

It is beyond my understanding why he has taken up this vendetta. Every year he is our biggest enemy, trying his best to stop the great progress we have made. As usual, he is at it again!

Senator McCain is a major advocate for funding of the Defense Department, but he seems not to understand that the money that flows to the CDMRP does not take one dollar away from our defense budget. The money that flows to the CDMRP is over and above any budget dollar that will go to the Defense Department. So, why the vendetta against the CDMRP, I cannot explain it.

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Easter Promises

paula3 by Paula Tobias

Signs of Easter and the Promise of Spring
New beginnings/Rebirth

I’m reminded of the traditions I had when I was young and awaiting the visit by the Easter Bunny.

And then I had my own family to begin new traditions and keep some of the old.

As the family grows, traditions have to be “adjusted” to accommodate new schedules additions to the family.

It is sometimes bitter sweet when traditions end. But reminders of days gone by hold dear memories.



And I’ve learned it doesn’t matter how old the “kids” are you can still get their attention if you threaten them with, “You better watch out the _______ (fill in the blank) Easter Bunny, Santa, Elves, Tooth Fairy….. is watching!!

And as in many other situations, the promise of new life (Gavin),

(Gavin 2 says old) photo and child courtesy of Nag Nog

rebirth and new beginnings come with each Spring.


I hope this promises to be a happy and healthy Easter/Spring for everyone.

Photos Paula Tobias

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PanCAN Walk/Run

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

Today was the 7th PanCAN (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network) Walk/5K Run.

I remember the first time I went. Frank was still so sick from chemo and radiation he couldn’t attend. At the beginning of the race Dr. Brill an oncologist from University Hospitals spoke about the survival rate of 3%. I’d never mentioned that to the girls and I’d been ignoring it for the last four months. But here we are today.

The turnout was impressive more than 500 I thought.

We are always looking for other survivors.

Photo Frank and couple

Today there were 5. When you go to other races the numbers of survivors are always so much different than this race. That’s one of the problems of Pancreatic Cancer the advocates are usually the survivors and their numbers are few for PC.

I was taken with the number of little people and the amount of canine friends that came.

The people that had loved ones pictures on their T Shirts is always touching.

I’d like to think that the work that is done to bring awareness and hopefully a cure will benefit the families of the ones left behind.

This little guy was there for his Uncle.

But it was a great day for a race, little overcast to keep it cool.

I’m proud to say my nephew Paul Dunphy came in second in the 5 K race.

But the real winner in my heart.

And as we left the threatening skies allowed a few sprinkles of rain to hit our windshield. It made me wonder if the ones that have past were watching over and shed a tear for the ones left battling this dreadful disease.

Pancreatic Cancer Facts for 2008
Pancreatic Cancer: the statistics

Pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States.

In 2008, an estimated 37,680 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 34,290 will die from the disease.

Men are 20% more likely to get pancreatic cancer than women and the majority of cases occur in people over the age of 65. The incidence rate among African-Americans is 40 to 50% higher than other ethnic groups.

Pancreatic cancer research constitutes less than 2% of the National Cancer Institute’s federal research funding—a figure far too low given the severity of the disease.

From a scientific research perspective, pancreatic cancer is where breast cancer was in the 1930s. Advancing pancreatic cancer research into the 21st century is dependent upon the increase of basic scientific research.

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Revisit – Paula’s Plan – Schools and Youth

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

Support the Lorain City School District with collaborative city responses to infrastructure issues and other supports. Encourage a joint use philosophy of opening the new schools for joint, after-hours programming by the city and the schools to address citizen needs.

Create a new city-wide Partnership for Youth chaired by the Mayor that convenes with key leaders from government, education, business, industry, healthcare, non-profit organizations, and the faith-based community to inventory current youth programming and perform a needs and opportunity analysis and develop youth programming and private philanthropic and government funding streams to address the identified needs.
Sample programs could include:

(1) community-oriented activities like conflict resolution and peer-led teen programs that use theater and the arts to deliver an anti-violence message,

(2) creating summer and permanent jobs for court-involved youth,

(3) providing youth programming like Teens on Stage – a program that brings artists in from around the country to do three-week performing arts classes in hot-spot community areas where youth need something exciting to do with their free time;

(4) recreational youth programming that incorporates soft skills development like team building and mentoring opportunities,

(5) combined youth and senior programs that link seniors with youth across interest areas including recreation, art, music, travel, hobbies, career choices, and more.

Help improve the quality of the workforce by encouraging drop-out reduction plans in partnership with K-12 and higher education and the faith community. Encouraging joint city, school and community program planning and program offerings. Use existing recreational programming to help attract participants to an expanded community outreach approach. Create linkages to vocational training and/or higher education that prepares workers with the caliber of soft skills and technical skills necessary to succeed.

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Revisit – Paula’s Plan – SAFETY

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias


Encourage community members to take shared responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.

Develop a Strategic Crime Council working with the police, the city and county prosecutor’s offices, to bring together community stakeholders to oversee the program and leverage federal, state, private and philanthropic funds and other resources to
(1) create neighborhood crime prevention councils and neighborhood alert groups,
(2) provide expanded mental health treatment for violence related trauma,
(3) provide new substance abuse prevention and treatment options to reduce behaviors that contribute to criminal activity,
(4) provide community-based conflict resolution programming,
(5) work with the city’s Partnership for Youth to advance youth crime prevention and enrichment programming.

Disseminate crime data on a daily basis. Explore using a geographical information system; the police department makes crime statistics available to all its personnel and to the public. Internet crime maps show trends and citizen alerts and patrol action can be taken immediately. Look into a Citizen Observer Electronic Notification System that can provide police generated crime alerts to residents in neighborhoods.
Support fire and police department community outreach programs to schools and neighborhoods to create disaster prevention and response awareness.

Support the Lorain Police Department for continued police deployment to targeted crime areas of the city. Reinforce community policing strategies.

Assess the impact of an antiquated water system on fire services and develop strategies and funding mechanisms to address infrastructure issues.

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Revisit Paula’s Plan for the City

ED Note : I thought with all the discussion of what to do , how to do – that we should revist Paula Tobias’ thoughts from last year as she answered questions from Charleston Village Society on her plans should she win the Mayoral election . The article in full can be found here
Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

Create Office on Planning and Performance
to manage and facilitate all internal strategic and operational planning, monitor and evaluate results, and recommend adjustments to keep the city in line with meeting its goals. Works with the City Auditor to begin to tie resource allocation to measures of service effectiveness using performance-based budgeting principles. This is a movement recommended for cities by the General Accounting Standards Board (GASB), the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the Federal Government through the Government Performance and Results Act.

Create an internal City Management Cabinet
that meets weekly comprised of appointed and elected officials and department heads to build a better overall understanding of the needs and priorities of the city and improve decision making and budgeting processes.

Support city department heads
with professional development related to the use of planning, budgeting, monitoring and other management and evaluation tools.

Support organizational improvement and involvement of employee work teams.
Empower employees to identify solutions and solve problems to maximize customer service for all Lorainites. Encourage managers to support and evaluate employees based on strategic performance areas related to the plan.

with area companies, government and educational institutions to leverage no-cost or low-cost quality improvement and customer service training for city employees.

Investigate and implement best practices
and national models of city service delivery. Use this information in developing key indicators, programs and processes.

Recognize city employees
for exemplary service and quality improvement suggestions through an employee recognition program.

Recognize citizens
for quality improvement suggestions through an annual citizen recognition program.

all regulations, zoning, building codes, design standards to assess their impact on the community’s strategic priorities and take action to remove barriers to the desired results.

Review the function
, responsibility and structure of all city-appointed commissions, boards and committees and make adjustments with City Council to maximize effectiveness.

Establish a Mayor’s 24-Hour Action Center
online and by phone, where citizens can call or click on a Citizen Action Center link 24 hours per day to make service requests or share suggestions about how to improve city services to their respective city council representatives and the Mayor’s Office. A 48 hour response time will be implemented for initial return calls and the information will be circulated among department heads and appropriate council members for follow-up.

Encourage and fund the use of technology
across city departments to provide better access to information, forms and services to citizens.

Televise all regular Lorain City Council
meetings to promote interest and accountability in city government.

Employ the regular use of public engagement strategies
including quarterly town hall meetings, community dialogue sessions and focus groups on strategic subjects, and annual community survey.

Establish Office of Volunteerism
Put talented Lorainites to work for Lorain, bringing leadership, skills, added resources and volunteer solutions to city affairs. The office will recruit, in-service and place volunteer community leaders in volunteer leadership positions to advance strategic mayor-appointed committees, councils, and projects. The office will also recruit and deploy volunteers to help with city-operated programs and facilities such as parks, health services, senior programming, community celebrations, schools and other organizations. (This office will not replace current city positions, but rather add volunteer capacity to emerging initiatives in line with collective bargaining agreements and at no cost to the taxpayers.)

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The Best Gift – A DAD!!!!

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

The best gift I ever gave my girls, I gave to them 31 years ago this coming Tuesday June 17th 1977. I married their Father

It must be very difficult being a father. I only truly appreciated mine after I had children of my own. Lost him when I thought I was going to lose my husband 6 years ago.

So on this Father’s Day I’d like to remind you to take a moment and remember all the men in your life who have been like Father’s to you and thank them.
Father’s Day Quotes:

Margaret Truman:
It’s only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home – it’s only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it. Pride reinforces love.
Knights of Pythagoras:
A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.

Charles Wadsworth:
By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.

Kent Nerburn :
It is much easier to become a father than to be one.

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There will be NO Chicken Dance- Guest Blog

by Elizabeth Tobias

There Will Be No Chicken Dance!

In December, Jeremy asked for my hand in marriage. We are on cloud nine, but planning a wedding and preparing for our future can be stressful! (Big shocker, right?)

And so begins the questions:

Have you set a date? What dress did you get? How are you going to do your hair? What kind of music? What’s the color scheme? What kind of food are you serving? Are we invited? Where are you going for your honeymoon? Who are your bridesmaids?

Everyone is happy for us and they are just curious, but those questions were coming at a rate I wasn’t ready for. The other problem, most of my answers are not what they expected. Then I have to explain (or feel like I have to explain) that I don’t want a traditional wedding, I’m having a very private ceremony, and a brunch reception a week later.

I’ve seen many brides get stressed out with their wedding, and end up wishing they had eloped. I want the next year to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. I didn’t want to be a bridezilla. No garter toss, no cake, no DJ, no expensive napkins, no wedding consultant. In my attempt to not be a bridezilla, I became an anti-bridezilla-zilla.

I keep reminding myself that it’s okay to let go of the reigns. And the best part? I’ll be married to the man I was always destined to.

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Tobias’ Thought for Today- LPD

Paula Tobias Paula Tobias

Lorain Police Department

I’ve always said there is a lot of hard work and good things that go on in the world, but it isn’t “News Worthy” in some eyes, so it goes unnoticed.

Case in point: Wouldn’t it be interesting to count the number of Police stories that inform us of the good that the Police have done?

This same subject matter was covered in the Morning Journal hard copy. I found it interesting the different “coverage” and descriptions of the event.

The Morning Journal mentioned a brief foot chase, I’m sorry but in my eyes a brief foot chase is about 20 feet and this pursuit was from Lorain National Bank 5th and Broadway, through residential areas to St. Mary’s on 8th and back to the Lakeview Apartments. The Chronicle didn’t mention the pursuit or the fact the suspect was arrested “at gunpoint”.

We don’t hear about the “Domestic” calls the Police deal with and the general lack of respect on a daily basis.

I’ve described some officers as having the bravery of a super hero, the patience of Mother Theresa, knowledge of the law and the negotiation skills like a lawyer, the eyes of an eagle, and the characteristics of a Crustacean – hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

I could provide examples but I wish more citizens were there or involved to see first hand.

Lorain Police New Non-Emergency Number: 311

311 – The Lorain Police Department’s new number implemented for non-emergency situations. If you have a situation that is not serious, life threatening, or are not currently in progress, call 311. Calling 311 will get you directly to our Communication’s Center. There is no fee for this service and it has been set up to make it easier for citizens to call the Police for any non-emergency type call.
Examples of when to use 311 include: Crimes no longer in progress such as vandalism, thefts, graffiti, stolen autos, garage burglaries, or animal control problems. If there is an illegally parked vehicle, vehicles blocking alleys or driveways, or minor vehicle crashes where there are no injuries and traffic is not blocked.
Please use 311 for any non-emergencies to call the Lorain Police Department. Be advised that 311 can only be dialed from a local Lorain number to be routed correctly. (And it doesn’t work on Cell Phones)

Emergency Calls -911
Complaints/Dispatche -204-2100
TDD Machine -246-4015
Chief of Police Office-204-2103
Support Services-204-2104
Records & Information -204-2114
Detective Division -204-2105
Auto Theft-204-2106
Narcotics & Special Investigations -204-2108
Juvenile Unit / School Resource Officers -204-2111
Patrol Operations/Traffic -204-2115
Jail Operations -204-2113
Training -204-2104
Dog Warden -204-2100
Safety Town-204-2115
Police Auxiliary-204-2115
Evidence /Property 204-2117
Detective Division -204-2105
Auto Theft Section -204-2106
Narcotics & Special Investigations Unit-204-2108
Juvenile Unit / School Resource Officers -204-2111
Criminal Investigation Personnel
Detective Bureau 204-2105

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