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Kinks- Past – hyphenated- Lorain- Loraine Pt 5


Teddy Roosevelt: “No Room in This Country for Hyphenated Americans”
Address to the Knights of Columbus
New York City- October 12th, 1915

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Therefore, not finding a non- hyphenated group upon which to acclimate into the Americanization of LoraineI chose to use the common denominator of Lorain. I put my focus on Lorain- after all it was going to be HOME- and I would have something in common with others who also chose to make Lorain their home!

We had purchased our “starter” home( in which we still reside) in an old neighborhood; one unfortunately that was in decline. We saw the house in the dark, my husband fell in love it with it and made the offer before I had even seen the basement!

I drove to the house the next morning , I still liked the house but soon realized this was not “upmarket” and the neighborhood was having issues. But then I thought:

well this is America and I don’t know too much about American neighborhoods and post codes ( zip codes)

and there by started the journey of “finding out about Lorain” a mock English Tudor and me.

I soon realized just like the lack of theatre locally , there was a drought of information that could be found about Lorain- there was not at that time a formal Lorain Historical Society , no computers, the library evidenced the most information and yet I knew just by walking around this old neighborhood, the architecture, the layout of the streets, the hodgepodge of different styles there were stories and history.

Palace before restoration 1978 - New Lorain

Palace before restoration 1978 – New Lorain

It was the theatre and saving one that found me getting my “Lorain” feet wet– the preservation of the Lorain Palace Theatre– with the ladies that lunched-

Barb McGregor , Mary Lou Connone, Ruth Calta Lori Hoke, Barbara McGregor, Corky Bruck, Charlotte Zakowski, Jane Baran, Jane Norton, Lou Kepler, Alice Weston, Phyllis Pfaff, Sally Bobel , Lilly Yuzon, Sally DeLuca , Mirium Schneider , Darlene Brown , Mrs. Robert Bostwick, Mrs. Dave Herzer , Carol Kramer, Frances Cellozzi, Marie Bonaminiooand so many others including Sandy Prudoff ( our first meeting) .

Top row left to right Casey Wolnowski- Loraine Ritchey- John Handyside- Sally Deluca – Dan Deliman – Jean Schaeffer- and I have forgotten- anyone know?


Jean Schaeffer took me under her wing – I met her at the Chef Henri Dinner Theatre and she decided I needed to be involved in Lorain and you just couldn’t say no to Jean . I have been involved in Lorain ever since.

shirley  valentine

I have made a nuisance of myself to all of the administrations. I started by storming into Mayor Zahorec”s administration ( 9 months pregnant) when Elio Jacabozzi declared no city worker or their families could attend City Council meetings . Incensed when I read the notification given to my husband I ranted on to Mayor Zahorec ( in my best British at the time) about freedom of speech , American Democracy etc. the policy was changed.
ore piles
You see, my husband now worked for the City of Lorain ( Communications) and I was at a meeting speaking against the ore piles- that didn’t go down to well– fresh perspective of ( you don’t put great heaps of ore to mar a beautiful harbor and river) but they didn’t listen and acquired those ore piles; it took decades to get rid of them. I continued to try my best for Lorain no matter the Mayor, no matter the cause- just to bring to do what I could for my “home”.
Under Mayor Krasienko I was given the “Key to the City in 2010
twelth night
Lorain is still hyphenated , now sometimes into the halves and quarters. I have been battered and bruised ,called names as I continued the journey trying my best to preserve, promote and support Lorain. Lorain’s earliest green space and the saving thereof caused such angst.
St Mary's
I even advocated for the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary’s 7th street,
A church and priest Father Dan Divis who are not thought of with any fondness after their enabling of pain to this family.

I have tried to be an American non hyphenated by being a Lorainite, to assimilate, to do what the people who settled this community did to put Lorain ahead of hyphenation.

The older I get (life circumstances and hyphenated people) have found me changed since 2009 . I find myself drifting back into wanting my culture around me – those that think, understand and relate without explanation how I “work”, to be around MY cultural and religious heritage . Only here I am totally outnumbered , those are few and far between.
chrisart collage
When my son was dying, that dreadful, dreadful day – I was surrounded by the grating voices and the “our way ” bullying of the Italian – Polish- German- Hispanic Roman Catholic- American controllers Vyka, Lombardi, Gonzales, Gott, Zaworksi-

Your name was RITCHEY , NOT – Lombardi , Vyka , Gonzales, Gott or Zaworski . You were taken to their faith and their closure, denying your family even the “time of your interment in their selfishness.”

As someone said

“it is like Chris’ family didn’t exist”

I desperately reached for my cell phone in those minutes after being told my son was probably brain-dead, whilst Lombardis sat there dry-eyed, stone faced , without a tear – worrying I wouldn’t pull the plug- messing further with their already laid our plans. I left the room to call a cousin as I was surrounded by “self” – ishness, inhumanity and without depth of human feeling as a mother and father lost their son, a sister lost her brother. I thought I would totally melt down if I didn’t hear an English voice- he was a life line in that instant.

chrismeresglow1 With what happened to this family – the might of one hyphenated group trampling all over the culture and religion of another has not sat at all well with me , as longtime readers of this blog can attest. It does not fade but then another English trait long memories for injustice and tenacity.

Our wishes and our beliefs, culture overridden by the “hyphen-aters”. I watched as the “spoils” from a fundraiser were distributed with cloak and dagger secrecy by the mother Sue, of the clan Lombardi, and her banker husband Tim and sisters Zaworski and Gonzales. Nothing done that was technically illegal but in my opinion I found what happened to that money morally reprehensible.It was so against any upbringing I had experienced. Again, this left a bad taste in my mouth morality missing, but not apparently to those of the various “family culture”.
The bad taste in my mouth lingers.

I am still at sea – my caring of Lorain has diminished too – if I could run away I would – but wherever I went in the world I would take my untenable pain of loss with me.

There is no place that would ease and I have so much here to love ( those of my own) and they are now my place of respite and love. THEY ARE MY HOME OF MY HEART-THEY ARE THE ONES WHO “KNOW’ AND UNDERSTAND WITHOUT NEED OF EXPLANATION- THEY ARE MY CREED AND CULTURE NOW- AND IT IS FOR THEM I EXIST.The small group of “true” friends that “know” our pain without being told.

I will keep my commitment to those projects started and to protect them as I wrap myself up in this little old neighborhood Charleston Village – that is who I am my culture of following through against all odds.

BUT – I WON’T take on anything else – I no longer get to get emotionally involved in Lorain – it is time to find a peace where I can . a hyphenated culture AND PEOPLE totally at odds with my own has won out leaving a bad taste for those cultures and religion who have cased such pain – I TOO, AM NOW HYPHENATED

Me and the Kinks lost to history !

Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society

We are the Village Green Preservation Society.
God save Donald Duck, vaudeville and variety.
We are the Desperate Dan Appreciation Society.

Des  Dan

Des Dan

God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties.

Preserving the old ways from being abused.
Protecting the new ways, for me and for you.
What more can we do?

We are the Draught Beer Preservation Society.
God save Mrs. Mopp’s_That_Man_Again
and good old Mother Riley.
We are the Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium.
God save the George Cross, and all those who were awarded them.

We are the Sherlock Holmes English-speaking Vernacular.
God save Fu Manchu, Moriarty and Dracula.
We are the Office Block Persecution Affinity.
God save little shops, china cups, and virginity.
We are the Skyscraper Condemnation Affiliates.
God save Tudor houses, antique tables, and billiards.

Preserving the old ways from being abused.
Protecting the new ways, for me and for you.
What more can we do?

We are the Village Green Preservation Society.
God save Donald Duck, vaudeville and variety.
We are the Desperate Dan Appreciation Society.
God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties.

God save the village green!

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Kinks- All In a Name- A Carta and Constitution- A Trojan Horse part four


Part one

Part Two

Part Three

It was very lonely here in Lorain, although I did meet friends through the Canadian Legion, one especially has been my friend for 40 years and has put up with me and supported me even in those early days. I have met some wonderful “hyphenated- American Lorainites and some who are the very dregs of their respective hyphenated culture .

So here I was at a loss – when I realized I did share something in common with Lorain- THE NAME -MY NAME (which was also spelled incorrectly Loraine as opposed to Lorraine, both named after the area in France.)

My focus then became Lorain and for decades I tried to promote Lorain ( my new home – the home and birthplace of my children) whilst trying to keep what was the best of being English and or British.

King John of England (right) and an English baron agreeing to Magna Carta King John of England (right) and an English baron agreeing to Magna Carta. A detail from the bronze doors of the U.S. Supreme Court building, Washington, D.C. Credit: Image courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court.

King John of England (right) and an English baron agreeing to Magna Carta
King John of England (right) and an English baron agreeing to Magna Carta. A detail from the bronze doors of the U.S. Supreme Court building, Washington, D.C.
Credit: Image courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr Cameron recently pronounced the values of the British when dealing with the Trojan Horse Scandal and the 800 anniversary of the Magna Carta ( upon which the US Constitution is based)

Mr Cameron, British Prime Minister said “British values” included: “A belief in freedom, tolerance of others, accepting personal and social responsibility, respecting and upholding the rule of law.”

Birmingham Mail
Photo Source

Unfortunately, England is now having to deal with a diversified culture and “hyphenation ” as to different values and the taking over of England by “immigrants” who have stamped their culture full square on their “new home country” – Very few have followed the creed “the when in Rome” and to assimilate into a very British way of life and using the “free to be me and let it be” values of England.

The Trojan Horse Scandal

Operation Trojan Horse was an organized attempt by Islamists to co-opt schools in England and run them according to their beliefs and ideals.[1][2][3] The name, based on the Ancient Greek legend, came from a leaked letter of questionable authenticity discovered in March 2014, alleged to be from Islamists in Birmingham, detailing how to wrest control of a school and speculating about expanding the scheme to other cities. Around a month later, Birmingham City Council said that it had received “hundreds” of allegations of school takeover plots, similar to those illustrated in the letter, some dating back over 20 years. Tahir Alam, the chairman of the Park View Educational Trust which runs six schools in Birmingham, was found to have written a 72-page document for the Muslim Council of Britain in 2007 detailing a blueprint for the “Islamisation” of secular state schools.

The alleged Islamic extremism seen in the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal in schools in Birmingham is the same as that practised by Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist network,
Tony Blair has said.
The Trojan Horse ‘plot’ to bring hardline practices into Birmingham classrooms is part of a global extremist movement stretching from Britain to Africa to the Far East, the former Prime Minister claimed.
Six Birmingham schools are in special measures after the education watchdog found they had fallen into the hands of bullying governors who had sought to narrow the curriculum and exclude non-Muslim pupils.

Look in the classrooms of the new “free” state-funded primary schools, for example, and you will find a higher proportion of pupils come from an Asian background (35%) than a white British heritage (32%)……………

Reading the EFA review, it appears almost that the Muslim ethos of a school is evidence of “extremism”. The loudspeakers which broadcast the call to prayer, the fact that 80% of girls were wearing white headscarves, the school fundraiser for Syria – even though these were not necessarily a cause for concern in themselves, they were listed under a heading that suggested the Park View Trust schools were not doing enough to promote community cohesion.

It is vital that we make this distinction between religion on the one hand, and political ideology on the other. Time and again, people equate the two,”

Worrying to the British government is the number of ” British Muslims” who are now becoming “home grown terrorists”

A lethal new class of British jihadi: Second fanatic in ISIS recruitment video went to same Cardiff college as the first and once dreamed of becoming prime minister. Now he says: ‘Muslims who don’t join us will die a painful death’

Read more:


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Kinks – On being a hyphenated – American part three


Back to the series of an immigrant trying to immerse herself in America and the “American” way of life in Lorain, Ohio
after I was so rudely interrupted by “topical news” of Judges, taxpayers
and Point of Sale, Lorain.

Lorain – How did I end up here? The bus broke down as mentioned in part two.

My young husband never one ( at that time) to let the grass grow under his feet whilst waiting for a replacement bus looked up electronic establishments, called one , got an immediate interview and thus we became Lorainites.

My  Dad and I happier times

My Dad and I happier times

And I tried, so help me I tried, to immerse myself as my father had suggested into the American Way of life and style. However, that was more difficult than he ever imagined it would be . You see I came into a hyphenated community .
Apparently in Lorain you were Italian- American, Afro -American, Native-American- Irish -American , Polish American, Dutch- American, Scottish – American, Hungarian- American, German- American , French -American, Croation- American, well you get the picture! Lorain, celebrates her hyphenated diversity with a large “ethnic festival” attended by thousands. Lorain will be celebrating this week the Polish Community poland

Rarely does Lorain celebrate being American, Oh! Veterans Day, Memorial Day , they come together as Americans after disaster strikes- our fighting men and woman are classified as American – no hyphenation then and this week during the USA world Cup we are the “Americans” . But the diversity of the team is discussed by the USA ” newscasters, “he is part Cherokee” .

You can see my dilemma, as when I took my
American citizenship test (that is correct you are tested, at least you were)I was specifically told by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization

“there is no such thing as a “hyphenated American” you are now a citizen of the United Sates of America !

, how could I become solely American as required by my father and the US government when the Americans in the community were hyphenated? What exactly does it mean to be

Which group should I go with , the Italians, the French, the Irish, the Germans, errrr no that would have been too much to ask of an ex pat Englishman/woman. Funnily enough I didn’t find any hyphenated “English- Americans” or British -Americans.
raising of te grand union flag

I suppose a little war in 1776 didn’t make being “British” too popular- maybe we “English” felt more comfortable being low-key and becoming non- hyphenated Americans . All I know is I couldn’t find any hyphenated “English – American” closest was the Canadian Legion but they were mainly, Irish Welsh and Scottish at the time. I was at sea.

I have never been one for organized religion but in strange country and city where every one was hyphenated I looked for a familiar church- I was Church of England – or an Anglican – in fact I was brought up as Low Church on my mother’s side .

Low church is a term of distinction in the Church of England or other Anglican churches initially designed to be pejorative (derogatory). During the series of doctrinal and ecclesiastic challenges to the established church in the 17th century, commentators and others—who favoured the theology, worship, and hierarchical structure of Anglicanism (such as the episcopate) as the true form of Christianity— began referring to that outlook (and the related practices) as ‘high church’. In contrast, by the early 18th century those theologians and politicians who sought more reform in the English church and a greater liberalisation of church structure were called “low church”. “Low church”, in an Anglican context, denotes the church’s simplicity or Protestant emphasis, and “high church” denotes an emphasis on ritual or Anglo-Catholicism.

For the life of me I couldn’t find even a “C of E” anywhere. The someone suggested that I need to look into the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer –Episcopal what ever was that?

I had heard of Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian etc. in my native land but Episcopal, no can’t say I ever heard of it. But there was probably a reason for that

photo Dan Brady

photo Dan Brady

Episcopal Church- USA
The church was organized after the American Revolution, when it separated from the Church of England whose clergy are required to swear allegiance to the British monarch as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and became the first Anglican Province outside the British Isles

So here was I – without a non hyphenated culture in which to immerse myself, and even a church that was “missing”. What was a young immigrant to do ?

to be continued

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Point of Sale , Lorain- A history – a result

taxpayerlorOld buildings have been much on my mind and that of the county in recent days and the legal options

Living in this , Lorain’s oldest neighborhood, I have watched the deterioration as bank dumped foreclosures were passed around and on and on until as perfectly reasonable homes that were built with pride are left abandoned to their fate.

buy swap sell

No longer, are they the homes they once were in this neighborhood but now a commodity , to be used and abused until they are no longer worth anything.

Some of our home-grown banks are the biggest culprits

The Point of Sale will cause some large numbers of “in escrow dollars” and one has hit the headlines in the Morning Journal and all the kerfuffle of Wurmser front etc .

wurmser wrecked

AHHHHH!!!!, yes! that house– the Wurmser House – the house of mystery , the house on the “historical inventory register” . You can read all about the “history mystery” of that house here

Let us look at what happened after the tornado– when Wurmser

Henry Oswald Wurmser was a respected architect in Lorain and renowned throughout the state. He was responsible for designing many churches, businesses and residences.

lost one house
Tornado-5th Wurmser

and gained another –the current featured front page news and “poster child ” for the realtors, banks and landlords……

You see this house , like so many others passed from “pride of home to Mr. Wurmser” ( the probably date for this house is after 1924) and his family , a sale or two ( without Point of Sale of course ) a couple of foreclosures more purchasers who lost until what we have now !

property  search

from the MJ article

It appeared the home at 1348 W. Erie Ave. could have an escrow amount that is more than the house is worth.

The home is owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae.

Oh dear Fannie Mae- well Fannie and her buddy Freddy have caused a lot of “bad happenings with the 2008 sub prime mortgages (MORT old English for “death”) and we can certainly GAGE that with Fannie and the banks.

In the years before the crisis, the behavior of lenders changed dramatically. Lenders offered more and more loans to higher-risk borrowers, including undocumented immigrants. Lending standards deteriorated particularly between 2004 and 2007, as the government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) mortgage market share (i.e. the share of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which specialized in conventional, conforming, non-subprime mortgages) declined and private securitizers share grew, rising to more than half of mortgage securitizations.


And another one bites the dust in Lorain and you can see the drooling of the realtors to find the “bone of contention” as proof point of sale isn’t working –

NOTE: I would like to point out the homes in the article have been empty and for sale for a few years BEFORE the January 1st Point of Sale Lorain came into being- couldn’t sell them then either could you?

“It’s not wonderful in any sense of the imagination,” Myers said. “We have properties we can just not sell now. Everybody just walks away because nobody wants to put that kind of money in a house in Lorain.”

IN LORAIN – or just in Lorain’s oldest neighborhoods????

You see Point of Sale “isn’t about this Lorain’s oldest neighborhood or even Ward two and the areas that have deteriorated from homes that held families once upon a time and now hold vagrants, vermin and are the shopping places for copper!

THE POINT of point of sale is to stop in the rest of Lorain, that hasn’t experienced yet the bank dumps and slip shod workmanship as these house are passed around between property pimps from happening in Lorain’s other neighborhoods .

The rot has to stop somewhere – painful as it is and then just maybe the tale of 3620 Clinton won’t be coming to your ward!

My Poster Child of flippers and entrepreneurs
The history of a second chance


Lisa wrote about 3620 Clifton January 13th of 2013

In that article, it was mentioned that the owners of one of the houses on the demolition list were given a second chance to make repairs. Even though it was noted by Demolition Board member, 5th ward Councilman, and neighborhood resident Eddie Edwards that “Before the sale, the house sat empty for about five years, with its doors and windows open and generally falling apart…” and “The new owners also waited a year before taking action to repair it…” AND the Board went out to see this house for themselves AND took the Fire Chief with them AND talked to the unhappy neighbors – the owners have $17,000 and a plan and that was enough for the Board to grant them a second chance.

“According to this article, “…owners of 3620 Clifton Ave. will get another five weeks to make repairs to that South Lorain home. For a second week, the condition of the structure sparked the most discussion in the demolition appeals board meeting.”

Demolition Board of Appeals meetings are held during the week and are impossible for me to attend. At the meeting held February 28, 2013, the owners were given another month to continue their work on the property. They were granted this extra time because they had roofed and secured the house, plus cleaned up the yard. [

So here we are ONE YEAR and Three Months later and the flip is apparently a flop…..(

No point of sale when this property was purchased….. the house is still “curvy “, “sagging” and not so cute , no electricity and obviously no tenants except of the groundhogs.

June 2014 Canon 318-1

ps 3620

POS is not to make these old neighborhoods better it basically is to stop Lorain’s newer neighborhoods from deteriorating as we have done.

Let us look at the history of the other houses mentioned in the article from the POS Morning Journal

• 330 Connecticut Ave., $12,925; the auditor’s value is $98,680.
330 Connecticut
Ps 330

3204 Garfield Blvd., $19,400; the auditor’s value is $44,420.
3204 Garfield
ps 3204

• 704 E. 32nd St., $28,300; the auditor’s value is $54,350.
704 32nd

• 1502 New Mexico Ave. has an escrow amount of $40,500; the auditor’s office valuation of the house is $36,000.

1502 New Mexico
This one is now owned NOW by Veterans Affairs ( another possible foreclosure???
ps veterans affairs

There we have it out of the 4 highest escrow accounts 2 are owned by the “mortgage holders” ( which brings to mind poor business practices of the sub prime) and one non-profit agency.

As they say the rest of the story!!!!!

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Chandra – Cha-chinging away- County Coffers and how it is done

Part One

A Murder of Crows

or The Story of the Cash Cow of the County
chandra cowres

ATTENTION! Fellow taxpayer, you who are busy trying to earn a few sheckles in this rust belt of an economy , you who did your civic duty and voted in Judges and Commissioners and trusted them to “do due diligence” to the task appointed by your vote. We are seeing our hard-earned money spent on “attorneys” because the Judicial System and the ( County) Executive Branch cannot communicate.

The Court of Common Pleas, the only trial court created by the Ohio Constitution, is established by Article IV, Section 1, of the Constitution, and its duties are outlined in Article IV, Section 4.
Missing: mission ‎statement

with the Administrative ( Executive Branch) Lorain County Board of Commissioners ( whose mission statement also couldn’t be found as it kept coming up “error”.)

Not a good sign fellow taxpayers… Mission Impossible...

So let us see how this works- we are of course seeing our money go out of the county to Cuyahoga and to Subodh Chandra- Chandra has benefitted from the Lorain City and Lorain County squabbles big time-


We ,the taxpayers, have poured money into his pockets. The Commissioners helped Mark Stewart to get the situation out of common sense and into to Chandra CENTS.

But hey! Chandra persevered and finally The city of Lorain caved. Of course the poor old city taxpayers were hamstrung you see our Cuyahoga attorney Anthony Calabrese was involved in another aspect of the judicial system.

Calabrese’s former law firm, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease agreed to pay a $3 million settlement to the city of Lorain, which had employed Calabrese and the firm during the years of corrupt activity. The Lorain City Council on Monday approved the deal, contained in a 10-page ordinance titled “settlement and mutual release agreement.”
The agreement “will be a great benefit to the city,” the ordinance read, “and the delay of lengthy litigation resolved amicably without delay to the benefit of the city of Lorain.”The $3 million will be made in two equal payments due Dec. 20 and Jan. 10, according to terms of the settlement.

We did get some of our money back with a settlement ( figured out by other attorneys and paying them a fee) so all was not lost – just reputations smeared, spin, hard feelings and confusion still reigns as to the CRA.
But Chandra is on course for the race to who will give in first. His methodology is quite simple –

One he uses his contacts in the Plain Dealer and Cleveland news outlets to tell the tale-

The headlines cause shock and awe – he then will use those same slanted until they tip over ” news” stories as part of his arguments in court.

That is what he does, and it has started – in fact the TAXPAYER is taken to task in the first volley found here:

Lorain County’s worst public building is no place for probation officers: “Hey, Taxpayer!” with Mark Naymik

I was unable to access parts of the building documented by a photographer hired by Chandra.

and to further add insult to injury

It’s hard to believe spending a quarter of million dollars will produce a cost-effective, long-term solution in a building that needs so much. Taxpayers deserve a better option.

errr excuse me Mark – we, the taxpayer, aren’t given any options – we just cough up the money and choke…… and according to Channel 3 we, the taxpayer, keep a filthy house, errrrrr last time I looked we paid for maintenance and janitors- what happened??? But great spin Chandra we got our monies worth on that one!

The county house of filth

CHANDRA Two – Chandra , apart from the media relations– will bombard the opposite number with huge paperwork requests ( all costed out to the case) Take note this time around county officials

“Because the county too- seemingly only keep records of monies paid to Chandra and Co- not the driving to and from meetings ( although Chandra does – he counts it in his invoices to us -the taxpayer- ( through the real estate account in the County coffers- He counts his hours and what it costs for him and what it cost for his assistant.) but apparently county government doesn’t. So I guess to get a true accounting of what it is costing I should ask Chandra he may have a better idea”


Now fellow combatants, since we will be paying for Cha- Ching Chandra and the opposing counsel, one would only hope the Commissioners find an attorney ( not of the character of Calabrese) who can take on Chandra.


Therefore , if that law firm is any good this could go well past a million dollar mark, wonder if they have media contacts they can use. Maybe the taxpayer could sell tickets to this Comedy of Errors and recoup some of the money spent by our “employees“.

So , the upshot is no matter how this turns out – we the taxpayer lose and the only thing we can do is remember how much those that started the Chandra Ball rolling as they fired the first “legal” salvo and spent the first dime of our money – at election time –



NOTE: And whilst I am telling it to the Judge- Please judges – try to refrain from those probation sentences , help ease the workload for the probation department and maybe I wouldn’t have 82 in my neighborhood and 270 in the county!

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Lorain County Judges Crowing with Chandra

Judges in their robes always remind me of crows- and the poem

One for sorrow,
Two for mirth
Three for a wedding,
Four for birth
Five for silver,
Six for gold;
Seven for a secret,Not to be told;
Eight for heaven,
Nine for hell
And ten for the devil’s own sell! ( meaning selling ones soul to the devil)

Our current six crows –
Judge Betleski ( heard of him in the CRA debacle ?He knows how much his choice of Chandra will cost the taxpayer – he should – as he has been there done that with the CRA)-
Judge Ewers, the Two Miraldis,
Judge Burge – has his own issues)
Judge Rothgery
have an issue with the Lorain County Commissioners and Lorain County Administrator .
Ted Kalo, Lori Kokoski, Tom Willams , Jim Cordes
Read the latest in response to the argument in this morning’s Chronicle Telegram- Evan Goodenow

“Just because somebody wants something doesn’t make it the right thing,” Kalo said.

Kokoski said department workers’ health and safety isn’t at risk in the building and they are exaggerating problems. She said photos of decrepit conditions are from areas where employees aren’t supposed to be.
“They’re trying to shame us into spending $2.8 million because they want what they want,” Kokoski said.

While the $1.2 million share of the cost of the move is about 2.2 percent of the $53 million county budget, Kokoski said the county can’t afford it.

“We would have to borrow that,” she said. “We don’t have money to fix our sidewalks.”

Williams said in an interview that the $50,000 requested Tuesday by the judges to hire a Cleveland law firm to sue the Board of Commissioners is just the start of a potentially costly legal battle. He estimated it could cost $500,000 for a settlement and $750,000 to $1 million if the case is resolved in court.

According to Tim Lubbe the Court Administrator who wrote the following in a replying email when I announced my displeasure of getting on the legal eagle train again.

Ms. Ritchey:

I have received your email and I can appreciate your sentiment. I would like to offer you some information which may provide a different perspective on this matter. This week Channel 3 and the Plain Dealer will be doing an expose on the working conditions to which the County Commissioners have relegated the Lorain County Adult Probation Department. I believe you will find these reports very illustrative of why we had to hire an attorney to address the deplorable conditions under which these employees must work. This link provides some pictures (taken in the last two weeks) of what these employees have been forced to endure.

Certainly I have one perspective on this issue: to provide the Court’s employees with adequate space where they can perform their job on behalf of the Court and the citizens of Lorain County. I don’t believe that our employees should expect to work in extravagant facilities. However, they also should not have to withstand constant exposure to feces, mold, sewage and a physically unsafe environment. Ultimately, I would ask that before you conclude that Court is wasting taxpayer dollars you consider all the facts. Lubberes

1) For more than six years the Court has been trying to work with the Commissioners to remodel the old Courthouse so that it can meet the functional needs of the Probation Department. During this whole period, despite countless hours spent working up solutions and plans, the Commissioners have refused to implement a single improvement.

What’s more, as you can see from the pictures, not only have they failed to make this location serviceable, the deterioration which they have allowed to occur is beyond comprehension. Quite frankly if more citizens were aware of how poorly this County resource was “maintained” they would be appalled and demand action.

2) As a result of the lack of any progress in remodeling and repairing the old Courthouse, the Court began exploring other locations for the Probation Department. Almost two years ago the Court requested a meeting with all the County Commissioners to further discuss this problem. At that time all the Commissioners agreed that it was cost prohibitive to accomplish even the most basic repairs to the old Courthouse (estimates of 10 to 15 million dollars), let alone the remodeling which is essential for the Probation Department to efficiently perform their work.

The Court was of the opinion that locating the Probation Department on the undeveloped floor of the Justice Center (5th floor) was the most efficient, effective, practical and economical solution. The Commissioners proposed an old, dilapidated building on Broad Street. At the conclusion of the meeting both parties agreed to draw up plans for each location so that costs, benefits and disadvantages of each option could be considered.

It took the Commissioners more than a year to develop their plan with the projected costs being 1.2 million dollars. Of course during this time the neglect of the old Courthouse continued. The Court’s proposal for the 5th floor is projected to cost 2.4 million dollars.

If one were just to compare the numbers, without any critical analysis, the Commissioners’ plan would appear to be the better economical choice. Needless to say there is more to this decision than the simple numbers. It would take too long to cover all the issues associated with the various proposals, but a few examples include:

a. Age of the Broad Street facility results in increased and ongoing maintenance and utility costs

b. Additional security personnel must be employed at Broad Street location versus utilization of existing personnel at the Justice Center

c. Broad Street location involves less efficiency and increased personnel costs as Probation staff must go back and forth repeatedly throughout the day to the Justice Center
d. Negative impact on businesses in the areas around the Broad Street location with hundreds of loitering felons.

3) On May 2nd of this year the Court’s Administrative Judge appeared at the Commissioners’ meeting to discuss the various proposals (if you have not seen the meeting you can request a public records copy through the Commissioners). At that meeting it immediately became clear that despite the hours and money that went into developing a long-term solution for the County Probation Department, the Commissioners had no intention with proceeding with any type of plan (Commissioner Williams does agree that the Justice Center option is the more practical and fiscally prudent choice). According to the other Commissioners, they simply can’t afford to do anything. This is not only unacceptable, but untrue.
4) The Court has been more than patient in trying to work with the Commissioners. In fact, I personally am embarrassed that I have let staff, for whom I am responsible, continue to work in these deplorable conditions. Though I told myself that we didn’t want to waste money on a piecemeal solution and that if we persisted we could reach some compromise with the Commissioners. Clearly I was wrong and I sincerely regret my lack of action on these employees behalf. The Judges absolutely agree that it is ludicrous to continue dumping money into the old Courthouse with no plan or objective, but legally it is the Commissioners’ prerogative where they locate these personnel. The one thing the Court can do (and should have done long ago) is insist that the Commissioners provide a facility for the Probation Department that is reasonable and necessary for the Court’s needs. In order to accomplish this we are required to employ legal counsel.

5) With respect to the Court’s retention of legal counsel, by statute the Lorain County Prosecutor is the legal representative for both the Court and the County Commissioners. Normally, the Prosecutor is able to represent both parties without any problem. However, in the event of a conflict the Prosecutor cannot legally or ethically perform services for both parties. Accordingly the Court and the Commissioners are required to employee outside legal counsel to represent our respective interests. Unfortunately, because of ethical constraints the Court’s options for legal counsel are somewhat limited. Because the attorney for the Court will be representing all of the General Division Judges, this individual would be ethically precluded from also having other cases with these Judges. Thus any attorney who regularly appears before the Court would have a conflict and not be willing to take this representation. This essentially negates the Court’s ability to hire a local attorney. Additionally, this ongoing conflict with the Commissioners implicates extremely complex and unique areas of the law. As such, we actually had a difficult time identifying and hiring an attorney who was appropriately qualified.

6) In short (I apologize I have been anything but) the Court is always willing to entertain any reasonable solution to this dilemma. In the past couple of months the Judges have appeared a number of times at the Commissioners’ meetings seeking to discuss these matters. With the exception of Commissioner Williams, all these efforts have been rebuffed.

I would encourage you to further investigate this matter for yourself. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tim Lubbe

Lorain County Court of Common Pleas
Court Administrator, General Division



Oh dear how awful: can you imagine working in such conditions that we in Lorain have been living in and complaining about to Judges:

The Mayor , the community all wanted answers and judgment to the fullest extent of the law ……check the PSI and time taken in that aspect of judiciary

We are all waiting and watching for justice to be done , as the criminals are slapped on the wrist to come back into our neighbors to continue their ways.

Brandon Perkins

LORAIN — The suspect wanted for setting fires at the Admiral King Elementary school playgrounds was arrested Saturday afternoon. Brandon Perkins, 18, of Lorain, was charged with one count of arson and is currently being held in the Lorain County Jail. Other charges may be released later this week, according to the Lorain Municipal Prosecutor’s office.
No other suspects are being sought according to Lorain Police. The estimated damage is $100,000.

And what happened to Brandon for this arson attack in our neighborhood:


Such was the sentence handed down by Judge Ewers in October 2013.
So Brandon got 3 years community control and just this month in fact On June 18th ( yesterday as I write this ) we hear Brandon is once again before the ‘Judge” alleged “drug possession” etc.

Even our police officers are angry:

Fraternal Order of Police is worried that light sentences have made criminals feel impervious to the law.
“The criminals should fear going to judges,” Sivert said. “It’s not that way. I’ve heard criminals hoping that they get certain judges because they know they are going to get off light.”Ultimately, Sivert said that the public is going to have to decide what they feel is right and wrong.
“The citizens elect the judges and pay their salaries,” Sivert said. “The public needs to be demanding more of them. They need to tell these judges that letting criminals back on the street is not what they want.”
“As a representative of the Union, I’m saying that we won’t stand by without voicing our opinion. As a citizen, I’m hoping that others will also start demanding more.”

No certainly, we the taxpayer, wouldn’t want people to have to endure such unsafe and unsanitary conditions, such as we have to endure– Maybe if the judges lived in my “hood” they would be appalled at what we have to put up with in part due to what appears to be to the layman ( tax payers) some “slappy happy sentencing”.
2013 calls for serviceres

Because of some of their “adjudications”, the “clients of the court” are free to “loiter” in and around the library, the free food outlets and the consummate rehabilitated business people among them selling their wares……..

Remember the flash grenades that woke us up as the police raided the 5th street residence of Victor C Brooks– well as of June 14th in Judge Rothgery’s courtroom Mr. Brooks was found guilty we await with “bated breath the sentencing !
swat 5th street No! sorry Mr. Lubbe you get no sympathy from me.

BUT whether the Judges or the Lorain County Commissioners have the right in all this I, as one of the taxpayers who pay for this nonsense would like to point out the wrong!

Here we go again fellow taxpayers, we pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries, expenses for the “professional capabilities of our employees”- We gave them the confidence of our vote and or their collective recommendations as to who to hire in various departments. BUT once again we are faced with having Cash Cow Subodh Chandra dropping us ( the tax payer ) into the field of cow patties that is the judical system.

WHY??????? because these seemingly intelligent , professionals cannot seem to “talk”, compromise or make one another understand a situation from their perspective. NOPE! they play the media card, whine and weedle and the scarecrow ( tax payer ) tries to stop them from robbing the field.

Would they be in such a rush to spend their own money to prove their point or get their way NO! but hey! what is a few hundred thousand , or a million in legal fees to them – they aren’t paying for it we are and we have done it before.


Now these judges and yes they are the ones that have thrown down the “Chandra gauntlet” and here we go again– Each one of them before becoming a judge was an “advocate” are they telling me they have lost the ability to “advocate ” ( by sitting down and sorting this out without using more of our taxpayers money) for themselves and their employees then maybe they have lost the ability adjudicate as well.

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Kink(s) Culture Shock – Best of British Pt 2


Before I met my “Yank”- because north – south-east or west all Americans were “Yanks” in the British vernacular.
I spent an interesting couple of years being a “Temp” for the fashion and also the recording industry in London. This meant I got to meet and “party” with a lot of the people who made it in those industries and some that didn’t. I dated one chap ( not for long ) who was the event co-ordinator for EMI Records – which meant a lot of parties, concerts and events.

At one party, I sat on the stairs of the ‘house” with Ray Davies of the Kinks – who I must admit was talking a load of rubbish and I was soon bored . I believe that is the last time I went out with the EMI chap ;)I had met this “Yank”!

So what has the Kinks, Ray Davies and culture got to do with what has happened in my life since locating and the subsequent pain and angst caused by the Italian- Polish Roman Catholics of control?


We have to go back in time once more – to my decision to marry my Yank– although I expected him to stay in England – he wished to go home as he knew and felt comfortable with being able to find employment in his country – he never was culturally comfortable in London-( apart from his love of the pubs) he hated the weather and preferred small town USA. He would , is where he was culturally formed and grew up.

I, on the other hand loved London, the big city sights and sounds, the transportation , trains, ferries – I could go to Europe for a week, the access to the English countryside, the lovely old world pubs and especially the food.

I had also lived in the equivalent of small town USA – Canadian style- for about 8 years until I was 15 so the reasoning was it wouldn’t be such a culture shock for myself to go the USA. I have to admit I thought of Boston, New York when I thought of the USA not Midwest America.


The clincher was my mother who said ( old school that she was )-

you have to follow your husband- that is how it is done when you marry

– and my father saying

“Loraine , one thing you have to remember is that you are going to his country, you must make the effort to acclimatize yourself to that way of life, be involved in their lifestyle and community. Do not make the mistake of comparing England with the USA learn the American Ways”

When my husband to be and I filled with the USAF the necessary paper work ( due partly to his security clearance at the time) I was investigated, interviewed ( I had been to Czechoslovakia which was a “red flag” ) had every aspect of my life scrutinized as well as my mum and dad. The shock on the face when meeting with one interviewer when this 19-year-old stated –she would like the investigated history of her fiancée as well was priceless. That didn’t happen, which was a shame because had I known then what I know now my husband would be speaking with an English accent 😉

So we set off for Sandusky, Ohio- and as soon as I hit the “homestead” of tract houses in Venice Heights-

and oppressive heat that July – I knew I was in trouble. I felt I had been picked up and dumped into a completely strange world. I hated every moment. My husband, comfortable in his world, could not understand my loneliness, my feeling of being trapped and isolated. There was no public transportation, , nowhere to go that I could walk to , where was the theatre, the discussions on world events. honestly I don’t think his family even knew there was a world outside the USA or even Ohio. I was totally dependent on strangers – even though we spoke the same language, I was drowning – terribly unhappy .

Getting employment was not that easy as the love of my life refused to work in a factory ( The Ford plant at the time) and take his coffee breaks by the bell. He was on a greyhound bus ( there apparently was one running between Sandusky and Cleveland) . He was on that bus as we had not yet been able to purchase a vehicle when to bus broke down in Lorain!

To be continued………

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Kink (s) in Father’s Day- Best of British! Pt. One


It has been week of homesickness, not only for the country of my birth- England, but for my traditional values and a culture that still remain such an integral part of who I am. My cousin, has been visiting the old days, the family stories pulled out again , and laughter- something that I have not had too much of since losing my son.

I feel trapped by the values of others, I feel trapped by the thinking of the majority or those that have the power of the rules. It amazes me sometimes how this my new “hometown” has , by the sheer majority of religious beliefs and ethnic values” so differing for my own, has caused such unhappiness to this family.
Of course, I am talking about the Italian/ Polish religious community headed by Father Divis ( read Roman Catholic of St. Mary’s Lorain ) and we can do whatever we wish to do because thinking of the Lombardi Vyka Clan ( and now the Angela Murphy) control.

My son’s remains trapped in their toxic ground – without benefit of family . Of course Angela Lombardi Ritchey Murphy
has moved on – dumped the possessions( that were not of any monetary value) and art work of my son– as soon as she could – after our Chris’s death but held onto those ashes. Why? she was done with Chris after the 2nd stem cell transplant failed- the show -put on was good for the “community” and they did it well! But never the less it was a show – Does she still require that “grave” place for the depositing of vodka , beer cans, cake and balloons?
lombardivyka clan

I am amazed at the thinking – how does a woman profess to be a healer and turn around with such coldness and callousness of control as to deny a father his son in the darkest hour of any parent’s life?

I would ask any father, any mother reading this to look at your son or your daughter, imagine the horror of helplessly standing by watching them fight for each breath , nursing them every day of those last months of life, watching them die , having information kept from you by the “in law family, helpless and then have your flesh and blood and the last vestige of your child taken without your input or any consideration as to your wishes. Look at your son or daughter , try to imagine the pain and grief at losing them and you tell me tell me what these people did was right

to put your son in a cemetery of their faith without you even being told they were doing so- and now of course “their moving on” Sue Lombardi , Tim Lombardi now mother and father in law to another Chris ( Murphy) – the do over wedding

wedding bells and black hearts

wedding bells and black hearts

and all is forgotten but as long as my son remains in that place of disrespect- I will not forget.

chris dad mistyFathers Day

We tip toe around the edges of Fathers Day- whilst his daughter tries so hard to be both of his children- the fact her brother is no longer here to share the breakfast at McDonald’s ( a tradition started when they were both little) . There is always the reminder Chris –
There is a tenaciousness being British- we don’t as a true Brit ever give up- I am not sure that is a good trait- so much easier to go with the flow- give in to the majority of put it away, move on, forget it, nothing we can do apathy , why try you are in the minority, thinking that pervades this community. But apart from being British I am also a mother and I carry my son in my heart and soul and his DNA in my body! Emotionally and physically he is with me still and always will be.

The waste of trying to make a difference lost on the “altars” of those who have the power.
So another Fathers Day- another reminder of wonder at the children given life- and another reminder of a death and a cruelty given to a Father who loved unconditionally.

To be continued

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Too soon old – too late smart – The Tests


It all started with an IQ test in Canada – I was about 14, happily running about third in my class- behind two boys- Fred and Mike ( Fred was the top of the class in all respects, Mike- 2nd in all things, which was frustrating to him) and then there was me. I was content – I never studied – only did written homework and honestly didn’t care where I stood in my class rankings . I hated school!

Then came the results of the IQ test ( I hadn’t cared about taking that test whereas others were panicked) . Unfortunately, I , along with another “girl” Debbie scored in the “160 to 179 – Exceptionally gifted and in some classifications 145-164 – Genius. This came as a great shock to the males in question as well as family and teachers!

You would think I would have been pleased- far from it- my academic life became hell. Teacher’s conferences –

Loraine is not living up to her potential – Loraine needs to knuckle down- Loraine is wasting her gift!


Fred , the pressure of trying to live up to family’s and self-imposed academic “high bar” committed suicide a couple of years later. I don’t know what happened to Mike and Debbie- the last I heard- was running her own business and happy.


I, on the other hand, still kept and keep plodding along – wasting my gifts and my brain apparently – since hardly anyone ever listens to what I so succinctly try to point out – I have, for the most part, given up trying to change the world. ,

My observations do eventually see the light of day , usually about three years later, and I smile with a little self patting on the back with a quiet ( told you so). Of course by then the damage is done. Now, I only jump into the pan or the fire when the situations affect me and mine.

I did, for a bit of laugh, take one of the online IQ tests . No longer am I exceptionally gifted just moderately so .

I have to admit I am surprised at the results , with the state my brain is in after “grief” has made it its own domain, I am amazed I function at all, but apparently I do .

IQ tests, standardized tests ,
ACT, SAT’s O levels – A levels you need a higher IQ than mine was or now is to make sense of the “testing”. I just remember Freddie and what tests meant to him


I know that my mum, who left school ( as it was back then


Children whose parents are unable or unwilling to pay grammar school fees and who do not pass the scholarship examination go to local authority Central Schools, where they stay until the age of fourteen. These are a relatively new innovation and some rural districts still do not have them, the children staying at elementary school until they reach the school-leaving age. The central schools provide a less academic education than the grammar schools.

especially for a female) on her 14th birthday ( 81 years ago), could read, write, ( both cursive and printing), with a better understanding of grammar than I obviously acquired 😉 , still holds her own when it comes to math, percentages fractions division and multiplication and a smattering of algebra, the old “times table” used and still used extensively. My mum left school knowing her country’s history , geography , literature ( the greats) which has given her a voracious appetite for the written word. and world affairs.


All this and more – being a “girl” -she had home economics classes – cooking, laundering, sewing and general housekeeping. All this by the age of 14. My mother and her brother both won scholarships from the local authority ( school) to the
grammar school- (

1. ( Brit ) secondary modern school Compare comprehensive school (esp formerly) a state-maintained secondary school providing an education with an academic bias for children who are selected by the eleven-plus examination, teachers’ reports, or other means)

However their parents , although the school fees were paid for under the scholarship, could not afford the accoutrements, uniforms, sports equipment etc that would be a requirement.

nurse charlotte 001

My grandmother, my mum’s mother, left school at 11 – she became a midwife and a nurse before bringing 6 children of her own into the world.

In my dotage, I perceive what is happening to educational system and the majority of the dumbing down of our youth ( not only in this country) as the “tests” are revised, made mandatory, argued over curriculum changed for the tests rather than the student.

I wonder, if we have not gone back to what was considered the uneducated masses – at least by the standards of my mum’s generation?

OECD education report: subject results in full

New survey ranks U.S. students 36th in the world – How do we improve? by Megan Coleman

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Lorain Dudes – The future farmers- flowers galore


Nog, has been writing about “flowers and morning glories ” not sure we know what she is on about…..but mummy was heard to say “she has been digging the dirt!” We love digging in the dirt……

So since mummy drove Nog to be hypnotized and regressed, Pooh Bah had to babysit – not so much of the baby in future – please. Pooh Bah showed us how to plant our corn we grew, and go “wild” with our flowers! Nog is usually pretty far out there most of the time anyway – but she is old 🙂


We cleaned the wild part of the garden and planted some more wildflowers .
fut Farone

Then it was time to plant the vegetable garden and water- This is how it is done Braedyn!


Phew! that was hard work – time to nap…….


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