Lorain Dude – Discovers Pride and Settlers’ Watch

May 17, 2010 at 12:24 pm 11 comments

My personal photographers Mark Teleha, Paula Tobias respectively !

OK! I’m Backkkk and this time I can stand on my own two feet.

Rumour hath it that a bunch of people in this part of the planet (upon which I have decided to be born) actually get to play in the dirt!

How great is that ? However, I have decided to see just how well they do- so here I am incognito again – dressed to blend in with the locals!

As I over heard the “nag nog”(aka that woman) telling someone these are volunteers from Centurylink. You can spot them by their green shirts. They showed up really early and couldn’t wait to plant all the plants they had purchased for “The Children’s Garden”

I think I will hang out here for a bit and see what else they plant-err and Mum speaking of “hangin’ out ” check the snaps next time will ya! I can’t do everything by myself – just yet

Well I will stay behind the “Lenten Rose” leaves and try and look cool about it!

Hmmmm- So it looks like they are into recycling too – the new path being laid is made up of bricks from the “Old Lorain High School” – Speaking of old – how old do you have to be to be recycled? Note to self check this out for future reference

Photo Bryan Goldthorpe ( also the “path” 🙂 )
Photo Lisa

OH! WHAT IS THIS I SEE ?– The 2nd ward Councilperson getting his hands dirty – don’t tell the newspapers I can see the head line now-

Council Person Digs The Dirt!

AND joining him is one of Lorain’s finest and the Community Resource Officer

OK! Where is my ride? Looks like the Elders and Sisters from the Church of Latter Day Saints need to mulch and weed the space!

ALrightttttt my ride has arrived- pity I can’t talk yet I would tell her about my pants!
Once round the park – Nana – 90 years between us but we walk about the same!

Time to get Mum and Dad into the picture

Hey! Hey ! What are Great Uncle and Poo Bah doing ?Sitting!!!!! Not on my watch

don’t they know if they sit they weed

I am glad to see the younger ones are putting them to shame.

Check out all the hard work through the process by following these links.



Oh and to check out the finished ( well almost ) project stop by and see for yourself 2nd and Oberlin Avenue, Lorain. Ohio 44052

Thanks to ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!! The Pride Day Committee, Ken Shawver, The Lorain Street Dept, Chuck Camera, The City of Lorain- Mayor Krasienko and Lorain City Council , the Lorain Police Dept and Lorain Fire Dept.

See you soon!!! I will be checking out this place called home- Lorain!!!! ( The Lorain Dude!!!)

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