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March 19, 2009 at 12:01 pm 13 comments

THE EXECUTIVE BOARD Of Charleston Village voted to send a letter of support for St. Mary’s ( not just this one member 🙂 as stated in todays Morning Journal
Here is the letter as sent

Most Reverend Richard Lennon
Bishop of Cleveland
1027 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114 March 18, 2009

Dear Bishop Lennon,

Ref: St. Mary’s Catholic Church – 310 8th St. Lorain, Ohio 44052

Charleston Village Society is 501C3 whose mission is “preservation” of the oldest neighborhood, which is the birthplace of Lorain. This part of what is now Lorain was settled in 1807 and will be celebrating its 175 years of incorporation this year. You can find our mission and our work on our website

We fully understand the difficult decisions that have been made by the Diocese and your need to reconfigure and close your churches. However, we sincerely hope that you will rethink the closing of Lorain’s oldest Catholic Church in our neighborhood, St. Mary, 310 8th Street, as we tell you of the need to have St. Mary’s continue to be an anchor and cornerstone of this residential and commercial district.

St. Mary’s and her parishioners have and continue to make a significant impact on the well being of this area; closing her doors will cause another negative impact on a residential and commercial area. The ripple effect will be felt not only by those that benefit from the charitable aid received but also by our businesses who benefit from the “foot traffic” from St. Mary’s when people are drawn to her through worship and the many events held as a part of “her community”. The mothballing of another large building in our neighborhood will cause another added burden which this neighborhood will not , in our opinion, be able to absorb. We too, are struggling, just like the churches, we too have been losing our community, but we cannot close our doors and reconfigure.

We would ask you not to take an integral part of the “spirit” of this area away from us. In 1924 a tornado tried to destroy St Mary’s , the religious and residential community worked together to save and rebuild, we can do so again , given the chance

St. Mary Catholic Church after the tornado.

We would be extremely pleased to be able to talk to you about the impact of closing St. Mary’s on this area and would like to invite you to meet with us here in Lorain’s original neighborhood so you can see first hand how not only parishioners but people of all denominations will be effected by losing such a great neighbor . Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. On behalf of the Executive Board of Charleston Village Society Inc. I remain:

Yours sincerely

Loraine Ritchey

Loraine Ritchey Co Chairman CVSI.

Mayor Krasienko- City of Lorain
S. Prudoff – Community Development
G. Holcomb- Police and Fire Committee
E. Edwards- Building and Lands
M. Challenger- Lorain Growth Corp
Heritage, Ohio

Note there were a couple in “hiccups” in the MJ article
1. I wrote this letter in the capacity of Co Chairman for the whole of the Executive Board of CVSI

2. The boundaries of Charleston Village as an organization go to the Lake and include Portside –

2. the “I ” should read “we”

3. And I said that quickly looking over information that morning I couldn’t find where St. Mary’s was listed as an historic landmark – ( mj) should contact the Black River Historical Society on that aspect but I did know that St. Mary was the oldest Catholic Church.
NOTE in the spirit of clarification and since I accuse the mj of misleading verbage ….by oldest Catholic Church I mean not the building but the oldest “catholic congregation” etc established in Lorain…. sorry if that was confusing…..

Just some clarification but I do talk very quickly and tend to go off on tangents ( I am not a good interview – not easily led – comes with the years of being the interviewer 🙂

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