Who you gonna call?

August 23, 2010 at 1:43 am 2 comments

I will be the first to admit it I have no answers- none at all. I have surfaced but briefly from my other world and found it a sad sad place.

In my past life the situations that are facing this city would have found me “getting involved” from tent city homeless- the financial problems we face , the degradation of our safety forces. roads, housing stocks of shame., school- to be or not to be………….

I would like to have thought that I may have helped, seen a way through , added a perspective ( hopefully in a positive way ) . But as I said I rarely if ever get involved in the surface world anymore.

BUT ( and there is that but again) in the past two weeks I did actually come to the surface when asked to give some background and assistance to an organization ( that shall remain nameless- they have enough trouble)

I will tell you that I made no difference at all – I watched a group of volunteers unable to get past the past, the posturing , one upmanship, wordsmithying and I have to say “nastiness”.

It was just a little sampling of what I see in the broader picture of Lorain., all you have to do is read the comments section of the newspapers etc. the same behaviours are all there.

If volunteers, those that GIVE, can’t get it together for the sake of their greater good – then how are those that “TAKE” ever going to see a way clear. Because we are the takers, certainly we pay for the privilege of “taking” with our taxes etc. but we take none the less and sometimes we take for granted.

As I watched the “volunteer meltdown” unfold in front of me, it only reinforced my “Why did I bother? – I didn’t help – I may have hindered -who knows?

Of the above list of “problems ” in your world locally the “safety forces” would probably have been one I would have focused upon. I am totally biased – and greedy for MORE of them not less.

You see like most of the citizens I like to know they are there- I like thinking that if I call they’ll come running to help me. The Lorain Fire Dept. did come and save this home (a few years ago now) as fire was trapped – raging inside the walls.

I did watch as they saved my home. I did see a firefighter get injured , I don’t ever remember knowing his name but as I sit looking out of a window this morning – I can -because they did their job and saved my home.

The Lorain Police Dept has on more than one occasion in all the years I have lived in this same home – been there for this neighborhood- time and time again they answered a call for help. A 2 am call placed by a frightened woman ( me) who saw and heard an altercation across the street, a man armed- they came – they took away the cause of fear and once again a sense of security reigned.

Yes! I am definitely biased – I am selfish – I want to feel safe- I want my neighbors to feel safe.

But as with everything it comes down to money and the lack thereof- paychecks dwindling, taxes not an option in this current climate I am thinking.

So what is the point of this post – there isn’t any- just a few thoughts as I come up for air and see the struggles facing Lorain.

This Loraine feels a connection to this old , worn out City of Lorain , who struggles to maintain – it isn’t easy in our respective worlds – we are what we are and there is a weariness of worth that accompanies our journey in our respective worlds.

But that leaves the question “Who you gonna call – not this Loraine – I am ,as the city out of assets ( emotionally) and bankrupt (motivationally) ; I hope that at the other end of the line you will be able to have a call for help answered at least from the City of Lorain. If the call is not answered by the alternate Lorain then “LOSS” surely will.

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