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CRA – Lorain – Act Two- The cat was away!

dark  and dangerous
By Loraine Ritchey

The Beginning of the “play” can be found here
CRA or Confusion Runs Amuck
So I was away for a month and a bit – what has happened to our intrepid cast of Lorain”s Saga of CRA (P)olitical Posers and Posteriors


Mrs. Blair
Ms. Kokoski
Mr. Kalo ( abstains from voting on CRA issues)

They have tried to be MOU-ted but it seems Stewart can’t be capped- “”Authorize employment of Attorney Subodh Chandra in amount NOT TO EXCEED $45,000…… to provide representation of Mark R. Stewart ….. like “topsy ” it just keeps growing AND GROWING AND GROWING…..


“They told Stewart NOPE his case a- NO GO– he hadn’t a hope
Stewart to the Commissioners pleaded- an unbiased attorney – he felt was needed
The Prosecutors were proven right – but Stewart continues the fight
Stewart is not prepared to fail
leaving the Prosecutors ….
chasing their  tails

Provenza letter
but still it seems we have investigations continuing to be
on going into the legaility of his actions – If you can’t be advised by the City of Lorain’s Law Director what is a council person to do?
( Call Lawyers R Us ??)

and you had better hurry and get that going because our Law Director has his own troubles .

Provenza faces a year in jail
Enough to drive you to drink!

He left the offices of Mark Stewart and the “County Auditor” and has a new position with Big Brothers and Sisters and is in charge of raising funds.

CRAIG SNODGRASS ( the heart of it all) has been pretty quiet this month just a letter supporting new taxes.

SANDY PRUDOFF ( composite pic) ( and the City) have been busy with their attorneys, trying to answer and counter the plethora of filings by Stewart’s hand picked attorney Chandra – looks like they will be kept busy for awhile yet – No Roman Holiday for Sandy …. the only thing taking a flight out is

LINDA KEYS – (no official photos available – although there must be one or two floating around – ) Seems Linda has been chastized and is serving a suspension
by her boss – Mark Stewart- for “actions unbecoming a deputy auditor.”. HMMM maybe not recognizing the difference between a comma and a period could have been a valid reason for suspension and saved the tax payer a lot of money, but somehow I don’t think that is the case I wonder if we will ever get the bare facts or the unadulterated truth of this one?

PHILLIP BETLESKI Another county employee leaves his desk and what a tangled web he wove.
Remember Phil – the Lorain City councilman who voted for the CRA, accused Given of ethics violations, is the brother of the CRA Judge Betleski whose clerk is married to Linda Keys you remember all those relationships ???? It seems poor old Phil is paying the “ethics” price as well – deputies are having difficulties it seems .

SUBODH CHANDRA well he has reason to smile he is raking in our money hand over fist, his two man law firm will have to hire more attorneys at this rate – filing here and filing there filing , filing everywhere– can you say CHA CHINNNNG
according to Cha Ching Chandra
”We’re looking at a process that could take years to sort out,”
Can we say “Job security from Lorain County????”

a composit pic.
MON GENERALE MARK STEWART He might be tight ( lipped) when it comes to the suspension of his deputy auditor Keys but he certainly isn’t tight when it comes to our money infact he is FLUSH(ed) with it

And Last but not Least

The poor old taxpayer and homeowners that are still being mythered can you say SQUEEZED?


Opinions expressed here are based on information available at time of writing NOTE : unfortunately past Morning Journal articles and links are no longer available to link -the link takes you to their current home page.

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Lorain County Beautiful Awards

Lorain Is a Winner in more than one category for the Lorain County Beautiful Awards:

Category 1 – New Building Award
Any newly built commercial, public, religious or recreational property completed after January 2005. Subcategories:
Project Building Budget up to $750,000
Wellington Dental
City of Avon Police Station
winner! New Russia Township Cemetery Service Shelter
LaGrange Physicians

Project Building Budget over $750,000
LorMet Federal Community Credit Union, Amherst
Morningside at Martin’s Run Clubhouse, Lorain
Northpointe Estates Clubhouse, Amherst
winner! Bathhouse at Lakeview Park, Lorain

John A. Howard Elyria Municipal Courthouse
Animal Clinic Northview, North Ridgeville
Superior Medical Care, Lorain
Oberlin Service Complex
Bramhall Engineering & Surveying Company, Avon
Keystone High School, LaGrange

Category 3 – Renovation Award
Any building or site that impacts neighborhood/downtown revitalization through exterior repair, alterations, and additions.

Oberlin Golf Club
Powerhouse Fitness Gym Center, Elyria
Vandemark Jewelers, Elyria
Quick & Delicious Restaurant, Oberlin
Community Health Partners Regional Medical Center, Lorain
Martino’s International Café, Vermilion
Workshop Players, Amherst
Donald E. Longwell, Jr. Property, Grafton
Wellington Veterinary Clinic
Black River Steel Mill Trail, Lorain County Metro Parks
Sheffield Lake Community Park Boat Launch
winner! The Pipe Yard, Lorain

winner! Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc. Property, Grafton
Park Lanes Bowling & Lounge, Amherst
Quarry Café, Amherst
Matus Winery, Wakeman

Category 5 – Landscaping Award
Any exceptional commercial, public or religious landscaping project.
Somers Insurance Agency, Elyria
New Russia Township Cemetery
Saint Mary Courtyard, Elyria
Saint Julie Billiart Church, North Ridgeville
One Park Landing, Lorain
Rain Garden at Copper Creek of Amherst
winner! Currant Village, Avon Lake
Hummingbird & Butterfly Habitat Garden – Lorain County Community College
Healing Garden at the Underground Railroad Sculpture
winner! Morningside at Martin’s Run, Lorain

Category 6 – Community Service Award
Any volunteer project that is for the betterment of the community such as community garden projects, beautification teams, etc.
Dred Scott Garden at Kanisa House, Elyria
winner! Elyria Veterans Memorial
Garden Club of North Ridgeville Project at Olde Towne Hall
Outdoor Activities Pavilion at The Haven Center of Neighborhood House Association
Oberlin & the Underground Railroad Garden
winner! Joe Skodny Family Project in Lorain

photo  Lorain Growth  Corp

phot Lorain Growth Corp

Interlocking Railroad Tower, Grafton

Last year Charleston Village Cemetery – Lorain also won the Community Award

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What is Lorain’s unique identity ?

By Loraine Ritchey

I must admit looking at Scott’s latest video offering with George I found more to agree with than disagree. I have been feeling somewhat ” what does it matter anyway in the grand scheme of things what I do or think”

BUT ( there it is again) my human failing of – I wonder if this would work in Lorain did enter my mind as I traveled around Europe.

I saw places that were harder to get to than Lorain – had worse thoroughfares although some really had lovely views

( so has Lorain)
Henery Hawk

and you REALLY had to make an effort, no pubic transportation here , The only mode of transportation to get your goods in and out was donkey and sledge

you took your “heart medication” and hoped for the best that not only did you make it down

that you would make it up again

The journey from top to bottom was literally for the brave and yet ithe place was packed. The car park at the top of the cliff was overflowing , busses lined up – What was the attraction?

No casino , no soft sandy beaches , no pontificating politicians having election speeches with their supporters to draw a crowd, no free giveaways -just a group of houses where people lived their daily lives,

two or three public houses /inns , couple of museums in the homes

and walkways that made Lorains uneven pavement look like heaven .

( I thought of our Street Dept when taking this one )

But the tourists were there in droves- and paid for the privilege of risking heart failure! Oh ! Yes there was a charge at the top to “enter ” approximately 12 dollars a person and the tourist shops and cafe.

The day we went was a “lobster and crabfest ” going on at the bottom of the hill. The half lobster salad was the equivalent of $35 a plate and they sold out by 2 p.m. As you can see the rocky shore was the seating choice of the day.

Why , were bus loads of people falling all over themselves to pay ? Because this place “Clovelly had an identity , and identity unique to the area, that had been marketed – Remember the Staubach report

So what IS Lorain’s marketable identity? – It seems to me instead of looking for silver bullet development and waiting for the next BIG idea we should be looking at what we have that makes Lorain unique on the Great Lakes? Any ideas on the “Marketing of Lorain”?

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ONE WEEK …left… sigh

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Thoughts Written-Unpublished- No Bloody Noses -Yet?

by Loraine Ritchey

They usually write themselves in the period between climbing into bed and the wait for sleep to come. They are the forming of articles that the mind writes down but never see my computer screen. They are the -“I could if I wanted to rip them to sheds “ articles and the words bite and cut and tear like a chain saw- the truth of feeling betold . They make me feel better just knowing I could if I wanted to – the mind then is satisfied and sleep comes.

They are “controversial and insulting” at best and pure “biased perception” at worst. Some are the “if I were a man I would punch him on the nose” type, but in this day and age you can’t go around punching people in the nose -you would be answering for those actions.

The internet has “enabled ” the behaviour of punching people on the nose without many repercussions. We can, even under assumed names, take people’s reputations from them, spout thoughts and slant the “posts” without the full story. Even when we use our own names we can say pretty much what we like we only answering to ourselves. because as the “site administrators” – we get the last word!

It is very tempting this diet of diss….. of not having the repercussions that would come with punching a person in the nose or the the “rules” for msm has to follow . Although there are some “guides” when writing under your own name – at least most of your “local” readers know who you are so that has to count for something- they can decide due to your real life personna any “agenda” you may have that bleeds through in your writing ( been accused of that myself) 🙂

So what stops me from publishing the ” Bog of Blogs” – “A Man for all Reasons” “My choice for President” “The Indignant Independent”-” Herself the Hypocrite”- “Offerings in the Office” – Run Of Mouth ” “A- is for Agenda” a couple of things:

Is it worth it I ask myself ??? Will these thoughts make a difference ?? Will I have to put up with the troll dolls– The “passionate persuaders” ( and we can all spot them– they usually have a froggy woggy name ) who swarm like intellectual insects covering the comment section with their tracks , comments that any responsible blog owner feels they have to address……. the time and effort involved- for what??? –
You can point and counter point- but the “passionate persuader” will not be swayed from their platform ( and truth beknown they are not involved to “discuss” anyway) although on the plus side “some” make some valid points that may throw your conclusions in a different light or send you looking for further information, but the truth is they just like to see their platform published

So what stops me from publishing my dark side of diss( even though I could, even though I can) ?Censorship of Self ” a responsibilty to values.

That isn’t to say I won’t be getting passionate outraged and taking sides, but the ” Bog of Blogs” – “A Man for all Reasons” “My Choice for President” “The Indignant Independent”-” Herself the Hypocrite”,”Offerings in the Office” “Run Of Mouth”, “A -is for Agenda” ” will not be published anytime soon, however as for that punch in the nose I make no promises! all it will take is an all mouth no trousers” type to push the wrong button- after all nobody is perfect!

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ARTS PROGRAMS – Kelly Sagert

Mark your calendars for four very special arts programs!

On Saturday, November 1 at 8 p.m., the first concert of the 2008-2009 Heritage Community Sacred Music and Art Series will be held. Named “Candlelight Recital and Readings,” members and friends of Heritage Presbyterian Church will be performing, either through singing, playing instruments or reading original poetry and prose. (I’ll be reading an essay that I wrote in 2003, titled “Grace, Beatrice and Maybelle,” that appears in an anthology called Glass Works.)
Heritage Presbyterian Church is located at the intersection of Rte 58 and 2 in Amherst. The event will be held by candlelight in the old sanctuary, with tickets limited to 125. Tickets cost $6, with $5 going to the choir robe fundraiser and $1 going towards putting on the music and art series.
You can reserve tickets by calling Melissa Kacsandi (522-9597) or Nancy Berman (244-0567). Please limit your calls to evening hours. Refreshments will be served, immediately following the musical performances and readings.

On Sunday, October 26 at 3 p.m., the Lorain County Metro Parks and TrueNorth Cultural Arts are pleased to present the first Family Concert Series, “Little Red Riding Hood,” at French Creek Nature Center.

Tickets are $5 and children age 3 and under are free. Produced and performed by members of TrueNorth, this version of Little Red Riding Hood transforms the scary wolf into a comic character and teaches important lessons about life. It’s a musical treat the whole family will devour, and a great way to introduce children to opera.

The cast includes Janine Porter, Amy Hall and Rick Fortney. French Creek Nature Center is located at 4530 Colorado Ave in Sheffield Village. For more information about this family production, call 949-5200.

Come hear the stories and songs “From Ohio to Broadway” on Monday, November 17 at 7 the Renaissance Center at 26376 John Rd. in Olmsted Township. This program takes a look at the works of composers and lyricists from Ohio whose works have been performed on Broadway and will be performed by pianist Bryan Bird and narrator Bette Lou Higgins. This performance will be free and open to the public. For further information, call the center at 440-235-7111.

Dave George, proprietor of Moosehead Bar and Grille in Amherst, is branching out beyond barbeque and family food to present a murder mystery. “Séance at the Moose” will be presented on November 9th and 10th.

The show (written by Eileen Moushey and directed by Pat Price) features Madame Zodiak, the world renowned astrologer. As the evening unfolds, there will be an unfortunate “murder,” and it will be up to the audience to search out clues, interrogate witnesses and formulate theories of “whodunit” and why.

The cast includes Kristina Rivera, Claude Coller, Wes Burgess, Kathy Whitmore and Nora Stewart. The evening begins at 6 p.m., ends at 9 p.m. and includes a Moosehead barbeque and pasta buffet, plus a non-alcoholic beverage. A cash bar will be available.

Tickets for dinner and the show are $35. Due to limited seating, advance reservations must be made. For more information, either stop in at the Moosehead at 7660 Leavitt Rd. in Amherst (Route 58 by the turnpike overpass) or call 985-7429 to make pre-paid reservations.

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Saw this mentioned on the BBC says it all….

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Henery attends the ODOT Meeting

and you can too

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The Heady Wine of Lorain’s Lakeview Park

By Loraine Ritchey

To partake of Lakeview Park on a crisp October day can make you drunk, drunk with the joy of being. Wednesday found me heading for lunch at the Rose Café. In recent weeks I have seen beauty spots in France, England, Scotland and Germany. Cathedrals whose spires reach the heavens


Castles both intimidating and charming



Villages perched precariously on hillsides


waves crashing on an ancient shore


Yet it was a day in Lorain that filled me with awe and happiness, that heightened all my senses- No great cathedral spires reaching to a bluer than blue sky but tall trees, seemingly reaching a little higher than usual, their leaves clinging on tight , loathe to tumble from their all seeing vantage point.

A cool breeze caressing one’s cheek with a hint of a winter to come as it came ashore from its game of tossing the whitest of white clouds around as they played hide and seek with a golden sun.

My eye caught by the sparkling dancing water whose wild white caps, gentled now by the glistening break wall, so that only giggly waves rushed to meet and marry the pale yellow sand waiting patiently for its mate whilst the gulls bore noisy witness to the nuptials. The steel grey of the waters turning to pale blue as a sky was reflected in this ever-changing mirror of Lake Erie.

The green of manicured lawns serving as the backdrop to the last colourful bloom of the roses and autumnal plantings.

No photograph can communicate the feel of Lakeview on that October day , just as one cannot photograph the essence that makes a fine wine , you have to uncork the bottle and enjoy.

Come and join me in a drink!
Photos E.L. Ritchey

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Phantom- a night of mystery- Palace Theatre


Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Dinner by DeLuca’s Place in the Park
Joe Sechkar on the Phantom Wurlitzer Organ with a Phantom Cast.
You Will Have A Spooktacular Time.
Costume Contest YES Phantom Prizes
$25.00 Per Person

The Lorain Palace Civic Center

You can reach the Palace Box Office by calling us at:
(440) 245-2323 or

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