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Two days- “Help stop the rot” and “Take a Gamble” or maybe “rock”

Monday- JULY 2nd at 5:00 p.m. City Council Chambers – Public Hearing – Nuisance Homes Inspections
It is a START ! Hopefully

and the “Understatement of the Year Award”

“The curb appeal of the city has not been great,”

goes to Rey Carrion- acting Community Development Director

City Council will hold the public hearing as part of its Building & Lands Committee meeting at 5 p.m. Monday. Council must take action to approve the program as part of a change in the Community Development Department’s five-year consolidated plan.

The meeting will be at Lorain City Hall, 200 W. Erie Ave.

The need for nuisance housing inspections- it is a start but not if we don’t voice our opinions – politicians tend to cave to the numbers..

And speaking of numbers-

Visit the Horseshoe Casino in Downtown Cleveland
on the Jet Express- July 3rd
Tickets are $38

The Jet Express departs Black River Landing at 9:30 a.m.
and will depart from Cleveland at 5 p.m.

Lolly the Trolley will take guests from the Cleveland dock to the Casino and leave the casino at 4 p.m.

To purchase tickets, and for more information 440-204-2269
on these and other summer events or go to:

All are welcome on this unique trip to Cleveland. Explore downtown Cleveland with your family and friends rather than go to the casino. See the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the Great Lakes Science Center, Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and more

and the summer sizzles!!!!!!!!

July 4 Port Fest (3-10 p.m), Fireworks (10 p.m.) and Labatt Blue Black River Concert Series with, Rare Earth and more.

July 4 River Tours begin on Wednesday and Thursdays through August 6:30 p.m.

July 7 El Sabor Latino Community Festival 4-10 p.m.

July 13 Labatt Blue Black River Concert Series Hotel California (Eagles Tribute Concert) 8-11p.m.

July 14 Easter Seals Walk With Me

July 21-22 American Cancer Society Relay for Life

July 28 Black River Historical Societys’ Taste of History 4-9 p.m.

August 5 Morning Journal Jog 5K Race 8:30 a.m.

August 11 Labatt Blue Black River Concert Series with Fayrewether 8-11 p.m.

August 18 Music by the Lake

August 25 Labatt Blue Black River Concert Series with Forecast 8-11 p.m.

September 2 Organized Labor Festival 12-8 p.m.

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License to “fraud” – it is a “big deal”- USA- election process-

UPDATE:::::: Oh My My ….. cards on the table??? And just who is swiping the card in the racially charged community ???

Former LCCAA board member Gilchrist pleads not guilty to voting charges Brad Dicken – Chronicle Telegram

Some of Gilchrist’s supporters have said the allegations against Gilchrist, who is black, are racially motivated. Caruloff, who is white, has denied that race was a factor in her complaint.

Gilchrist said he doesn’t know if the accusations against him are because of his race, but added that “I would be a fool to think we don’t live in a racially charged community.”

Speech can segregate you from everyone- by Chris Ritchey

In recent months on this blog there have been any number of categories discussed- polticians, credibility , society , history , education, politics, religion, rental housing , crime , Lorain, media and the common thread is “accountability “ and trying to hold those in control accountable for their actions when they are found lacking.

Accountability for one’s actions.

Robert Gilchrist – former Service Director- City of Lorain and “terminated” Head of LCCAA has been indicted by the grand jury on 4 counts of voter fraud.

Yesterday’s news ……
Chronicle Telegram Brad Dicken 

Elections board Director Paul Adams said his office occasionally deals with allegations of voters casting ballots in the wrong place, but typically those deal with the elderly or someone with a mental issue.

But he described what Gilchrist did as a “blatant” violation of the rules requiring someone to change their voter registration after moving.

“I think it’s a perfect example that we take any kind of voting violation seriously,” Adams said………….

……..Supporters of Gilchrist, who is black, also have previously suggested the allegations were leveled against him because of his race.

Morning Journal
Fox News Channel 8

Caruloff says she has been the target of accusations that her motives are racial, since Gilchrist is black and she is white.

“People were saying things like ‘oh you are going after a black man’, and I was real upset that they made this into a racial, because it was never about race it was strictly about somebody voting in a ward where he should not have been voting and more than one time,” said Caruloff.

This apparent “election fraud” has morphed into the question of race and about a singling out of Mr. Gilchrist

(previously by two people who depend or depended upon that same election process) and those that think this is “no big deal”- petty stuff – etc.

The original complaint of voter fraud caused one elected official in Lorain requesting the presence through an email of the 100 men group to turn out for the hearing at the Board of Elections. This aspect of the situation was explored on this blog ( and I was unpleasantly drawn into the story- by Lorain’s 3rd Ward council person Tim Howard also of the 100 Men Group

Paul Hill, one of Gilchrist’s supporters, said the elections board looked like a Ku Klux Klan meeting as the board prepared to begin the meeting. The members of the elections board are all white, while Hill is black.

Hill’s comment drew an angry response from former Lorain City Councilman Dennis Flores, who asked whether Hill saw any white hoods in the meeting. Flores, who won the May Democratic primary in his bid to reclaim his seat as the city’s 2nd Ward councilman, is Hispanic.

Hill later said he was upset because he feels Gilchrist is being singled out for investigation because of his race.
“They’re trying to get something on him because he might run for mayor someday,” Hill said.

Denise Caruloff, the Lorain resident who filed the complaint against Gilchrist that led to the investigation, said after the meeting that race had nothing to do with her raising the issue.

“I personally thought it was disgusting that it turned into a racial issue,” she said.

1. Mr. Gilchrist had a complaint filed about him because of WHERE he voted in elections- Nov. 2009- May 2010 and again November 2010 and MAY 2011

2. Mr Gilchrist ( even if he had made a mistake of address in Nov of 2009 had a further 18 months of being able to correct his voting whereabouts.)

3. Rules are made in a democracy for “all to follow”- accountability is not a matter of color or being singled out as his attorney Jennifer Brunner stated:

Gilchrist’s attorney, former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, previously has said she believes Gilchrist was singled out for prosecution. Brunner could not be reached for comment Monday.Brad Dicken Chronicle Telegram

4. Fairness and accountability in the election process it is why in fledgling democracies all over the planet such pains are taken to ensure there is no fraud in their elections. Those international groups trying to oversee a fair election process aren’t always successful in stopping fraudulent elections but through them and their ensuing reports we are made aware of phony tallies , intimidation and voter fraud. Then this country and others take those elections into consideration when dealing with the governments of those nations.

This country prides itself of setting the bar very high when it comes to the election process. I am sure there are mistakes, issues and maybe some fraud that slips through the cracks but on the whole I think the citizens of the United States have faith in the system .

Mr. Gilchrist was an official in an “elected” government administration- he represented the City of Lorain in his capacity as Service Director. He was not someone who forgot where he lived, for 18 months- voted in the wrong ward on 4 separate occasions- presumably voted for that ward’s representation- because obviously he couldn’t vote for the ward representation where he actually lived ( although he took out petitions for that person) . He knew the election process and the inner workings more so than many of the regular voters. He also did not renew his driving license within 10 DAYS of moving – also against the rules. He broke the rules – that fact alone by default – singles him out from those of us that follow the rules!

As I read some the comments on the articles listed above I was concerned that a number people thought this was not such a big deal, or was petty and insignificant or a Republican vs Democrat issue

It is a big deal
– Mr. Gilchrist may not have set out to commit voter fraud but he did ( imho) 4 times- he “skewered” the system and had it not been for a voter in that 2nd Ward , Denise Caruloff, following through with her concerns and NOT just about Robert Gilchrist, who happens to be black but in another instance where she felt there was wrong doing by one whose voting address she found suspect Paul Biber – BOE- who was white, would any of this comes to light?

The only black and white in this issue is accountability for one’s actions – it does not come down to race ( as many would like to say) – or no big deal it comes down to the right for fair and equal election process – to vote, the right to have your vote counted, and to have faith, credibility in a system held up as an example on an international scale.

Jennifer Brunner, as a former Secretary of State has no business putting the blame on the complaint by a member of the electorate for Mr. Gilchrist’s actions. Ms. Brunner depended upon the fair and unsullied votes of the community –
– to throw doubts upon the process is irresponsible, in my humble opinion, by saying Gilchrist was singled out seems somewhat ironic, is not the election law the election law – did she not tout herself as the champion of overseeing those laws ? Singled out ? I don’t think so!!!!!- he admitted voting in that ward 4 times in 18 months– his reasoning- 

I voted the address on my license!

Mr. Tim Howard, 3rd Ward council person , Lorain in trying to organize his 100 men to – as an elected official- who also depends upon an unsullied election process should also have put the ” credibility of the election process” before crying foul in the above email and basing his conclusions on the race card and the request to watch the “bullsh** process unfold” .

It was that ‘bullsh** process” that helped elect you !

Why Mr. Gilchrist didn’t follow the rules– I can’t say – but he didn’t – he was found to be in violation by a Grand Jury and the system has to now kick in-  accountability to the system !

BUT it is a big deal- because the world looks to these United States – the only colour that matters is that of red white and blue.

By your one vote you give power to others to act on behalf of you- the people- that vote should not be compromised!

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Lorain – a moving story? A wasted story ? Forlorn and Forgotten

Tracking back into the history of the Wurmser House

and how could an “old/new model???? come to be on the site

turned up a couple of situations where those of previous generations – did not throw away the structures but simply moved them around the city.

I wrote about the traveling 1st parsonage- traveling down the hill to the hollow where it still stands today,

and the odyssey of the little traveling church that went from street to street at least 5 times that ended up as possibly Lorain’s first duplex. I have ranted and raved about these old homes of historical worth- such as Mayor King’s House that went from historical to bad to worse to worthless????

Let us look at another traveling house another which held “another King” and his family- this time it did have the famous Admiral Ernest J. King connection.

This was the Methodists parsonage number 2. pictured here -in 1892 as the community laid the cornerstone for the new church now 6th and Reid.

Apparently Reverend Frank J Smith writes in the Green Book (???) :

that this house was on the property he purchased for a church site and it had been moved east , $35.00 raised and a foundation put under it $85.00 also an addition put on $211.00…”we paid for the new ( to us) parsonage and church site and had $187.00 left to apply on the new church”

The house had been the property of Admiral Ernest J King’s father , James King and had its share of sunshine until the church was built so close to it. It lost its glamor, if it had any , and I fear became a sort of stepchild. Probably it kept warm though with so much protection. Therefore less coal for heating and you know how some of the brothers ( monks?) would look at that situation.

The pastors families couldn’t have been too happy in it. No outlook but a cold brick wall on one side and the neighbor’s house too close on the other side. I wonder if the rain on that steep church roof didn’t spatter the parsonage windows . Form 1892 to 1906 seven different pastors and their families resided there. Finally the Official Board decided that we must have something better . There had been much sickness in the old house because of lack of sunshine and the presence of much dampness.

The house was sold and moved off the lot. Mrs. Margaret King Hurst , a cousin of Admiral King’s says the house was moved to “Hoganville” ( the long ago name for that portion of Lorain west of Oberlin Ave. and was placed on the Northeast corner of Brownell and Chestnut ( now 7th ) Street . Sometime later it was enlarged and modernized and is now serving as a two family house. What long ago interesting stories some old houses could tell……………

Well the old parsonage, King House still stands at 1238th 7th Street

Photo Lorain County Auditors site

And as the writer of the history of the Methodist Church in Lorain wrote those many years ago

What long ago interesting stories some old houses could tell……………

Trouble is no one is listening to them – they are non- entities in this city their stories silenced with decay and abandonment – discarded when they can no longer give of themselves……… their stories ….. just so many blog posts on an inconsequential blog from Lorain (e)

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A positive as opposed to the negative – “the tipping point” reversed

For those that want a difference and a positive note: IT CAN BE DONE -little by little at least one difference has been made by “community”- REMEMBER WHEN????

The before 2006 the THEN!!!!! ( photos Renee Dore)

And the yesterday picture of “today” SETTLERS’ WATCH BY LISA MILLER
Click on to enlarge ……….

Settlers’ Watch dedication 2009


Photo Mark Teleha

Coming attractions 😉

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These Old Houses are talking- are we listening?

Logo – Chris Ritchey

In the past weeks this blog and also Daniel Brady’s Blog have been exploring the houses a history of Lorain, especially in my neighborhood.

My neighborhood is the “oldest” part of Lorain. It is where commerce commenced and those who arrived built their dwellings, where the seat of government, education, and community began. From this little neighborhood a city grew, flourished and floundered , picked itself up and started again on more than one occasion .

I wondered in my previous post whether I would ever get back to Lorain’s history.

I was ranting about landlords , banks and , in my opinion, the raping of Lorain by the rental business and the cost of the pimping out of these old homes for profit .

And then….. last night an email in response to our 2nd Ward Councilman’s request to the city administration concerning a garbage and grass problem brought to his attention by our Portside chairperson came across the computer screen . The mess has been there for many months but with Lorain International coming up this weekend , people attending, walking the area – the state of the property caused consternation .

So what??? you may say we have those problems all over town , well maybe this old house 138 Washington is saying look at me – my story- and the rental rape and what is happening in other parts of the city could be one in the same.

photo Lorain County Auditor

For many months since the last renters moved out this house has had garbage stacked around the outside and of course not one soul has done anything about it.
Why ? Unfortunately the owner of the property Mr. Lewis Strnad passed away in December 2010 so the garbage bill wasn’t paid.

Understandable- this little house falling through the cracks BUT Mr. Strnad had 31 other properties ( see Lorain County Auditors site) – One has to wonder what has happened to those rentals and those garbage pick ups. Over the years some of Mr. Strnads properties housed people who made the news in not a “positive” way . Have other streets and neighborhoods been suffering the stench of garbage and vermin? Who collects the rents whilst neighbors put up with rats?

Apparently the “estate” of Mr. Strnad has been in limbo so to speak and a responsible party is being sought to clear up the mess -on Washington ( at least) Hopefully before this weekends Lorain International Festival.

Charleston Village has involved the Mayors office which is fitting because this little house also on the Ohio Historic Inventory ( and a possible candidate for the National Register) was at one time the home of one of Lorain’s early mayors . You have to wonder what mayor Frank King would say about the 20th and 21st century mayors that have allowed the “prostituting of this old neighborhood? Will Lorain’s 50th mayor make them proud and help them rest easy?

This house, situated on lot #76 of the original Charleston Village Plat, may date to the decade of the 1860’s ( possibly earlier) It appears on an 1874 map of Charleston Village by R.H. Penfield. The middle section of lot #76 ( on which this house stands) was sold in 1858 and again in 1861 to Julia Porter ( Grantor Julia D Root)

In 1874, Porter sold the property to Henry J. King, a salt water sailor and farmer who immigrated from England at the age of 25. This property remained in the King Family (ED NOTE- Not the King family of Admiral Ernest J King renown) with out-side ownership 1876-1882.

FRANK JOSEPH KING, son of Henry King lived in this house possibly as early as 1876 ( documented from 1891) and remained there until ca 1915.
F.J. KING was elected mayor of Lorain in 1902 and was one of only two Lorain mayors ( ED Note at the time of the survey in 1993) to suceed himself in office. He did so twice and served until 1912. King was active in the real estate business. He started out in business in Lorain as a grocer. This house has served as a double residence since 1920.

Are the long since passed owners of these old houses reaching out through the years and showing those of us today through their homes what we are doing wrong?

I would recommend Daniel Brady’s posts on George Wickens-

you know of Wickens Place fame – that too has been in the news lately for the building of a “Family Dollar store” –

I wonder what Mayor King, George Wickens, Captain Wilford, George Wurmser- General Gilmore , Fanny Gilmore,, The Reids, The Baldwins, The Porters, The Bowens even Admiral King would have to say about this old neighborhood and the homes they so lovingly built and the community they worked so hard to protect and help thrive?

Mayor King according to the History of the Western Reserve, Volume 2
By Harriet Taylor Upton, Harry Gardner Cutler
he secured a state reduction in the city tax and although a “Democrat” in the mainly “Republican Lorain” was elected twice – his main impetus in his administration was “public improvements”. Something that today Republicans and Democrats can agree.

I think they, who came before and faced hardships far greater than those of today, would be very disappointed in our idea of “progress”.

However, maybe just maybe ,their homes can help point out the problems effecting all of Lorain and confirm to me at least that

” rental businesses” are just that and need to be viewed as such by the local government and held to a higher standard and licensing that befits any business include the “health and welfare of those who are effected by their decisions.

The banks need to stop dumping their unwanted properties and thus causing those that still live and care for this neighborhood further decline

and we need 100 percent garbage pick-up in this community.

It would be a place to start and I think the “old Mayor King ” would agree……………………..

to be continued

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The Neighborhood that was???? Landlords ,Banks and Business

Oh dear! it doesn’t seem that I will ever get back to our schedule of house moving and Lorain’s home history mystery .
It seems I have to stop reading the papers ( on-line) if I want a quiet life. Although maybe I should look into getting that team of oxen the only way I will get to move………. won’t be able to sell this old house for what I owe on it- Sorry Lorain National Bank talk to your fellow banking buddies over at First Federal of Lorain for the reason.

Kent Sutton one of the founders of theLake Erie Landlords Association ( and quite the political contributor actually helped stop the 100 per cent garbage pick up in Lorain) is up for an award- Most influential ( what??)

MOST INFLUENTIAL: Kent Sutton surprised by nomination

I read the article noting that his name had come across my computer screen a lot lately as I have tracked down addresses in Lorain where the criminal element had been renting and who owned the properties. It stands to reason that Mr. Sutton and Sutton rentals that came in over 60 rentals on just the two quick searches Kent Sutton and Sutton Rentals LLC., and then there were those 77 owned by KTS Enterprises

Oh my ! With that many properties the chances are that more than one miscreant would find a “home” in one of his properties.

The same with Mr. George Schneider and his over 160 properties or how about Deborah Akin and a quick search of the auditors site in her name only 29 properties and remember the those murderous gang lords the police have been tracking down well close to home here at 1026 Brownell –

Randy Glover pleaded guilty-

Glover, along with 21 other suspected gang members of Member of Blood or Money or Bitches gang…..He also pleaded guilty to earlier charges of two counts of felonious assault, having a weapon under disability, obstructing official business and two different counts of burglary……….Police believe the gang is responsible for nine of the last 12 murders in the city in the past four years and other violent crimes including home invasions, shootings, intimidation and drug trafficking.

How did that background check work out for you Deborah? I know how it worked out for my neighborhood.

Ok! it isn’t all the landlords fault they are in it for the business and banks are making business great in the rental market.

Let us take 1121 W 4th– the house has been foreclosed upon twice in recent years. A landlords group did purchase and fix it up a few years ago thankfully- First Federal of Lorain held the mortgage. Apparently that didn’t work out too well and three years ago everyone left and the house has sat empty. First Federal of Lorain maintained the grass and checked on the property every so often.

Oh we, the neighbors,( what is left of us) tried to keep an eye on it as best we could- just the other day stopped aluminum shed from being ripped off but not before they had destroyed it.

The house went up for Sheriff’s auction in May and was purchased back by First Federal of Lorain for $28,000 ( see Lorain County Auditors site) – this house was purchased after the lot was split in the early 2000’s for 80 thousand dollars up from the 54,000 the “property developer” paid for the two houses on this lot.

They were split into 33 foot lots ( not a good idea) and the other little house that was on the original lot is scheduled for demolition after it too had been foreclosed upon and a tree fell on it – once again the mortgage company was First Federal of Lorain

Just a few hours ago I saw the real estate chap whom I had dealings with earlier in the property’s history with clients over at this house at 1121 West 4th

What is happening I asked

Oh we are looking at the house First Federal will sell it for 13,000 , wiring been stripped out etc.- but not a bad deal.

No not a bad deal??? the property has lost $15,000 in a month! Now I maybe dense but I want to know what this wonderful business deal is doing to the market value left of my property. Makes me wonder especially when Mr. Sutton of Lake Erie Landlords fame also pronounces

“We simply assure housing providers that they are running a business not like any other business,” Sutton said. “The housing should be kept up to some condition of the neighborhood.”


Well sorry Mr. Sutton, but the unhealthy conditions in my neighborhood are through thinking just like that and banks dumping their unwanted on my “property doorstep’!!!

Yup! you and others like you who follow that thinking and business plan are certainly INFLUENTIAL in my neighborhood!!!

Lorain is being prostituted in my opinion by those who see her as a “business deal” and pass her housing around like some old worthless slut. And so goes the neighborhood………..

2010 census report

3615 – vacant
1642 vacant for rent
57 rented but not occupied

557 for sale
159 sold but not occupied
83 for occasional use/ temp housing
1,110 – all other vacant – abandoned

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“Father’s Day” 2012 – garden of gifts- and undying love – Chris Ritchey

Father’s Day 2010 -2011

and out of a self-righteous, sanctimonious, self-serving spite he was punished two fold- he lost his son – those not of his blood took his closure – his chance to say goodbye and they dishonored Chris’ father – this kind quiet gentle man who never hurt or did anyone any harm in his whole life.
Punished by “control”

These “anniversary days” are so hard and yet I know my son would not have wanted them to go by without a mention. June the 7th another memory – one I wished had not happened – the pain that day eventually caused this family cannot be erased .

After posting the latest June 7th 2012 piece I went into the “black hole” – the worthlessness of that wedding day which legally enabled selfish control makes my stomach turn. I have to hold onto what my mum says :

Chris at least had a wedding day – and maybe not much of a married life but he had one and he got to experience life and in-laws

Experiencing the “in -laws’
(ED Note- pity about experiencing the Lombardis and co and more is the pity WE have had to experience them.) If there ever was justice one day the father of the clan Tim Lombardi should know what it is like to walk in the shoes he “designed” for Chris’s father.

I didn’t feel like writing anything after that post of June 7th 2012 –
I always wonder when this blog will finally finish, you see I have no notion of when I will publicize the last post.

My emotional world is disabled – I am crippled. It takes so much to bring me back from lethargy, bitterness toward those of “self” and the futility that permeates my world where for the most part-time has stopped and only a little happiness and laughter finds its way through the maze of grief. Then a shake of the head with disbelief or to be roused from the depths through anger or the need to help as the phone rings , an email sent and the need to “journal” has brought back into being this blog again.

The Touch- Chris Ritchey

Father’s Day 2012 – Nikki and I cannot give Chris’s father the gift he most desires- no one can- I cannot turn back time and stop it at a place where his son was well and healthy and even if I could the joys of grand children would then be denied. I can only give him the memories of his son and remind him of his “undying love”.

There are fairies in the bottom of the garden – thanks to a small boy with a love of all things mystical and magic.

There is a fountain of love – carried in on a June day 2008 by a young man with hope as a thank you for all we had done –

and a frog

who teases daily his dog- Misty

and of course a “ghost in the pond”!

I cannot but give him the words of his son in his last note we received from him
a gift of love remembered :

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WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ???? City (Lorain and Schools) Heard of consequences???

This has been a rough week in the city of Lorain- the thought processes seem to have become discombobulated. What started off as possibly “good ideas and with good intentions”– caused angst, chagrin, anger, media posturing and distrust from those that are paying the piper ( the tax payer) and has caused “thatwoman” to have “What were they thinking or were they moments”

First up the City vs the Schools and the meetings that confused and “riff’d ” a relationship.

Following hot on the heels of that “storm in more than a tea-cup” came Lorain’s New Safety/ Service Director Robert Fowler enacting the “Lorain Sick Abuse Policy” –

This new policy ( although we can agree as taxpayers the abuse of sick time should not be tolerated- the cure is as bad as the disease)

Not all my own work 😉

Now this little inconsequential blog and this particular Lorain – nut job’s “ opinion ( Mine) really won’t make much of a difference in the world of “not thinking through the consequences of ones actions”. In the F word of Futility world where I now reside, I did react to the fact that is “well thought out???” NOT!!! policy had allowed Lorain a spot on the “nationaL news circuit”. Bravo!!!! there is no such thing as “bad publicity ” maybe this is a new marketing ploy to get Lorain on the map! One can only hope there is a “plan” –

Although, once again this week, another “withdrawal”

The City of Lorain is on blast this week after checking on workers who ‘call in sick.’

This, after the city started using a nurse to knock on the doors of sick employees, checking to see if employees are abusing sick time on the city’s dime.

The Lorain Police Department Union just sent a scathing letter to the city because employees weren’t notified of the new policy. The department made the discovery after a nurse showed up on a sick dispatcher’s door step. The worker was so upset by the surprise visit, she began to cry.

The union claims the new policy is in clear violation of their privacy. “They are totally not trusting us. They give us a gun and badge, but yet they are going to send a nurse to our house to take our temperature and blood pressure. It’s uncalled for” say LPD employee Kyle Gelenius.

City officials say the nurse visits began after they noticed a pattern develop in some departments over sick time abuse.

Now, it appears the city will be rethinking the knock on the door and will sit down with unions in the city to discuss it.

“We are a new administration, and we are going through some growing pains. Unfortunately, this is one of them. We will work through it, hopefully we have the best services for the citizens of Lorain, and we will go from there” says Derek Feuerstein with the City of Lorain

Now if that wasn’t bad enough we then have to go back to Lorain City schools and the fact they once again made front page for their meetings – was it and “agenda meeting” or whose agenda??? 😉

Did not Mr. Williams the Board of Education President learn anything from his trip of “meetings called ” that was a levy wasn’t a levy meeting only to send out the following email :

Dr. Branham, Dale Weber, Bill Sturgill, Tony Giardini, Tim Williams
I am requesting the 5 of us meet at 5:00pm for a 30 min. meeting in Dr. Branham’s conference room.
Additionally I am requesting Mr. Giardini be present at our meeting. We will define our meetings not the public perceptions.
We are on the same team and will be expected to perform as such. The boards legal council is clearly defined and has not been changed. That is The Law Firm of Mr. Giardini. Our Supt. is Dr Branham. Any and all discussion of this topic should be among the board not the public nor the media. I am also requesting we temporarily suspend all communication to the media except through formal press release. This is simply a request and is open for discussion. If needed we can discuss everything in public and I do mean everything. There are no victims here. We signed up for this. If there is a battle we all lose. There is no moral high ground for any one of us to take. Every one of are involved in the politics of this school district and this city. That’s our job. There are plenty of examples to be cited. If there are any concerns, objections or conflicts to this 5:00 o’clock meeting please let me know.
Thanks Tim

Now maybe not an explosive email in and of itself but on the heels of what occurred during the week previously….. can one blame Mr. Smith for drawing attention to the “lacking of open leadership”

At the start of every school board meeting the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. The following words are part of that Pledge; “and to the Republic for which it stands”. In a Democratic Republic the public elects individuals to represent them at all levels of government. That includes members of the Lorain City Schools Board of Education. I believe that the citizens of Lorain deserve to know the facts and I will continue providing those facts.

Do some school board members believe that the board will determine what the public, and the media, should know? I certainly do not. To hold meetings and hide conversations from the public defeats the very purpose of the 1st Amendment to our constitution, “Freedom of Speech”

This amendment also guarantees “Freedom of the Press” to protect the right of every citizen to be fully informed. While the purpose of the meeting in question probably did not break the law, I believe it broke the spirit of the law.

In closing, I am happy to inform the public of what I learned on Thursday. Plans for the new Lorain High School Urban Learning Campus are moving forward. By sometime in August the architects hope to unveil the initial drawings of the building for public inspection. The building will stand on the site of the present high school.

Jim Smith

Message to those whom are elected to represent “we the people” and/or who are being paid with our dime:

Please THINK of the consequences of one’s actions – before you go tramping around in the corridors of power – we can’t afford any more lawsuits, mythering, bad publicity , angst and division of community . You see all of the above are supposed to be representing ME the taxpayer- the voter – the nut job and I want more THOUGHT put into the “Thought Process”

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Lorain Dude (s) check out Lorain (w)rappers-or pole dancing?

They stood annoyingly annoying naked and bare-( the poles that is) doing the job they were required to do. Unattractive to say the least ( again the poles) and then the Lorain (W)rappers came into the picture:

Frank Sipkovsy, Don Fugit of the Black River Historical Society and our long-suffering Poo- Bah – Ernie Ritchey)

Finally after gluing and wrapping – heaving and sweating ( the men that is not the poles) 6 poles were wrapped.

Overseeing the operation and bringing in the heavy equipment those in charge decided the poles now needed to be a feature:

Two and ( a half men) the poles continued to finish ( almost) our newest feature presentation

One more feature added – more to come …..


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Lorain City Schools and the City- finally friendly?

After all the hand bags at dawn scenario played out between The City of Lorain and Lorain City schools in the past few days:

What the paper said:

Dr. Branham has an Op Ed in the Morning Journal which is explains the “how did this happen” aspect

DR. ED BRANHAM: Lorain school chief responds; ‘Keep politics, personal agendas out of schools, school decisions’

I met with the Mayor on June 4, 2012, to discuss how the city and the schools could work together on the type, amount and cost to the taxpayers for the November school levy. This meeting was necessary because Mayor Ritenauer communicated to the Board that he would actively work against any income tax levy for the district. I was unaware at that time of any new high school site plans or donations of any property. Mr. Giardini, acting independently of the school district and the Board of Education, presented the possible land donation to the city and/or schools for a possible new high school/shared site. I did not approach Mayor Ritenauer with this proposal

ED Note: That statement by Mr. Branham may explain a lot- communication seemingly lacking and also since Mr. Giardini apparently was acting “independently” perhaps it wasn’t clear to the City of Lorain that he was not acting as the Lorain City School’s attorney and thereby not representing the schools.

You can see where the confusion may have started. Communication and going through a “chain of command” or proper procedures/protocol and less “multi- tasking ” is imperative . In my opinion presenting the “idea” re: the high school movement to the Lorain City Schools as an entirety first and foremost and not at a levy meeting– could have stopped a lot of the rhetoric of the past few days.

Also, in my considered opinion, Mr. Williams as BOE President needed to have taken a “clear stance” and suggested the idea be presented at a different time and not further muddied the waters by requesting the following of the city:

After meeting with the schools on June 4th, the City, at the request of the School Board President, composed a letter discussing the potential for collaboration.

Mr. Williams should have been wearing his BOE hat at this point – I don’t believe he was !

Lorain High School deal fades; Mayor Ritenauer backs off, Branham objects to ‘politics’

And the statement that Ritenauer issued also affirmed his support for Branham. Ritenauer said, “While approaches to management will inevitably have philosophical disagreements every so often, the city looks forward to those conversations and ultimately wants to see the Lorain City Schools be successful and will work with the schools to that end.”

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